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Back again

by leeling1289:mymelody.com

Okay, so it has litterally been years since I last posted anything on here, but guess what. I’m back a third time and going strong. I haven’t been up to much of anything interesting besides studying, meeting new friends and playing other games. But summer is nearing and with that, a fresh addiction to HKO. My plans for the summer is to finish my character with everything I want from the item mall, which of course all cost loyalty points, so I’ll be posting on the forumand of course blogging, commenting and gaming till I have blisters on my fingers yet again. As for more reciews, I don’t think I’ll be posting any for the time being, since I still am working on my exams for university, and would like to give them the attention they need so I can pass easily.


Game-wise let’s talk because I have finally reached Beijing and working on the last few quests of the game. The current plan is to lvl my farm yet again, maybe change to a new type of house, if I find one I like of course. Other than that, I will need to get some new pets, since myunicorn-thing needsa friend or two. I hope to get my hands on a panda-pet, since those are so cute. I’d prefer the boss-panda, but the regular ones are fine too.  I’m also going to create my own guild, since everyone in my last guild don’t play anymore. It’ll be interesting to see what will happen over the spring and summer game-wise and also in regards to my blog. Futhermore, I started a new character on the US/Canada server with the same name as on the International server. It’ll be weird to start all over again, but I’m cool with it, definetly. It’ll also be fun to experience everything over again.

All in all I have a busy time ahead of me, but I will make sure to have fun along with all of you guys. See you soon :)


Exam results and game grinding

by leeling1289:mymelody.com

First off, WOHOO!

 Now that That is off my chest I can explain. I had an exam last thursday and I was nervous because the subject is extremely hard. Lately I had been doing some intense studies to try and get the best base for just pasing the exam. I was lucky enough to get questions about the thing I knew most about of all the stuff we could get questioned about. The development of the definition of true science. (and yes, it is a oring subject) and I got a B! My teacher told me if I had been able to answer their lat question I would gave gotten an A, but trust me, B is amazing for me and my hard studies really paid off! Furthermore we had another exam that I got my grade on last friday and  got a grade stating it was above average, which I am satisfied with. I’m not good with assignments, so I’m happy I was able to achieve such a result. This means that I am allowed to at least attend the second and third term of university and I am very much happy about that.

In other news I started gaming again in HKO. I am currently lvl 21 and  have no quests left. The technical problem I mentioned in my last blog was resolved, thanks to a helpful soul in the forums. So now I am stuck collection random things to lvl and do the occasional daily quest. I’ve calculated I still need to collect 700 items to generate enough exp to lvl to 22. Yesterday I spent 5 hours collection over 900 items just get towards the lvl. I just hope I’ll be able to lvl today, once I log in. If anything I’ll try my best to at least get as far as I can.

 Well that’s all from me today. I’ll see you guys soon

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