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Exam results and game grinding

by leeling1289:mymelody.com

First off, WOHOO!

 Now that That is off my chest I can explain. I had an exam last thursday and I was nervous because the subject is extremely hard. Lately I had been doing some intense studies to try and get the best base for just pasing the exam. I was lucky enough to get questions about the thing I knew most about of all the stuff we could get questioned about. The development of the definition of true science. (and yes, it is a oring subject) and I got a B! My teacher told me if I had been able to answer their lat question I would gave gotten an A, but trust me, B is amazing for me and my hard studies really paid off! Furthermore we had another exam that I got my grade on last friday and  got a grade stating it was above average, which I am satisfied with. I’m not good with assignments, so I’m happy I was able to achieve such a result. This means that I am allowed to at least attend the second and third term of university and I am very much happy about that.

In other news I started gaming again in HKO. I am currently lvl 21 and  have no quests left. The technical problem I mentioned in my last blog was resolved, thanks to a helpful soul in the forums. So now I am stuck collection random things to lvl and do the occasional daily quest. I’ve calculated I still need to collect 700 items to generate enough exp to lvl to 22. Yesterday I spent 5 hours collection over 900 items just get towards the lvl. I just hope I’ll be able to lvl today, once I log in. If anything I’ll try my best to at least get as far as I can.

 Well that’s all from me today. I’ll see you guys soon

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