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Developments and an upgrade

by leeling1289:mymelody.com

A lot has been going on in Pony Valley lately. The first thing is that 2 of my ponies got pregnant and in 4 days time I should have the first baby out. It will be the baby of Midnigth Star and Indigo. Twilight also got pregnant and the father is a pony of another player. The pony’s name is Skylar and he is a real beauty but I’m not uploading a picture of him, since I don’t have the owner’s permission to do so.

I’m currently upgrading my ponies a bit so I can give birth to unique ponies. So far Twilight has gotten the most upgrades but I have managed to give 2 other ponies some minor upgrades.

Nayua (Mare)  Love type




Nayua 2

Nayua just got a background on her to match her race, which is Love.  

 Midnight Star (Stallion) Air type


Midnight Star 


Midnight Star 1st upgrade                                         

Midnight Star got himself a new coat tht resembles a night sky with stars on it. He also got an animated tattoo that is a bolt of lightning. His hooves has been decourated with stars as well as being dyed in a golden colour to match his name. His mane remained golden to match the stars and new colour on his hooves.


 Besides the upgrades I recieved 3 new ponies so my total is now 7. 2 of the new ponies are part of the 6 basic ponies that you can always buy, and the last is a quest reward. The quest is to have one pony of each basic race in full health.

 Arano (Stallion) Feline type


Umino (Stallion) Water type


Bloody Cloud (Stallion) Pegasus

Bloody Cloud

Well, I guess that’s all really. I’ll update you guys with more stuff when I have it. Bye :D

Loooooooong time since last update

by leeling1289:mymelody.com

Okay, so it’s been a while, I know…

Sorry, but I’ve just been occupied with other stuff lately. Mainly I’ve been playing a browser-game and stopped playing HKO because there are little to no people there ever. The people I did meet and talk to where nice, but I like a crowded gaming comunity where you can have large group convos and laugh at random things that happen. I didn’t get that from HKO, so I left. I might return, if I get reports of more activity and I’l keep updating my blog to the best of my abbility.

So the browsergame I’m playing is a horse game. It’s called Pony Valley and you can find it here I’m really enjoying it and in just 2 days I’ve achieved quite a few things. I’ve gotten myself 4 ponies. (Note that I payed real money to get a little ahead of the game. Normally you would only have 1 or 2 ponies after 2 days)

Nayua (my starting pony, Mare)


Midnight star (Stallion)

 Midnight Star

Twilight (Mare) 


Indigo (Mare)


So far Indigo is pregnant and I should be getting the baby in 7 days time. The father is Midnight Star and I’m hoping it’s a stallion, because so far my only stallion is Midnight Star.

 I have a healing fountain on level 3, which gives me 15 healing points a day, that I can freely distribute to my ponies. I’m also growing food trees for all ponies plus the types I don’t have yet, so I can save ome gold pieces on food.

 I also started a stable, which is more or less a guild or comunity of horse breeders (game’s term for players) where we can help each other out, challenge eachother to matches or give each other gifts and such. It’s really nice if you’re gonna be gone for a day or two and you need someone to take care of your ponies, you just post it in the stable notes and hopefully someone in the stables will take care of your ponies for you. My stable is called Thunder Hooves Stables and currently we’re only 2 members, but hopefully we’ll have more members soon.

 Thunder Hooves Stables logo

Thunder Hooves Stables logo

Not all that proffessional, I know, but it’ll do until I get Photoshop back

If you play Pony Valley already (you never know) and want to be in a stable comunity don’t hesitate to email me on here with your username to pony vally and I’ll send you an invite right away

Okay guys that’s it for this one. I’ll update again soon. Bye :D

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