Smilies… Never more!


Okay so as much of a smiley user as anyone but after today I don’t want to use them for a good long while. As you know, I’m setting up a new forum with 3 of my old friends. I’m the ”New person” as they have been working together for 2+ years and I’m the newest addition to the team so naturally I get all the “Noob jobs” ergo all the jobs that nobody really wants to do, but they have to be done. Among that is uploading and preparing smilies. For 3 hours straight I was shifting betwee sites, locating, downloading, re-uploading and typing in settings for smilies and putting them in a specific folder. It was so exhausting because you do nothig but look at text and copy paste different thngs into boxes and if you make a mistake, you have to locate where the mistake is and then figure out what you need to do to solve it. I swear, Im gonna tone down on smilies for a while.

Oh and on a positive note, I’m 1 loyalty point away from my purple panda ears  YAY!

 Well, that’s all from me for this time. I’ll see you soon :D

Forum Prep Work


A special thing is happening right now. The Kurai Anime Admin Team are currently working to launch the forum soon. We got the domain yesterday and today has been used on creating the forum and most of the practical work. I personally created a few categories and set up a ranking system. It took a few hours, but I was happy with the result. Hopefully we’ll have a launch date soon, so I can add a link in my blog roll.

In other news I reached lvl 21 in HKO. My farm is lvl 8 and I’m movign forward in the game despite the fact I’ve been gone a lot lately. I’m also happy we launched a new guild on the international server. Kawaii Club. Leader is cutecinnamoroll and I am a co-leader. We run the guild together which is very nice.

Anyways, that’s all I have to say this time. See you guys later :D

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