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Hola people! Kirby here! The author has this “Avenger Girl” fever, so she’s leaving me in charge of today’s post. Here’s the topic for today’s post……

KRtDL Box art.png

Yes…I know it’s about me, but this is one of my games coming out this fall that Lauren is most excited about. This will come out Oct. 24, which is less than two months from now. Now, from the my Wiki site, here’s the story (Directly from the site):

King Dedede and Waddle Dee are chasing Kirby, who is holding a large piece of cake resembling his Strawberry Shortcake from Kirby: Squeak Squad. They run past Meta Knight, who is lounging and reading a book under the sun by a large piece of rock on a grassy knoll. Suddenly, the sky flashes brightly and a five-pointed star-shaped portal reminiscent of Dark Nebula opens in the sky, and a crystalline, galleon-shaped, futuristic airship with an unfamiliar insignia pops out, trailing smoke and spilling pieces of gears everywhere. Moments after, the ship falls apart - first two banks of oars, then wings at its aft, then its engines and a piece of its bow, and finally its top mast. What’s left of the hull crashes nearby, and the four heroes run off to investigate (Kirby abandons his dropped cake).

They reach the crash site and find the ship’s hull mostly intact. Then its door opens. Kirby peers intently inside.

The heroes wander into the ship’s shiny interior and find themselves right inside the ship’s cockpit, but it’s in shambles after the crash. A lone alien lies on its side, unconscious in front of a large screen flashing a warning sign.

The alien wakes up and immediately runs to the control panel, and a look of despair comes over him. The screen shows all 120 pieces of gears missing, and all five parts of the ship’s hull had been scattered to the five corners of Pop Star.

Kirby offers to help, and the rest join in. The four heroes run off the ship while the alien stays behind on the ship to do repairs. What caused the ship to crash in the first place?

Okay, so the story does not involve saving Dreamland (At least, not yet), but what makes it awsome, according to Lauren, is this……

Ultra Sword

It’s one of those Super Abilities that are stronger than normal abilities. This one is Ultra Sword and it’s the most well-known so far. There is more, but you need to play it to find out. Another feature is the new Abilities, which are Leaf, Whip, and Water. Water makes its game debut and was featured in my anime. So, make sure you can keep an eye on it.

And, in other related matters, my DS game Kirby’s Mass Attack is going to be released September 19th, but Lauren is still debating on whether she’s getting it too or not.

Before I leave, I would like to tell you about how I am doing.

Back in Sanriotown, I am readapting back to my normal life after becoming Gamma Scout Kirby for so long. I returned to eating and sleeping and I don’t have anymore anger bursts. Yes. It’s good to be back to normal for once. I just feel bad for Fantastic and Lauren for not having fun with their Scout abilities. But hey. Fantastic returned back to crime fighting and the author, Lauren, well….She’s now writing a comic book called “The Avenger Girls”, whatever that is.

So, that’s about it for now.

See you later!

P.S: Did you notice that the Wii game got the E10+ rating instead of E? Maybe it’s more violent on the Wii than with the DS or something. O_O

Kirby’s Epic Yarn: The Complete Journey

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hello everyone! Today, I accomplished something big in the video game world……After 9 months……I FINALLY FINISHED KIRBY’S EPIC YARN!!! YAHOO!!! I’ve never felt this good in a while….since I’ve been holding it off due to my laziness. I want to accomplish defeating the final boss by starting from scratch….Not restarting the game, but to go back to square one. With the help of Fantastic and friends, we are able to make a progression diary of our adventures in each of the lands.

Grass Land:

Jessica hogged the controls, since I don’t have a second remote for multi-player. She seemed to like the land because it reminded her of the Peace South Region back in Sanriotown.

Jessica: *On the Weird Woods Level* That’s funny. This sounds like Bizzare Woods. Eh…..Ah ha! I got the telescope before the baddies decide to get me! Who’s the pro now, boys?

This is the first time she ever played the game, but learns about the basics pretty quickly.

