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i love cooking, esp.. sweets and english muffins, sourdough english muffins…. the smell is so good… last summer i started with my starter and i couldn´t believe it finally worked out fine!! now i have 3 starters, a rye flour starter, a strong flour starter and a raisins starter… i love to see all the bubbles on them.

i haven´t tried english muffins with normal yeast yet, and it would be pretty interesting since sometimes you don´t have the time to prepare the inicial dough 8 hours earlier, or the night before, or simply all of a sudden you think you would love to eat english muffins for breakfast or afternoon meals!

this is my rye starter:


and these are the muffins:


i found the recipe via internet, it was so surprising the fact they were not cooked in the oven but in a pan… i was doubting i had success but in the end….voila!

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  1. Erm. Seeing as how your cooking endeavors don’t end in failure (cause mine did), I applaud you! XD

  2. Hello!^_^ I saw that you’re featured on the Sanrio town blog! Congratulations!^_^

  3. Raein Thank you!!! you just need a lil patience and you´ll see how it will work out!
    iheartbadtz i haven´t realised! what a nice surprise :(… gee thanx!! so glad of it.

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