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I’m only gonna review games for the PC but I will add in, if it’s available for mac as well. I will not cover online games. I don’t mind reviewing books, but I’m very dependant on wether said book has been released in denmark or not and how much time I have on my hands. I can also review anime, but only anime. I’m not gonna cover TV-shows or any dramas.

When revieing games I will look at the following
 - Graphics
 - Voice-acting (if there is any)
 - Controls
 - Gameplay
 - Difficulty 

When looking at Anime I’ll be looking at the following
 - Plot
 - Story-progression
 - Voice-acting
 - Visual style
 - Music

When reviewing a book I’ll be looking at the following
 - Story
 - Flow of the book
 - Themes of the book

I will of course also rate the games and put them into 3 different categories
 - Buy (This game is worth paying for)
 - Rent (The game is okay, but only for so much time)
 - Skip (Game is not worth your time)

You’re all more than welcome to suggest anything I should review and I’ll see if I can get my hands on the product. (Note that it might be limited for me since I live in a small european country, but I’ll do my best when a request comes in)
I only accept requests sent to my mail: leeling1289@mymelody.com