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A nice drama

I have been recently watching this korean drama called. “World Within.” It’s about a how dramas are produced and how the directors and cast members do their jobs. I admit that it felt kinda draggy in some episodes, but overall it was an interesting drama. I love the chemistry between Song hye kyo and Hyun bin.
I was so happy when I found out that they became real couples after filming the show! woohoo
They are definitely my favorite korean couples now. envy
This is my favorite song from the drama. happyfly

credits to: anbisaranghae

A cute website from Japan!

Hey guys! I wanted to share this cute online store from Japan. There’s a lot of cell phone straps, plushies, and other cool devices you can buy. The website is: www.strapya-world.com
I recently brought this steamed jam bun plush and it’s so cute! It’s a type of food made with dough and have some fillings inside it. I eat this sometimes with my family, haha. It’s pretty good. I never thought they would make a plush out of this. I find this cute crabby
The one I brought is the yellow one, I like the white one more, but unfortunately it always out of stock. I still love it anyway. There’s also characters from animes and mangas on the site so it’s pretty cool. If you’re into cute things, you should check it out! crabbywave

Harajuku Lovers

These are cute perfumes called the Harajuku Lovers. Each doll has a different fragrance. I think it’s really cool how Gwen Stefani is advertising this product. She is the one singing in this commercial. I love how Baby said, “Super Kawaii” kawaii

Harajuku Girls by Gwen Stefani full song. cup


Selena Gomez & Demi Lovato

I’m also a Selena and Demi fan, I think they’re both great actresses. Demi is a talented singer, I lover her songs. I like Selena’s show,”Wizards of Waverly Place” because I like the character, Alex, she is very funny. I also really like Demi’s new show, “Sonny with a chance”. I think it’s hilarious and I love Sonny and Chad, they are so cute together! ^o^

Demi & Selena are best friends!

Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper

A cute scene of Sonny and Chad in Episode 2. heart


I Brought Sanrio Stuff at New York!

I went to New York like about 2 weeks ago. It was really fun, the streets were very crowded. It’s not my first time going to New York but I haven’t gone for a couple of years. What made me happy was that I saw Sanrio stuff there! I brought 1 cinnamoangels notebook, 1 tenorikuma notebook, a tenorikuma mechanical pencil and a tenorikuma watch! I know everything is like tenorikuma, I actually didn’t know that it was a Sanrio character. I think it’s very cute too!! I was trying so hard to find sugar bunnies stuff, but they didn’t have it there, it was a small shop, so there weren’t a lot of different characters to choose from. I did see cinnamoroll, but not that many either. So that’s what I brought! These are my very first sanrio stuff!! When I got home, I felt so so happy!!! I wish I could go to an official Sanrio shop so that I can even more cute stuff like plushies! Here’s the pics!

What made my trip to New York even more special was that I got 2 little cute turtles!! They are so adorable! One is 2 years old and the other one is a baby. My mom thought they were cute too. This is the first time we ever had a pet, and I never expected it to be turtles, haha. They also don’t grow that much either, I want them to be tiny forever! Here’s Momo and Mimi!

Aren’t they just so cute?! They’re even cuter when sleeping. I’m so glad I went to New York over the summer. Hope that me and my mom can go again next year! My summer vacation is almost over already! I didn’t even feel like I had summer break. I’m going back on the 24th! Well I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

bye bye! 

Dai Wo Zou by Rainie Yang

This is a video I made of Rainie. This is my favorite song from her. This song is from the drama “Miss No Good” It’s kinda sad, but it’s emotional. Enjoy!

Shugo Chara

I’ve been bored this summer, so I’ve been watching this anime called “Shugo Chara”, it’s a cute anime. This anime is about a girl name Hinamori amu, she’s in the fifth grade, people always mistake her for who she really is. She is very popular in school, and she is known as a “Cool and Spicy” person, but deep down, she’s not like that at all, she can be funny and caring too. Sometimes she wants to act like herself, but she ends up acting cool and cold in front of everyone. Then one day she wish that she could be reborn into the person she wants to be, and three eggs layed on her bed the next morning. These eggs hatched into little flying girls known as her guardians. She can be transformed into these guardians to help kids who do not believe in themselves. Every kids who has dreams or hopes will form an egg in their heart, and when they start doubting theirselves, it will turn into an x egg, and they will become a hopeless person who does not have any dreams. Amu tries to prevent these kids from having x eggs with the help of her guardians power.  Her guardians also helps her find who she wants to be as a person. It’s a cute anime. I’m watching episode 34, and I think there’s about 90 episodes, so I have a lot to go.

I wanted to watch this in dub, but unfortunately, they only have it english subbed, but it’s still good to watch. You can watch this at crunchyroll.com.

shugo chara
Here’s the opening song:

Amu is so cute. I love her outfits.

Rainie Yang

I’m a big fan of Rainie Yang, I don’t know if many people know her, but she is a great Taiwanese singer and actress. My favorite drama from her is “Devil Beside You” and “Why Why Love.” Mike He is in both of them, Rainie and Mike are the cutest couple ever!!

Rainie is so cute!
rainie yang
Here is a music video of her with Mike!

Ke Ai!

Be sure to check out other music videos of her at Youtube. Songs you should listen to is: Zhi Xiang Ai Ni, Lang Lai Le, Tai Fan Nao, Dai Wo Zou, Leng Zhan and many more!

Summer activities?

Wonder what I’m going to do this summer. I have this reading assignment over the break, so I will probably read throughout the summer. I know it sounds kinda boring but if the story is interesting, then it will be fun, because to me reading a book is like watching a movie. You imagine things in your head, so it’s kinda cool. I like it when I’m  curious and anxious to know the ending of a book because that tells me whether or not the book actually has a good plot. The ending is always important to me.  Well, I hope my summer will be fun. Hope everyone out there will also have a great summer too. Remember times goes by really fast. Before you know it, you will be back in school. I will become a senior. I can’t believe it, I am growing up, but I feel like I’m still a kid sometimes. Now I have to worry about what college I’m going to. I think I will have a great time in college though, I want to be Nurse, so it’s going to be exciting to learn about medicine and health. Anyway, have a great summer everybody! Don’t forget to be happy when ever you can because life is short!


Dough Boy

When I was small, I saw Dough Boy on tv and I loved him because he’s cute. I was browsing online to find him because I forgot his name, but I finally found him! I didn’t know he was supposed to be made up of dough, but that makes sense, because he’s usually on food commercials for cakes, pie, pizza, biscuits, and the best of all, Cinnamon Rolls !!

doughboy      pancake        laugh

Cute ha? Here’s a commercial of Cinnamon Rolls!!! It looks tasty

Here’s a cookie one:

This one is cute, he is getting baked.

Dough Boy is dancing in this one! How cute!

Visit www.pillsbury.com to see more Products. cook

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