I managed to get back the controls to fight the land’s boss, which is a piece of cake, since I’ve done it before.

Hot Land:

This time, Johnny hogged the remote from Pyramid Sands to Lava Landing, since he loves the Off-Roader transformation and anything fire related.

Johnny: *On Pyramid Sands* Whoo! I’m really burnin’ rubber against those guys…..come on! YAY! I WON THE RACE!!

Fantastic: Oh brother! Is it my turn yet?

Fantastic managed to get the remote for the remaining areas of the land and then, let Kirby herself fight the boss and complete the land.

Treat Land:

Fantastic. Jolt, and Kirby both took turns as I played at Mushroom Run and, my favorite area in the game, Dark Manor. I kinda like the place, ’cause it looks like Halloween and reminds me of Kuromi and the Lloromannic. However, during the Sweet Park and Cocoa Station areas, we were met with some certain company.

Latte: *While Kirby was at the Sweet Park area* Hey Jolt! I came by to….*Drools at the sights of the deliciousness of the course* SWEETS!!! YIPPEE!!! GIMME GIMME!!

Me: *Pulled Latte away from the TV* No Latte! You can’t have these! These are from a game and Kirby here is trying to concentrate! One wrong move and she’ll plumet to her doom!

Latte: I can’t! They look soooo good! And that cake….I wanna eat it!

Me: Go away!


Latte: *While Fantastic was at the Cocoa Station area* Is that what I think it is? *Whistles to the other members of the CLC* HEY EVERYBODY!! LOOK WHAT’S ON THE SCREEN!!!


Me: Oh no! *To Bruce* Gammy! Do something!

Bruce: I’m on it! * To the CLC* I’m sorry, you guys….but you must ask you to leave! You’ll get the chocolate later.

CLC: Okay!

After that, I let Michael defeat the land’s boss and I’m impressed by how much talent he has under his sleeves…Ya’ know? How he uses the boss’s attacks to fight back and stuff? Anyhoo! Moving on…

Water Land:

For this land, most of the work done here is by my dear Ioan, since his stretchy powers are like the nature of water. Bruce gets to complete the Deep Dive-Deep area. *Sighs* Do you get to see him while he plays video games? He completes it with precision, timing, and a flawless performance. At the Boom Boatyard level, Jolt tried it, but messed it up, so I took over and restarted the area by doing the only thing I can…..

Me: *To Jolt* Watch me, Jolt! This is how the area SHOULD be completed. ‘Ya gotta complete it by being a real pirate! Take in as many “Loot” as you can and defeat the rival ship’s captian.

Jolt: *Frustration Cloud* Gee! Thanks!

So…As a way to cheer him up, I let him defeat the land’s boss with no trouble at all.

Snow Land:

For the most part, Michael did most of the work since he lives in a same climate of the land. And, luckily for me, Johnny gave me pointers on how to achieve a Gold Medal in Frigid Fjords (The most difficult area to get a Gold Medal).  Thanks to him, I achieved it. During Evergreen Lift, we joked on its seasonal theme on the concept of “Christmas in July”. It was kinda fun and..FYI…. Jessica was the one to defeat the land’s boss.

Space Land:

OMIGOODYNESS!! IT WAS AWSOME!!! I LOVE IT!! It reminded me of Fantastic and her team, so that’s why it’s my favorite land. It was so fun, that everyone gets to play a role at EACH AREA!! The only thing that was a struggle was defeating the boss. I mean…That battle is the hardest to mantain a Gold Medal status, but overall…it was epic.

Dream Land:

At last! We made it to the final area to pick up where I last left off. Once again, everyone had a role and when we made it to the final boss, I knew that my training of using the Transformation will pay off and it did! However, it was tough at the first half of the epic battle, but then, when it was time to use the Tankbot Transformation, it got so much easier. In about a minute or so, I finally defeated the boss and ended the game. The ending, by the way, was pretty straight foreward. And….Here’s a bonus, since I’ve earned enough beads to access extra areas, we decided to complete those too and then…we are done! Now I just need to obtain more fabrics by playing games, if I know how to accomplish them.

