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by leeling1289:mymelody.com

So… It’s been a while. I’m gonna take another look at this game and see if I can fall back in love with it again.

Other than that boring news I started noticing new games from Sanrio Digital this time on the tablet. They released a garden game that is basically like the HKO gardens, though with a slightly different money and experience system. It’s a bit bugged but overall it’s okay, just don’t spend money on it. When you exit the game and start it up again, you risk having lost most of the stuff you bought with starpoints. Also, it’s not properly explained how the money system works in terms of watering and fertilizing your plants but still, the game offers a lot of great time, as you don’t run out of energy or is limited by a set number of actions per day.  The game is cute with simple graphics that won’t overload your tablet too much and features like house building and decorating your garden. ou can also buy helpers to do the tasks for you and buy additional gardens so you can grow a lot of crops at the same time.

Well, all in all I’ll need to have a look at the new Hello Kitty apps on my tablet and I’ll be back soon to give you an update. Laters peeps

Anime Convention

by leeling1289:mymelody.com

This weekend was exciting. I was attending the biggest anime and game conventionin Denmark and I got some pretty cool Hello Kitty things. The vonvention itself hosts the danish championships in cosplay and this year they had some pretty entertaining entries. The opening shows were the best, though I always think that’s kind of a shame, since it’s just suppose to warm up the audience, not overshadow the contestants. But no matter, I mean they all made an effort and did their best, and I did enjoy the show a lot.

I was lucky and got some earrings and a figurine on the very last day of the convention. Both Hello kitty themed of course. The figurine was a limited edition Hello Kitty in human form from Japan, so I am really stoked. It looks  great on my shelf with my other collectibles, I must say. I also got some plushies, t-shirts, custom artwork and a lot of great japanese food and candy. Delicious <3

Have a great week guys. I needc to go work on my exams now

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