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Since I´m not working at the moment, I have time to prepare the sandwiches that my boyfriend takes for lunch at work. We used to buy sandwich bread, but the quality of the bread is not very good, and it even made me not to enjoy much when preparing them. But after some time ‘playing’ with flour + water + some other few ingredients, at last I´m getting to make decent bread. And one day he commented the muffins would be great for a sandwich, so I found a good combination. From now on we´ll have quality handmade bread, and I can assure you it gives a satisfaction when, after some failures, you can cook bread finally !! At least for me it´s been a pretty enjoyful experience. I still have a lot to learn though, for instance how to make a decent ‘sandwich bread loaf’, meanwhile the ‘sandwiches’ my boyfriend is taking at work will be a tender scot bap, and a soft sourdough muffin. Wanna try a bit??

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  1. I would! man, you make your own bread. that’s just awesome. what’s your recipe?

  2. The recipes are here, go to the food link and you´ll find both, for the english muffins and the scot baps :).

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