So, there you have it! It was one epic ride and we worked together to make it through.

Kirby: Oh boy! That was alot of fun, wasn’t it?

It sure buddy! It sure was!

Kirby: Hey! I have a spontanious idea! Why don’t we make pictures using U-Draw tomorrow?

Great idea, pal! Then, I can get to post what the others have created!

Well, that’s all I have to post. If you have ideas for Episode 18, let me know!


P.S: Blog Lockout Update- I recieved a letter from support that they are now investigating on the issue and are slowly fixing the problem, which is why I have no trouble posting and editing today. ;)


Fantastic here. I wanna let Lauren have a turn at the blog post today, but she’s too upset to write about it. You wanna know why? Well, take a listen. *Unveils Lauren’s house*


Eh….Apparently, she has a hard time studying for the finals in class because of the other students’ chating to each other and teachers.http://www.emocutez.com

Lauren: *Intimidating the students* Eh…Look at me! I’m a hyper happy-go-lucky teenager. I prefer to not do anything than to study. And…and…’YA STUPID, STUPID IDIOTS!!!

Lauren’s Wrath

Woah…..I’ve never seen her so angry about interference of her studies. And…Wait a minute!http://www.emocutez.comIs those eyes of hers……green?! Who put that there?

Gamma Jewel: Guess who?


Gamma Jewel: Yes! It is I, Gamma Jewel, was the one with the green eyes.


Gamma Jewel: Didn’t you hear how upset she is?

*Sweatdrop* Oh…Alright….I get it.

Anyhoooo…..On to the “Kirby’s News” matter (We haven’t done this for ages!)

Ok…So there’s this E3 Gaming Convention thingy that started today and I was searching for any upcoming games I would want when I saw….THESE!!

2 NEW KIRBY GAMES!! YAY!!!http://www.emocutez.com

Kirby: At last! After so many years, Kirby Wii is finally completed and is ready to be released this fall!

I know buddy! Isn’t it great!? But wait….Which one of the games should we play?

Kirby: Maybe the one that gets to us quicker.

But what? The DS game Kirby: Mass Attack is gonna be out Sep.19th and I’m not sure about the Wii one.

Kirby: Are you gonna play with both games?

Maybe, but the Wii one looks cooler.

So, there you have it. New Kirby games. I’ll keep in touch with them as data becomes avalidable.

Well, we’re off for now!


P.S: What do you think of these Emoticons that I have found?

Snowstorm Ramblings

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hello! I’m searching for ideas on Section 26 and won’t be posting it anytime soon. So, anyways, where I live, there’s gonna be a MONSTER snowstorm and there is actually a chance that tommorow will be a snow day from school. To tell you the truth, we never had a snow day for a looong time, so I hop it will be bad enough so I can spend more time online!

In other news…….

I checked out Kirby Wika. Com today (I haven’t been there in a month) and there’s a new video and……

Kirby: Could this be? :o

Yeah, a possible revival Kirby Wii game that has been canceled previously? Is there still hope to that game? If you go to the website, you see that clip.

Kirby: EEEE!! I hope that trailer was true! :D

Ok….well, that was awkard. -_-

Well, I gotta go! But first,

Kirby’s Snow Day

I drew a picture of Kirby’s idea of a snow day.

Kirby: And that’s smashing people with snowballs! *Snickers*

Not cool…..-_-

More to come! See ‘ya!

Melody’s Joyous Diary: New Lands! :3

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Dear Diary,

       Today during our geography lesson, our teacher told us that the front side and back side of our world are connected by two strips of land, each from different sides. They have 4 extra regions called Banana Up, Chocolate Down, Strawberry Side, and Vanilla Side (Two sides for twice the fun! :D) They also told us that there are new landscapes from all over the world: Cardoon Garden, Burdock Fields, Rutabaga Falls, Breadfruit Vines, Watercress Hole, Radicchio Woods, Waldorf Desert, Menudo Volcano, Mechado Cave, Gumbo Jungle, Chutney Temple, Hoisin Dunes, Praline Tracks, Buko Road, Dobos Park, Mochi Town, Macaroon Station, Devil Manor, Guava Beach, Pawpaw Ocean, Dragonfruit Island, Lychee Ruins, Clove Deep, Burmese boatyard, Ginkgo Reef, Cappellini Fields, Farfalle Inn, Mt. Fiori, Rotini Wheel, Orzo Fjords, Ragu Lift, Juniper City, Marzipan Town, Gouda Base, Crowberry Village, Chibi Central……*Whew* That’s alot of lands!

