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by Makiba Shourisha

After a long dry spell, storms are here. Floods too. And dirty tap water. And mosquitoes. And dysphoria. But then again there’s long naps. And coffee. And tea.

I hate this time of the year. But I love the weather. Go figure.

No Water

by Makiba Shourisha

I’m officially in panic mode. As of this morning, 5 AM, I checked the faucet to see if doom has reached us yet. It had not. Then. But after an hour, one of the crisis chains has finally reached us. Great. Now I’m stuck reading the news for future update.

Hurricane Fury

by Makiba Shourisha

That’s the name of the awesome ax in RO - Hurricane Fury - the best possible weapon for a merchant class, given to me by the most awesome and best possible sister. She didn’t even realize she had it, but gave it to me the moment she did. She keeps outdoing herself, and I have told her more than once that playing RO in order to give other people her cool stuff is her calling. For some reason, she hardly has any luck getting and making cool stuff for her personal use. What’s up with that?

She made me wear the Morrigane set (which, again, she has given me until I had completed the set), that together with a carded Hurricane Fury, made me a Crit build. And I took the whole repertoire for a test drive. And, boy, am I unstoppable!

I received those cool items from her within days of silently thinking - not even wishing - for them, knowing it’s a remote possibility to ever have them soon or at all.

I wonder now what changes my life could take if only I wasn’t afraid to will things into existence. Because somewhere along the way I lost belief in believing.

So-so Success

by Makiba Shourisha

Work wise got what was delayed for months. Future is still bleak though. East home wise lousy closet after paint job. Key hole stuck. Roomie molested all my stuff during my absence. North home wise my nerves are on edge. Need a haircut. And a sign if I should take action now or wait. Deux ex machina style. On my 3rd cup of coffee. Morning noon and night. More regular than a solid meal. Not good. Starting to be unable o function without coffee. Family driver gave me two coconut buns. Other than that, only ate coconut meat and yellow watermelon today.

Warm Up

by Makiba Shourisha

Some semblance of development work-wise but I’m not getting my hopes up.

Game-wise, slow but fruitful. The God of Death helped with Pouring Rain for my Creator. Haven’t done Pouring Blood for her but will get Deviling Hat when done. Yuan and Taber Sin helped with Pouring Blood for Priest. Got Archangeling hat. Levelled up homunculus of a friend who’s too lazy to explore the powers of his alien thing of a sidekick. My own homunculus has ultra high Hit and Flee, average HP and SP, and pathetic Def and Mdef. Ate’s homun specializes in Matk and Def.

East home-wise, 2 developments too but 1 doesn’t sound great. Will take things one at a time. Made a list, with the hope of accomplishing at least half of it. Just the prospect of picking life back again seems daunting, but I’ve been through worse before.

North home-wise, kaboom goes the ancient electric fan that attempted to blenderize us, a scene straight from Final Destination. The heat is making me perpetually groggy and irritable but I’ve got 3 dozens of coffee packs and a handful of pills to get me through the next few day’s attempts to reconstruct my life. Madonna has reinvented herself several times; why can’t I?

Summer Rains

by Makiba Shourisha

Evening rains are pummeling our roof. If this keeps up, we’ll be knee-deep in water here in Flood Capital. A former teacher was complaining that despite the recent rains, it’s getting hotter still.

Anyway, to keep my mind off the heat, I now am reading up on RO pets. Especially since I used all of my vote points to buy a Loli Ruri egg. Ate let me to vote for the remaining 3 sets of 12-hour intervals so I can have enough points to buy a custom pet. Perks of having a gracious big sis. :D Now I can’t wait to see her Bapho Horn when she saves up for the most costly custom item.

I transferred my Isis to my Gypsy. She needs the +1% Atk and will not be hindered by the -1% Matk as she hardly uses SP, save for her lone buff. Her other SP-needy skills re those in an Ensemble with a Clown, which I don’t intend to use. My Creator needs Loli’s Heal and Max HP +3% as her stats are mostly Dex and a bit of Luk, so hardly any left for Vit. I’m still studying the other pets to figure out what to get my other characters.

Ate and I reset our homunculi. Apart from the lower Def and Crit, I’m generally happy with the outcome of thrice the HP plus adds to the rest of the stats.

Searching for a way to figure out the numerical value of my pet’s intimacy, I came across forums that talk about the horrors of how their Homs turned out after reset.

All this gaming and raining and body clock adjusting somehow helps me forget. And then when I remember, I have that nagging feeling that I should not forget. Am I starting to turn into those bitter people who grow old angry with everything life has given them? At life itself? I prefer to think of myself as someone so desensitized that it has rendered me incapable of any feeling. But then again, isn’t that a worse state? I could be in a lot of healthier places now, but as usual, I’m letting things happen to me instead of making things happen. I’ve gotten tired too early.

