• June 2011
    M T W T F S S

Finally I can write again!

by lainchan:kuririnmail.com

I tried so hard to get to my blog to write yesterday, but it just wouldn’t work! I got to my blog over and over again… but now I’m finally here again, writing. Yesterday I didn’t do anything special, I lvled at wlo… but I didn’t finished VK Guilty. I have to do that soon! I’ll probably do it after writing this.

There is like totally nothing to do at all. It’s Extreme homemakeover on the TV right now, but it’s kind of boring if you ask me… and I actually don’t know what to write here. I’m fixing with my new email (a gmail), it’s going pretty good… guess I should just watch some VK now, I’ll write more later. By the way, today I’m having dinner at grandmas, and tomorrow I’ll be so busy, the whole next week.

 / Lain

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