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About me

Posted on Jun, 21, 2011

Since I’m new here to sanriotown, maybe I should try to introduce myself. I’m 14 years old, and I don’t live in an english-speaking country (I don’t know why that matters, anyways just wanted to let you know, maybe an excuse for not spelling correctly at all times). I love to roleplay, writing, reading and watching anime. And ofcourse reading manga, even though I haven’t done that much lately… at the library here, there isn’t that many mangas and I’ve already read pretty much of them. But ofcourse you can read online, I’m currently reading Black Butler (well, I’m trying to, I’m pretty slow).

Anyways! Now it’s summer and  I’m really happy that it finally is. I go up early in the mornings (damn, I don’t like that!), and I quit “school” at 3.00pm. It’s not a school, it’s a place I go to with other “kids” (like 10-20 years old) and spend time, I don’t know what that’s called… anyways it’s fun and I really enjoy it. Now I’m going to watch TV, I’ll write more tomorrow.

 / Lain.

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  1. Yay! Welcome to Sanriotown! :D
    I just started reading the Black Butler too, but I’ve been too lazy to continue reading it. Hopefully you have fun blogging. xD

  2. Thank you! ^^ Yes, I really hope I get time to finish it sometime, right now I don’t really have time for it…

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