Rain Rain Go Away

by Makiba Shourisha

Awoke at 1 AM to the sound of angry rain that has been repressed for weeks and weeks and vowed to come back with a vengeance. Messed up the phone lines so internet got shut down. Now trying to re-program my body clock.

Pills are Stupid

by Makiba Shourisha

I drank my usual coffee but got knocked out by cold tablets. As a result I missed the last one-fourth of the quest we were doing. And I’m still too groggy now to type….huh, wha?

Jejemons: The New ‘Jologs’

by Makiba Shourisha

Do you happen to talk or text like this: ‘Eow PowZ, mUsZtAh nHa?’ Then perhaps you’re a Jejemon

HAVE YOU RECEIVED A text message like this: “Eow PowZ, mUsZtAh nHa?” If so, most likely you’ve had a “Jejemon” experience. It isn’t a new breed of Pokemon that Ash and Misty have found. This terminology has been popping up everywhere even in Facebook.

According to UrbanDictionary.Com, it is anyone with a low tolerance for correct punctuation, syntax and grammar. This definition is limited to the linguistic style of Jejemons. But in reality, Jejemon is a new breed of hipsters who have developed not only their own language and written text but also their own sub-culture and fashion.

For brevity, I will limit this article to Jejemon language, which for lack of grammatical “canon” on how to call it, I will call it the “Jejenese” and their alphabet, “Jejebet.”

The Jejenese is not just confined to Pinoy Jejemons. Just before I wrote this, I played “Warcraft” and found a European opponent who enjoys typing “jejejeje” in a very wide context, much to my disdain as he sabotages my online quests. Another group of foreign Jejemons, although their Jejemonism seems so trivial to actually classify them as Jejemons, are the Thais who type “hahaha” this way: “5555.”

You will see a lot of these in your Thai friend’s Facebook status messages. Since, the number 5 translates to “ha” in Thai, as explained by my friend Pakorn Dokmai. I’m sure many of you have personal encounters with other foreign Jejemons, be in Manila or abroad. So we can assume that Jejemon is a worldwide phenomenon.

Will the real Jejemons please stand up?

Text messaging is the first ever evidence that the Jejemons are not just fictional creatures; they really exist. They have a set of eyes (and obviously the time) that can easily decipher the word hidden in jumbled letters, alternating capitalization, over-usage of the letters H, X or Z and mixture of numeric characters and our normal alphabet. To be able to understand Jejenese or to Jejetype is definitely a skill.

In a commentary, “Intellectualizing a Language,” by Dr. Ricardo Ma. Nolasco published on June 13, 2009, in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, he said that: “We will never be able to develop our languages for higher thinking unless we begin basic literacy and education in them.” With the prevalence of Jejemon, will the long process of intellectualization of our Filipino language be held back? I believe that the answer depends on one’s lenience with the Jejemons. Just as whether or not the Jejenese and the Jejebet wreak havoc on major languages depends on how one perceives Jejemonism.

Jejemon cliques

Who uses the Jejemon language anyway? Let’s call them, the Clans, or as the Jejemons would probably spell it, cLaNzZ. In Warcraft lingo, groups that operate like “Alliance” or “Horde.”

The Jejemons find their place in their world by finding a clan, or a regular group of people they text and talk with in Jejenese. Regardless of whether they know each other or not, they will talk to other members of these clans and even meet up with them in Jejelands (frequent hang-outs).

If these clans can be considered, as Bonifacio P. Sibayan, whose work was published in the website of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts puts it, as Sub-domains of a Controlling Domain of language, then the continued use of Jejemonized-Tagalog, such as: “iNgAtz puh” and “xeNXia Nah” can contribute to the process of Filipino intellectualization. But then again, an intellectualized language is that language that can be used for giving and obtaining a complete education in any field of knowledge from pre-school to the university and beyond.

If Jejenese is used as the medium of instruction in public schools, imagine how would the first line of our National Anthem be spelled in Jejenese: “bAiAn9 mA9ieLiWh pUrlAsh n9 xIlan9aNaN …” or Jose Rizal’s last work: “mEih UltIMoiX aDioSxH.” Fortunately, this is an extreme scenario. That’s why others take the more mortifying definition of Jejemon given by UrbanDictioary.Com: “Low IQ people who spread around their idiocy on the web.”

But Jejemons, too, have constitutional right to free speech and expression that we may run afoul if we prevent them from speaking and writing the way they do or as annoyed Internet users propose—ban them from the web. All we can do is to make a matinding pakiusap (strong appeal) to all Jejemons, as language can only be intellectualized by using it, mangyaring gamitin nyo nang tama ang wika (please use the language properly).

Harvey Marcoleta
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Weekend Gaming

by Makiba Shourisha

Ate as outdone herself again. After a long long long hunt for an Ice Pick for my Ice Wing, after countless deaths of Priest, after fighting off sleep and finally deciding to sleep, she did get that prized and pricey Ice Pick. She didn’t even know it until she was out of the MVP room. She called me while I was in the kitchen, stuttering, with that Mastercard look on her face: Priceless.

