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Hello! I’m back!
I’ve been absent from this blog for a while because I was studying so hard.
The good news is that I have good notes in my college!
Now I can spend more time online.
I was happy with the first comments: 3
Today I want to share with you a dance of a character named PompomPurin, which I love!
You know him?
If not, read about it below by clicking on the images to enlarge:



Now watch the clip and see if you can learn the choreography, I’m trying to…

For some people the word lolita is unknown, here in Brazil, there is a recent term, but in Japan has been around for longer.
Lolita is a fashion style used by cute girls who dress like dolls, based on Victorian and Rococo era.
There is International Lolita Day, celebrated two times a year: on the firsts Saturday of June and December.
For you to use a lolita style, you need have courage, after all not all people dress this way, and to choose your style too.

Lolita Style

The key is to know that:
- Always use a hair accessory, such as bow.
- Do not wear makeup very strong; prefer something more discreet.
- Use voluminous dresses and skirts, as a doll, with lace, bows and various prints.
- Use ¾ petticoats and stockings or pantyhose, all with thick wire, colored or plain, patterned or not.
- Use shoes with the Mary Jane style or boots with adequate detail and color to your favorite lolita style.

Here in Brazil, the most commonly used styles are the Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita and Gothic Lolita.
Sweet Lolita is a style dedicated to the ideal of innocence in which it uses very pink, blue and white prints of candy, ties, among other things that make their appearance is a sweet doll.
Gothic Lolita is more sober, but not related to the Gothic style.
And the Classic Lolita refers to the elegance and class.

I tried to be brief in this post because talking about the style would yield many posts. Slowly bring the universe to you Lolita.

Here in Brazil, most of lolitas are in a state called Sao Paulo.

And you can get all your lolita outfit in brands as Angelic Pretty ^^

Get inspired by these images that I found on we heart it:

sweet outfitBows are very cute!

sweet lolita

Cute outfit!

classic lolita

classic lolita




Gothic Lolita


I always want more and more watch this video. It’s really funny: D
I even memorized the choreography!

Well, the blog is commencing.
I’ll soon be adding news here, hope to receive visits and comments.
What you see here?
- Fashion
- Beauty
- gifs
- Wallpapers
- Tutorials
- Music
- Texts
- Inspirations
- And all facing the style kawaii = cute.

Stay tuned …I’m coming!

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