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about my sanrio passion and others…

kittyheadm1.jpgkitttt1.jpgWanna wish all sanrio lovers a Happy New year!!!!

Today i made 2 Panettone, though i´ll have to wait for the result, i´m not very sure cause my oven is not very good but we´ll see. It´s tiny so the panettone grow and almost burnt! in fact they did a lil´bit. :(. They will go with lemon glaze!

Anyways i would love to see kitty molds, sanrio molds and gingerman molds, please feel free to send me an email with a pic and i´ll post them here, i think it would be so funny!!!!. So in a few days if i collect some pictures i´ll post them here. Gingerman molds are pretty hard to find here in Spain so i´m curious, i know they´re so famous everywhere but here!!! So i´m planning to make my own gingerman mold hehee .

Meanwhile i´ll enclose the picture of the bag of molds i used for the kitty cookies + the mold i forgot…


they are delicious and pretty easy to make. and if you have some patience and someone helping you then it´s better :)… so my boyfriend joined and helped me with the molds when i was having a look at the oven,,,, everyone said they were pretty good, the only bad thing is that the cookies dough has to be not thin cause then you can´t draw the shapes of the faces of the lil bear, kitty ,the letters on the hello kitty big mold ect, which is a pity. for example these molds wouldn´t work with my ginger cookies cause the dough has to be pretty thin on those. luckily these ones were so different, that the big ones had a strongest orange flavour and the texture is good, they don´t need to be thin like other cookies. thanx god!!!


another funny fact is that the following day i discovered another kitty mold i just forgot since i put it in another bag!!! so next time there will be other cookies with the kitty face !!!!pic3.jpgpic21.jpgpic11.jpg

yessss!!!! we made kitty cookies!!!

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