She also bought me a Mistress Card worth 20 million. Ooh, yes,she is LOADED. RO-wise at least. :D She also bought herself one for reselling. The phrase “buy and sell” was coined with Ate in mind. So were the terms capitalism and commercialism. What is it with her unbelievable luck? She has found her calling: Playing RO to find items for other people. With her luck with cards and items, I won’t be surprised if she could come up with a +10 of every armor.

I’m still sleepy though. And yes, I’ve had coffee.

It’s Here

by Makiba Shourisha

The cursed moon cycle. Not one of my best days so to speak. :-(

However, Ate got to level up my Creator 10 levels higher in Bio Labs. My homonculus kept dying, but held her own against the other monsters. Sadly the floating rates this week is over, it was just a bonus because of the problems of the server prior to that.

I also found the mini bosses salamander and vagabond wolf and eclipse. I got the coveted angelic cardigan (again) and angelic protection. Sadly I died in Thor’s Volcano level 3 so I didn’t  get the Meteor armor.  The angelic cardigan I managed to make two +5’s and I’ll vend one while wear one. The rest of my armor for all characters and some in the storage are now +4’s, except for the +5 Magni’s Cap which I was able to make about 9.

More Level Up

by Makiba Shourisha

I correct myself. Ate had yet again achieved the impossible. After a wave of bad luck in which our farmed Bardiche was all destroyed in her over upping, she finally managed to make a +10 Bardiche for both of us. And there’s more to work on! Now I’m on an Elunium & Oridecon hunt to over up my armors and for Ate  to over up her weapons. I hope she has spent all the bad luck last night that there isn’t any left overs today.

My homonculus has just reached max level due to hunting for Dragon Scales in Abyss Lake. I had been selling them only to find out that we need them for the Chef Hat quest so we can cook, essentially the job of Creators.

No caffeine fix yet for the day so I’m practically brain dead. So that’s all for now.

Level Up

by Makiba Shourisha

Ate has achieved the near impossible. She has levelled up 2 of my characters to max levels through leeching. And that while she was cramping with the curse of the moon cycle. The SG and SN. I couldn’t vend the Scrolls of All Knowledge so I used all 15 on my Creator. Now I’m levellng her while searching for Ice Cubics for the Ice Wing quest and Eluniums for refining my armor. I have refined my Magni’s Cap to +5 after destroying 4 for +10. Also the Fricco’s Shoes to the safe level of +4 and the Manteau to +4.

I also redesigned the color schemes of all my characters clothes and hair. I retained their hairstyles though, except for the SN.

I gave Ate the Ashura and Assassin Dagger for her Ninja. Hopefully I remember to give her the pile of Bardiche so she can refine them with her Whitesmith.

Day Start

by Makiba Shourisha

We started our day rather late today. I was up at 7:30 and no one was around. I decided to catch up on the news and watched some TV. It was 9:35 when Ate came down. I guess the pumpkin cutting really took its toll on her. I ate some - well, a LOT of - yellow watermelons because there was nothing else to eat. Yeah sure, there was home cooked food and spices and raw eggs and powdered beverages - all of which are stored in the ref which are not really all that edible if you think about it.

Day’s End

by Makiba Shourisha

As is usual when I’m with Ate, the day tends to end when the sun rises. Today’s culmination of our day consisted of finally reaching 255 for both my Star Gladiator and her Whitesmith. She also gave me a silver fairy wing. I’m still trying to decide which of my characters will wear it. So far, I have a High Priestess ho needs an Ice Wing imbued with a Mistress Card, a Star Gladiator that needs a Falcon Muffler to complete the Odin’s Blessing set, a Creator that needs to wait until the Filir’s intimacy reaches Loyal from Awkward, and a Super Novice that needs a Star Dust Blade and an Angel’s Kiss to complete the Guardian Angel super novice equip set.

We sort of planted a flag in a little corner in Bio Labs and literally drove away everyone who tried to stay there to farm the 16 kinds of homonculi. She would buff us so that they would see through the cast spell over our heads that we were in a party, I would hit the monsters once then leave them to devour the players who had their noses stuck where it shouldn’t be (with NOKS turned on so they would miss), and we would follow the players and be down right annoying bullies. They always left, even the one with the most staying power, a mage who thought she could wear us out. But we were prepared to do it all day. My sister has turned competition and perseverance into an art and I have turned aggression into a science. Yes, that’s our version of colonization. The concept is not exclusively White you know.

Then outside the virtual world, we had to help cut up the pumpkin for lunch. Her nerves were bruised from cutting the sections and my bones are rattled from dicing them by hammering the knife through the pumpkin slices against the kitchen counter. I was surprised to find out that not all vegetables are soft and easy on the chopping boards.