I think my brain is scrambled from all that knowledge! I think I better rest for now! I also heard from Kirby today that Lauren will make a future long story on a quest to journey throughout the entire world to save it and needs your help on a adventure that has to be big and focuses on Kitty herself. Any suggestions, please contact her ASAP. It has to be epic and interests Lauren.

Ok? Thankys! So long! Tee hee! :D

*P.S*-All the new locations are named after food! Details about this later!

Kirby’s Pink Puffy Diario: Behind The Yarn

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hola, hombres! (Hello people!)

What’s going on in Sanriotown? Everybody claims that a hybrid that looks like Konmi named Drenmi is on the loose! But, right now, I’m focused on my Epic Yarn game coming out this Sunday. The website is already up and…..I finally have the story to the game! Here’s how the game begins, according to the narrator from the video:

Welcome to Dream Land, a kingdom famous for peace and quiet. It’s the perfect little land….If you like that sort of thing. Lately, there have been rumors of a caped sorcerer going around turning people into yarn! That’s right….yarn.

One day, I saw my favorite food, a bright red tomato, on top of a bush.

Me: Down to hatch!

But when I tried to eat it, a caped sorcerer appeared! “My name is…. Hey! What are you doing? Stop that! No! That’s my magic Metamato!”

I gulped the Metamato right down! Just then, a white sock around the sorcerer’s neck began to glow….Then it sucked me up!


Me: This grass feels funny. It feels like…pants.

And to my surprise…I saw that my entire body was made out of yarn! Then, I saw a yarn monster chasing a blue yarn boy!

Somebody help me!

I tried to swallow the monster up, but the air went through my body! I wondered what I should do…..

Suddenly, I transformed into a car! I drove away with the boy and left the monster behind to eat his dust! Apparently, that strange Metamato gave me the power to seemlessly transform into a car and….who knows what else?

So, there you have it! I better get right on to this Drenmi mystery! See you later, my diary! Adios!

Freedom Bakers!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hola! Kirby here! Lauren was too busy with her studies (Especially Math because’s she failing it! X_X) so I’m assigned to give you a heads up on Lauren’s newest story, Freedom Bakers. She said that it is her version on a book she’s going to read, Freedom Writers. It’s about a high school English teacher that has to teach troubled students with violent pasts. By reaching them with the Holocaust event during WWII, students change for the better. They also write in their own journals to explain their lives.

Freedom Bakers will be a Sanrio version of it. It will be about the Sugarbunnies and their friends leaving Bunnyland, ordered by the Queen Bunnies, to escape from a earthquake disaster that threatens to rip the town apart. With magic with them, they begin to create dishes and sweets that reminded them of the earthquake. That’s all what I’m about to tell you for now. Any more and I’ll give away spoilers! XD

Before I go, I also wanted to tell you that Lauren will not be online as much due to school and math woes. But, she’s currently editing Fantastic’s story and possibly more where that came from. Thanks a lot! Adios!

P.S: The story will be for Bernie (brb1006)

I’m Back Everyone!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hey everyone! I’m finally back from my month-long break! While I was away, the Sugarbunnies had been hosting here as a request for Bernie. And, since Kirby is out today, I’ll be doing the news today.

First in order, I’m gonna be making another long story. This time, a request from Bernie. His request was about Mocha delivering him a birthday present. I’m currently brain-storming and came up with the plot and title.

