• June 2011
    M T W T F S S

Nintendo DS game and a daim biscuit

by lainchan:kuririnmail.com

I tried to find a game for my Nintendo DS today in the city, but I didn’t… why not? I found a really cute game, but it wasn’t really my style though. But it was very cheap… anyways I didn’t buy it, so right now I’m kind of sad that I didn’t find a game (haha, childish or what?)…

Today I have done a lot of things… I don’t know where to start. We had hamburgers for lunch and a really good biscuit with daim in it later, it was delicious! It’s my favourite. It’s not like I’m exhausted or anything, I’m actually kind of bored (beacuse Em isn’t online…). Anyways. I’ll write more tomorrow. Like I said I’ll be busy all week with different things, wich means that I probably have something to write about each day!

/ Lain

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