It’s beginning to be an almost amiable Saturday morning. What I regret though is that I couldn’t play HKO yet because of the eons-long bug problem that HKO Phils could not seem to resolve. It’s a lot less violent there and I could use a real stress reliever, but the long long long LONG wait for news about HKO Phils GMs, bug repairs, and scrapped tools replacement is causing more stress than relief.

Not Much

by Makiba Shourisha

It was one of my best friend’s birthday today. We were supposed to meet in school so she can claim some papers but she couldn’t find her ID.

Ate and I levelled up in Bio Labs. I have last 20 levels for my Star Gladiator and then I can move on to my Super Novice and Creator. Last night she killed her Dryad (Lif) after an epiphany concerning its evolution. Good thing I got the right version of Filir, an ugly chick which will evolve into a Phoenix, not the pretty purple bird that wll evolve to just another big purple bird.

While I was asleep she managed to get me another Glove from the Mummies in the Pyramids. Now I have to hunt for the Blue Tinted Feathers and finish my collection of Ice Cubics. Then I can make an Ice Wing for my High Priestess. We also managed to get 2 Angelic Cardigans for my Super Novice. We went to Sograt Desert every 30 minutes to search and kill the Vagabond Wolf. Plus we got the second strongest weapon for a Creator, the Bardiche, from the Sacred Shrine of Freya, from the Seekers. We still have to go back for a chance to get a Star Dust Blade for Super Novice. And I have to go back to Niflheim for the Disguise to get another Crest of the Rider.

We were pretty much satisfied with the results of our farming.

At work, still no word. I’m getting impatient about my salary. Maybe I should pursue another career, but I’m not sure I want to. But then again, maybe my comfort zone needs a little jostling.

Scheduled RO Quest

by Makiba Shourisha

Setting out to do this quest: ICE WING QUEST

The Ice Carver has come to Lutie to make Ice Wings for everyone interested.

The Ice Carver is in Lutie (225, 159). Give him the required items and choose either a cutter or an ice pick.

  • 2000 Ice Cubic
  • 2 Mystic Frozen
  • 2 Glove
  • 6 Blue Tinted Feather

If you choose the ice pick, you get a 100% success chance. If you choose the cutter, the ice wing creation has a 50% success chance.

Winding Down

by Makiba Shourisha

Have contacted work. Will go tomorrow PM. Hopefully all turn out well. BFFs birthday coming. Ate invented yummy sausage-potato omelette because of hunger. Did some laundry. Levelling up in RO while floating rates this week. Saw racist Elora Raine of Festival Children guild right beside me in Bio Labs. Hmph. Will post pics when no longer addicted.

Last Day

by Makiba Shourisha

This might be my last vacation day. Unless of course something unfortunate has happened or will happen when I get back to work. Heaven forbid. Got to have work even if it is work. I’m gonna miss gaming and watching Gilmore Girls and Heroes and Macross Frontier.

Macross and RO Again

by Makiba Shourisha

We’ve finished watching Macross Frontier. We played a little RO. She leeched me with her Angra. Some random player had given her coins worth some Euros with which she bought the god weapon. Cool huh?

She’s asleep now. I’m kinda sleepy too. But I had slept for about 6 hours last night and I think I’ll read some first before hitting the sack.

Floating Rates and Racism

by Makiba Shourisha

A certain player sponsored 3 consecutive floating rates in RO just now. That was 3 hours of gaming to grab the opportunity for higher drops and XP. Some guy named Black Sage asked for Skel-Bones while we were in the Orc Dungeon. I had to hurry to Pront and asked him to hurry there so I could give it to him. I also gave the 200+ from my storage. It was just too dangerous in the Orc Dungeon. He was very thankful and all but I couldn’t pause to respond to his PMs. Time was my enemy. A floating rates sponsorship lasts only for 60 minutes.

There was this female character, Elora Raine, who made a public invitation to join her guild. According to her, she wanted a non-warring casual guild, and that was fine with me. I’m not exactly crazy about warring either, to defend a castle against other guilds. What was off-putting was when she asked me where I was from. I told her which country and she said that she was “actually doubtful of Filipinos”. Whazzzup with that?!?! Racism is so 16th century!!! Hello?

Last time I checked my history books, colonization was dead. No one has called the Philippines “exotic” since the dawn of the 19th century. Spain, USA, and Japan themselves are allies of this country. I didn’t realize that even in a gaming environment, disdain is so deeply ingrained in one’s psyche that people hardly notice it. Or am I not allowed to be appalled by a generalizing racist put-down since I was not flat out called “Indio” to my face?

It was the first time I was looked down on for being Filipino. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Until tonight racism had been just a concept I knew was experienced first hand by my countrymen in foreign lands. Sometimes just being born Pinoy was enough to get them killed. It’s a different story when it happens to oneself. I used to teach ESL to East Asians but they were bound to respect me since they were in my country and I was their teacher. Not to mention their high regard for their elders and all teachers. I have tons of friends from different countries and I had never seen the slightest hint of aversion from them just because I happened to be born where I was born. Some foreigners from all corners of the planet had been my classmates and they were, at the very least, cordial. I guess the anonymity of the virtual world allows for the liberty to be one’s real self - and if being racist is part of that self, there’s little else to hold back from being that self online.