Mocha’s Special Delivery: It was almost time for Bernie’s birthday party and Mocha had finished a present for him for that occasion. Unfortunely, it wouldn’t be as easy as she thought. Not only she has to find Bernie’s house, she also has to keep the gift away from people who are pretty nosy about what’s inside it. Will she get to Bernie’s house without anyone else finding out about the gift?

It will be at least 4 posts long and expect it to be completed by the time I return to class.

Finally, there will a long story limit policy after the last exhausting long story. It must be no shorter than 4 parts and no longer than 13 parts, unless it’s a request.

Well, that’s about it in order. Stay tuned for more!

Kirby: Hey! What gives you the right to host my news?

I’m the owner of this blog, which means I’m the boss! Besides, I’ve haven’t been here since July!

Kirby: That all the excuse? *Charges after me*

I gotta go! See y’all later!

Latest News

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Sugarbunnies and Kirby back here with the latest news that we are going to report together.

  • The release date for Kirby’s Epic Yarn is now in full detail. It will be released on October 17th, while the other game Pokepark: Pikachu’s Adventure will be released on November 1st.
  • As a personal note, we’ll improve pages in this blog, including fixing broken pictures, adding stuff, and possibly adding pages of Sanrio Characters.
  • As for the Cinnamon Story Remix goes, it is announced that it will be at least 8 to 13 chapters, which is long and the chapters themselves will get longer as the story progresses.

That’s about it for now! Stay tuned for these and other things coming soon!

P.S: Lauren will be heading back to school on September 8th, 3 weeks from now.

Cinnamon’s Movie: Remixed (What’s Remixed?)

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Sugarbunnies back here again!

Kirby: And Kirby too!

We’re here to tell you about what could possibly be the biggest story of the summer! Kirby, would you mind telling about the details of the next long story?

Kirby: With pleasure! The owner of this blog, Lauren, hasn’t hosted it for a while, not just because it was a request for Bernie (aka brb1006) for his birthday, but also because he’s been posting parts of Cinnamon’s movie that’s only for Japan, Cinnamon: The Movie. Lauren mentioned that the movie was so fantastic that she wanted to make her own version of the movie. It might take some research of the movie for the names and full plot. You see, the only problem with the movie is that it’s in Japanese, which Lauren can’t understand.

Interesting! So, which parts is she going to “remix” and which ones will remain the same as the movie?

Kirby: Let’s see…..it’s still classified for the “Non-remix” parts, but I will tell you which ones will be remixed. Here’s a list of remixes she planned out:

  1. The Beginning of Cinnamon overall: Lauren plans to make a revisit of the movie of some sort.
  2. New Lands and dangers to explore and escape: Lauren wanted to put more action and horror into it. She’s more of a Horror and Action person.
  3. Familar Characters: Some of the characters that will be added to the lineup include the Sugarbunnies, Kitty and Mimmy, and yours truely Kirby myself. More characters are secret at this point.
  4. Shocking Twist: This version of the movies is said that there will be a shocking twist to the true villian of this movie, which is, again, classified.
  5. More Human Characters: Along with the Cafe owner, some more humans will be added, including Pauline, Bernie, and even the owner herself, Lauren.

Wow! The humans will appear? What about Bernie?

Kirby: As a special birthday present, Lauren will make Bernie play an important role to the plot. Trust me, he does!

Cool! Final question…..how long will the story be?

Kirby: Well, it depends on the time Lauren has to complete it, with all the needed actions required. It may take from 4 parts to even 10 parts.

Alright then. That’s about it from now! Tune in to the story which will start somewhere next week! Until then, see you later……

Kirby: Senor Sugarbunnies, I think you got a letter from Lauren. And, it’s a stern one too!

Why is that? *Reads the letter*

Grrrrr! I saw you putting pink fonts in there! How many times I have to tell you that I…HATE….PINK!!!! Just because I’m not around, doesn’t mean you get to put whatever color fonts you want! DON’T DO IT AGAIN!!!

*Sigh* Oh well! Now we know why there isn’t any pink fonts in this blog. Anyway, good bye!

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