So much for equality in a global community. Maybe some people are just “more equal” than others.


by Makiba Shourisha

We are now in Heroes Season 4. Next week Glee returns. There was a power outage which affected the phone lines. But the internet is back. When my sis finishes Plants vs Zombies we’ll watch again.

Good Reads

by Makiba Shourisha

Check out my new page (see sidebar) GOOD READS I RECOMMEND. Wordpress, which powers our Sanrio blogs, doesn’t allow the use of Flash and Javascript so I can’t add the Good Reads widget. (Come on, Wordpress peeps! Other blogging services allow this!) However, I manually posted pics of book jackets which I have read.

The list is far too short of the actual list I have read. The list is longer in my Good Reads profile, but then again, my profile doesn’t really reflect a better picture of my taste and reading range in books. I haven’t updated my Good Reads profile now that I’m getting ready to end my sweet sweet sweet vacation.

I’ll be able to update this even when I go back to the East, though possibly not as frequently as I can do so in the North. For now, I have to get back to The Angel’s Game by Zafon before my time runs out.

Star Gladiator & Merchant

by Makiba Shourisha

Bored with the dead air of the Holy Week, I made two more characters in RO: a Star Gladiator and a Merchant. A Star Gladiator is one of the newer conceptualized job classes in RO. Back then it was just Sword, Mage, Merchant, Acolyte, and Thief. The newest additions were the Gunslinger, Ninja, Soul Linker, and Star Gladiator. Both Star Gladiator and Soul Linker start with Taekwon. Nothing surprising there since RO was conceived by Koreans albeit basing it on Norse mythology.

Later I will go pet hunting in HKO, though with the HKO Phil bug still in place and with not a breath of news about help with tools, I’m beginning to think my HKO character will find itself in a ghost town of a server very soon. :-(


by Makiba Shourisha

I finally got my sister to set up her public blog. She’s been blogging on and off for years, but has kept them mostly private. Now we’re excited searching for themes.

Maybe this will sharpen our writing skills a bit.

Cycles of the Moon

by Makiba Shourisha

I hate being a girl. Right now the moon is its waxing gibbous phase. And it brought with it my regular friend. There’s  nothing friendly about it though. If anything, I’m in a very unfriendly mood right now. A common symptom of this friend. Nothing is done on these days. Just popping those pain killers like they were M & M’s.

There’s some good news to cheer me up though. My sister somehow managed to reserve seats for Avenue Q. We’re watching on the last play date. She even counted the days to check if my moon friend will still be at the height of it’s activity by the time we leave. Sometimes my sister could be a real WOW when she chooses to be. The last time she got me musical play tickets was her 18th birthday gift to me, Lea Salonga in the flesh.

It would be one of those rare occasions in which I would be in a puppet show where I wasn’t the one performing. In fact, it’s a rare occasion for me to be in any stage production in which I wasn’t the performer. My performing-watching ratio is roughly 10:1.

I’m not sure I have shown the proper amount of enthusiasm yet. Tickets there aren’t cheap, and she’s getting me tickets to no less than Tony Award winning Avenue Q!

I wonder what phase the moon will be on that day. Hopefully in a phase that allows me to function. No wonder there’s a brand of pads “Those Days”. I hate those days.

Not much I can do in front of my laptop now. Besides, Facebook is under maintenance and won’t allow me to log in. My sister’s inviting me to level up in RO but I doubt I’m up for it. I’d rather lie down and read. A Brief History of Time wasn’t as daunting as I had expected and Catcher in the Rye’s theme is so cliche, so for today I’ll just go back to Stephen Hawking.

Kitty Test and a Regular Morning

by Makiba Shourisha

My body’s starting to approximate the rhythm of a normal person’s. I fell asleep last night shortly before midnight. This morning, I woke up at 6, broke my fast at 7, did some semi-smart reading at 8, and browsed the net at 9. That’s quite a difference from my usual summer break day that starts at 1 PM and ends at 5 AM.

The downside to waking up early is having to hear the irritating 80’s pop music blaring from the neighboring badminton court. Yeah, I’m all for fitness and exercise (I swim and bike to compete), but the 80’s? Please.

Anyway, to start my Sanrio day, I took a quiz and this was the result:

kitty caring test

My sister just woke up now and we’re waiting for World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King to install. With the changes in RO making it difficult to level up in the Bio Labs and still no word about the HKO bug, I might give WoW a shot first. I played HKO last night and tried messaging at random for any GM to help me with my scrapped tools. The only one who responded was a much newer player than myself. So good luck if my HKO days ever get to see the light of day again.

High Priest & Dress-less Torsos

by Makiba Shourisha

High Priest. That has a nice ring to it. Delusions of godhood. But as High Priest in HKO (much thanks to my sister and the helpful players we meet every game time) I still panic when my HP drops dramatically whenever my sis takes me to really tough dungeons. She has to resu me or buff and tank. And mostly, I hide behind my pet Isis who looks way too indecent for me to post here. So, like a good speech, I’m showing pics that are big enough to cover the subject, and small enough to keep it interesting.

I had to hide Isis’ front (the pinkish snake-looking thing on the left) because this blog is supposed to be kid friendly. And the only existent armor in RO for her is a hat. Yeah, right, she needs to cover her hair, not her dress-less torso. Go figure.

That on the right I really had to cover. Too much exposure and my pet has no plans of entering showbiz. Though with the Sanrio bug in the Online Game Profile, what’s the point of covering those parts? I see my HKO character as a poor little topless girl, robbed of her modesty by a a machine. And I do NOT go around topless while playing HKO, virtually or otherwise!

Seriously, Sanrio Digital, there are kids here!!!

But I digress. I was cowering behind my pet right next to the portal. My sis told me to go through the portal whenever the monster was too close for comfort. I still died about thrice though. Why I’m attempting those levels is still a mystery to me.

Isis is quite a girl. She can perform when I ask her to, and she makes this girly flick of her hair. Presently, I returned her to the egg because we were getting beaten up pretty badly in those caves.

Too much violence. But still, a pet. And WORKING tools. I still miss HKO. *sob*

Cinnamoangel Me

by Makiba Shourisha

Despite hitting the sack at 4 AM, I was somehow up by 10. Of course my first activity is to browse Sanrio Town. Today, I chose the Cinnamoangel quiz and this is my result:


No surprises there. I should know at least enough about Japanese history - Asian literature is one of my fields of discipline.

Meanwhile, my sister’s still asleep. Probably still tired from helping me reach High Priest in the ungodly hours of dawn today.

I wish I knew any HKO RP GM so I could PM to have new tools. Lucid says I should PM any of them; the HKO NA works that way after the bug. As for HKO SEA, oh well.

Still Waiting

by Makiba Shourisha

scrapped spiral ax

HKO bug still in place. Exhibit A.

Missing HKO

by Makiba Shourisha

I miss playing HKO. I revisited my character and here’s a picture of her while waiting for the HKO bug to be fixed.

Schaud in HKO

Miraculous Survival

by Makiba Shourisha

High Acolyte with Poring HatLast night I played RO with my sis again. We were supposed to level up my character so I can be a High Priest but we had a change of plans. Her friends were on and we partied up to go one the Pouring Hat quest with the evil purple poring-esque boss Deviling. We go beaten up for about 15 times, died and died and died. They talked strategies, changed characters, invited random players beside us to join the party, screamed (all caps) instructions during battle, exchanged items…and all the while I was thinking, what on earth am I doing here? I’m the lowest level character, while they were all maximum level characters. I was the only character who had not, and cannot, transcend yet to the highest job. Therefore, I was the least useful guy in the party. The only buffs I could send them were heal, blessing, increase agi, and angelus - all of which were only possible whenever I could come close enough to them (or dared to). The guys kept resurrecting me and one another until on the nth try, I was surprised to see the Rachel NPC suddenly talk. I was too stunned to believe it was finally over!

We were all surprised ourselves, all jubilant, and all in possession of those cute poring hats. And I couldn’t get over the fact that I’m probably the only High Acolyte walking around with a Poring Hat - an earned one, not a given one - when the RO site says attempt this quest only when you’re level 200. And I’m only a 57!

marriage index

After all that carpal tunnel syndrome causing gaming, I took a breather and just looked around Sanrio Town more to relax my wrist and fingers. There was this quiz I took that pretty much sums up a near accurate picture of my views on the “M” word.

Now we’re watching How I Met Your Mother with that “M” word coming up like every 5 seconds, it freaks me out. If there’s any miraculous survival I know of, it’s people dying married to the same spouse.


HKO is the Best Medicine

by Makiba Shourisha

Yes! I got to do most, if not all, of today’s to-do list. I hauled most of my stuff back here and locked the rest in my closets. I got to crash the first party my sis had to attend, the double birthday-christening thing. After I dropped her off at the bar and grille where the second party was held, I went home to my place and did everything I had to do. Strip the bed of sheets and basically protect everything that may not see the light of day during and after the contractors arrive. Hopefully my mountain bike will be safe where it is now. Every time I pull off a long absence, upon my return, I always see my bike look like someone attempted to use it without my permission. Just like this afternoon.

I was disappointed, but not surprised, to see how my roomies feasted in my absence by using, misusing, and abusing my bed, lingerie, basin, and electric fan. Anyway, I’ve left them little to “play” with since I had to either pack or keep my stuff for the painting sched. Guess I won’t be helping her write her GPOA (general plan of action) for the coming elections then.

There had been fleeting - but numerous - moments  when I would remember the last person I had lost. I have hardly any talents, but remembering birthdays is one of them. Today happens to be the birthday of her husband. And I can’t help thinking in those fleeting but numerous moments how we used to plan our day so that she could sort of make it up to me before or after the day she had to go home early. But the yardstick of moving on is the speed at which you can shrug your shoulders and say, “It sucks, but I’m cool with it.”

There was hardly time to nurse sad memories anyway since most of our road time was spent looking for addresses and asking around. The cab driver (since the family driver wasn’t available) tried to extort additional payment from us over the meter (from me, actually, since he schemingly made his spiel while we were waiting for my sister to come out of the bar and grille) and he realized just how much of a city street life elite I was despite my looks. Poor Hagrid wasn’t so cocky anymore after I talked him down and promised him his cab company would be hearing from me even before I was out the door.

One of my best friends happened to be online, the one in a Qatar airline. I told her the news of my best friend’s baby and she said she wanted it too. Ugh! The “M” word scares me like crazy. I quickly disabused her of her romanticized version of married life. Oftentimes, the smartest women (she graduated cum laude from the country’s top university) are the stupidest in love.

Fortunately, Sanrio Town provides me that magical middle earth where I can be in touch with my inner child again and see love through rose colored glasses while hanging on to my sense of reality and full awareness of the possibility for horror contained within it. Like losing tools needed for quests. Ah, I’ve caught the HKO “bug” and now I’m so hooked on HKO I actually feel running around incomplete without it.

Blogging, reading forum posts, and checking mail will make good substitutes for now.

Rosie has replied to my email today about blog buttons and she suggests I make a post about it. Great idea, Rosie. It could help others who were as lost as I was when I started. A combination of asking, searching, and experimenting didn’t hurt.

But then.

I’ve had at three hypnic jerks within the last 30 minutes due to my sorry state of sleep last night. Or this dawn. Morning. Whatever.

So the blog button post will have to wait.

I know I should hit the sack, but my sister’s finally pain-free from her time of the month and we could go level up my character so I can finally be a High Priest in RO. I miss HKO terribly and really, really, REALLY wish I could get my tools back. Somebody please say the bug is fixed? My recent psychological malaise bordering on neurosis in the past couple of days is lifting too now that the green fume of doom overshadowing this house is dissipating slowly but surely. But I’m attributing the malaise to abrupt HKO withdrawal. I need an MMORPG quick fix to address the acute symptoms but the real cure will be to see my tools back and my character continuing the quests.

But as the philosopher Mick Jagger said, “You can’t always get what you want, and if you try sometime, you find you get what you need.”


All My Bags Aren’t Pack, I’m Not Ready To Go

by Makiba Shourisha

My landlady scheduled the contractors for a general cleaning and repainting of the whole house this April. All of us should pack stuff which wouldn’t fit in the closets and make ourselves scarce for a couple of weeks. At least until the smell of paint is gone.

However, as I am holed up here with my sister and too lazy to move my butt, I’m running out of time to get things done. I have a resolve to do it on Monday and I hope I could stick to my resolve. Provided RO and HKO won’t be too pretty I get distracted.

Ragnarok while Waiting for HKO

by Makiba Shourisha

Finally got the three maces my sister’s friend made for me, plus a special rare staff my sister personally upgraded to +7 for me, the Nemesis. Yey! We went to the Dungeons and she buffed and tanked me again as usual. This time we were with another friend of hers who’s in for the ride to level up too. Since my sister and I were both priests, we had to heal him. He’s a wizard a think, and Heal isn’t one of his skills. Something went wrong with our connection so we got disconnected from the server. We both disappeared from virtual reality. He died. Poor guy. At least he had some hope while my sister left for a time to chat with the GM since I could heal him even if I panicked a little. I got to exercise the alertness of my peripheral vision as well since I was checking the chat box for his messages as well.

If I could gather enough motivation to get back in there, I might reach the last transcending which is High Priest. By then, I hope the HKO server’s bug which ruined my tools will have been fixed. I’m not even sure I should try and hunt for pets since losing pets was part of the bug. I haven’t seen game updates yet though.

In the meantime, I could try attempting (yeah it’s redundant and twice removed from “doing”) to do some of the tasks I had listed in my To-Do list. Whenever I get to cross out some each day, it is replaced by more to-do’s.

Or, for once, I could try sleeping at 2 AM instead of the usual 5 AM. I might get to leave tomorrow to pick up stuff that will be exposed when the East is repainted this April.

Vacillate, vacillate, vacillate.

Gilmore Girls and Others to DVD Marathon

by Makiba Shourisha

It’s been weeks, no, months, now since we’ve started a DVD marathon of the complete Gilmore Girls. We are now finally halfway through Season 6! Yey!

Last week I watched House MD. I haven’t gotten to watching the most recent Naruto Shippuuden yet, but I hope to get to that before the week is out. That is, if Heroes Season 3 doesn’t distract me. ^_^

We’ve got the complete set of Ally McBeal too. I was still too young to appreciate the humor when it run on TV. Now I’m revisiting what I missed out on.

Then a few days ago, I watched some episodes of Sex and the City while trying to multi-task with blogging and writing in the forums here. Then before I knew it, How I Met Your Mother was playing. Just last night, while more asleep that awake, I saw some episodes of an anime about a girl gun-for-hire named Canaan. That was new to me; the only Canaan I know is from the Bible. I suppose the plot has something to do with the promised land or land of hope.

And now I’ll be taking much needed decongestants which will surely knock me out and bring me to Dreamland.

Missing MMORPGs

by Makiba Shourisha

RO Acolyte in Christmas Village LutieOnce upon a time, I spent good money on RPGs. I had to buy top-up cards for RO and spend countless nights playing. Not to mention money spent at internet shops back when we didn’t have DSL at home. Then it became RF. I was actually kind of proud of my character and took some screenshots. Then it became Tantra. Then a long hiatus, about a few years. Then late last year, World of Warcraft. And now I’ve come full circle and started RO again.

The pics have timestamps, and I’m surprised to realized that I was playing two hours shy of New Year’s Day. This was 6 years ago.

RO Acolyte and Snowman

RO Acolyte with Santa Claus

The RF pics are not so cute though. Rather, they are kind of hot! I didn’t get to play RF as long as I did RO so these are just low level weapons and armor.

RF Corite with Staff


RF Cora with Staff

RF Corite with Battle Ax

RF Cora with Battle Ax

RF Cora with Bastard Sword

RF Corite with Bastard Sword

My WoW pics are not in-game, just log in page character viewing. And I can’t access them yet. My sister’s so intent in playing Heroes of Newarth. When I return to playing HKO (provided the North America and Phillippines bugs are fixed) I’ll post some of my screenshots, too.  But then again, life caught up with me a few years ago; it might as well do so now. When the realities of life do not allow themselves to be forgotten, the alternate reality of the virtual world resentfully takes the backseat.

Killing Time and Monsters

by Makiba Shourisha

With the HKO server still with a bug, and my quests non-doable,  I revisited my RO and finally became High Acolyte from Priest. My sister and her very good friend helped me transcend the number of jobs and level up. He forged me a cool mace and my sister lent and/or gave me her items, just as she has done since I played RO. They both tanked and buffed me tonight (or is it this dawn?) all the while I was reaching for the next transcending.

But the tension of violent gaming is just too much for me. The last time I played it was several days ago. And now, I might have another week of hiatus. I hope the bug will be fixed soon. I miss the peaceful HKO environment.

Meanwhile, I’ve also started a new FB game. I get bored with an FB game when there are already too many players. It gets stale.

But I’m starting to get sleepy now. The househelp has woken up to prepare breakfast which is a signal that it’s time for me to return to my sarcophagus, to rejoin the night dwellers when the sun is in the west once more.

HKO Bug and Its Advantage

by Makiba Shourisha

my deskMy Spiral Axe and newbie ax have been scrapped for about a week now. Then, while doing the 20 Mulberry quest, my Clover Scissors gave up on me, too. Neither using scrapped tools nor using no tool at all allows for the quest to continue. I was stuck. I have learned the forging skills to make another set but God knows where and how to find the materials. I posted a help topic under HKO Game Time, replied to another user who had the same problem, and finally found the answer in another topic, HKO Bug. Apparently, there was an update that caused the bug in which tools were rendered useless, stats were decreased, Sun Bright Express trains were unavailable, and - horror of horrors - pets disappeared. Whoa, it was worse than I thought! I couldn’t imagine losing a pet that took so long to hunt. This is true for both Philippines and North America servers. Hopefully, this bug will be fixed soon. My summer vacation days are numbered. I’m just on a short break from school and will have to go back soon after the Lenten season for college entrance test reviews and advancement summer programs.

Oh dear, and there is still a pile of stuff to do! Better stop procrastinating, STAT!

Looking it at the bright side, I can use this HKO downtime to really get my act together and strive to cross out most, if not all, of the tasks I have written in my To-Do list. If there were ever a worst time to procrastinate, it would be now.

Frustrating Faucet

by Makiba Shourisha

Faucet didn’t want to shut up. I turned it once, and out came a half-screw. I turned it twice, and out came the remains of the washer. 0_o

When panic with the never-ending water flow started to kick in, I finally called Ate who in turn woke them up.

We had to trace the length of the pipe a number of yards away so we could turn off the water source. Which was outdoors. Good thing most neighbors are now asleep, it being Monday tomorrow.

And now the whole house is in an emergency state of El Niño.

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