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Lauren will return on Feb. 10

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hi gang! It’s Fantastic. Sorry for all the delays. Lauren’s still busy with her game, she’s trying to get adjusted to her new computer and has found an art program to draw (Hopefully, it will work), and classes. But never fear! She will return with a fresh batch of stories to tell Sunday.

In the meantime, here’s what happening with me.


I have grown in a major interest in the anime Elfin Lied. Especially the fights and the mutants themselves! Devilishly epic! Here’s a little doodle of Nyu and her alter ego, Lucy!

Well, back to anime watching!

See ‘ya real soon!

P.S: Do you think Lauren would notice that I drew on her parents’ computer?

Lauren: I already have.


I Have Returned….From Vacation!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hi y’all! Well, here I am safe and sound from Christmas Vacation. I’m taking three more online classes for college (oh, joy!) and my Spring Semester is this Thursday. And yes, I am still addicted to the game I mentioned on my previous post, Animal Crossing: City Folk. However, I will find time to post stuff here, so you’ll never have to wait again. Major promise.


Uh oh. It’s Black Swan.

Black Swan: *Throws money at me* The deal’s off, Lauren! I can’t another bite of that slop.

She’s refering to the Food Paradise Tour.

Black Swan: Every night and day, we go and eat unhealthy garbage! Splice Dren had to go to the doctor’s…..TWICE!!!! For overeating. In fact, almost everyone is getting sick because of your stupid tour! We’re calling it off!

Doctress Sight: But we never got to the bacon part!

Black Swan: Well, TOO BAD!! We’re ending this….NOW!!! *Hitmark*

Ok, folks. I can explain. The deal was that I paid the Avenger Girls to eat at destinations, so they can help me find my Cooking Career path. Apparently, it somewhat backfired and now the tour is cancelled. Sorry folks, but overeating is a serious problem (For once, I agreed with her). Besides, I have other projects to think about.

So anyways, I’ll keep in touch with ‘ya. Wish me luck!

See ‘ya!

Almost Vacation Time!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hi guys! Here’s the word on what’s happening to me.

If my work ethic keeps up (Which is usually inactive), Tuesday will be the day I am on Christmas Vacation. I will remain on vacation until Jan. 24. During that time, I’ll get a lot of work to the blog done. I won’t disclose the Christmas Themed adventures, so you’ll have to stay tuned!

If I can only reach that deadline with my English Project and Culinary Project.

Fantastic: She’ll never make it! Hehehehehe!

I heard that! So, that’s it for now. I really need to reorganize my stuff.

I’ll post Donut of the AG food tour tomorrow.

See ‘ya!

Cosmic Domination!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Helllooo! Fantastic here!

Well, we know the day is coming……..Today’s my Birthday! And to celebrate it, I will take over this blog for a whole month. Meanwhile, Lauren will be busy…..uh……studying. She’s got this new Puzzle game called Crosswords Plus and has grown a bit too addicted to it, much as the same as she’s too addicted to TV, Games, Anime, etc……to show up to her blog.

Lauren: *Playing the game* Fufufufufufufu! I think I see some Comic Book References in this game! *Fangirl Mode* Hahahahahahaha! XD

-_- Yeah, a not good quality for an author like her. Lazy, Lazy, Lazy. But hey, don’t blame me! That’s just my opinion.

Anyways, I’ll try to update the blog daily, so you’ll never miss a thing.

So, keep it right here as I will post Chapter 30 tomorrow!

See y’all later!

P.S: If any of the audiences are lay, I would like to apologize for any insults hittin’ ya. I can’t change who you are.  Hehehehe! ^_^0

Introducing: Violet Lillipup

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hello there! Remember from last post that there’s a new Avenger Girl coming? Well, for today, you’ll find out more about her.

Violet Lillipup/Doctress Sight

Name: Violet Lillipup (AKA Doctress Sight)

Age: 14

Birthday: Sept. 9

Sign: Virgo

Species: Android (Human/Robot hybrid)

Source of powers: Some of her body parts are converted into a robots’ after a freak accident

Character Item: Bacon


+ Transparency (She can become transparent to avoid damage)

+ Laser projections from her hands

+ Super Vision

+ Super Hearing

+ Can detect anything with her eyes, even the codings of one’s DNA

+ Telekinesis from the diamond mark on her forehead

+ Super Strength

+ Super Speed

+ Empathy (Unlocks one’s heart with her own and access their memories)


She was a normal girl with an remarkable IQ of 220 (Which allowed her to skip High School after graduation) until the arrival of her thirteenth birthday when her genius parents decided to celebrate with homemade fireworks (Which are actually nuclear weapons) and the instability of the firecrackers caused an explosion that almost killed her. Somehow, she survived but not without a heart. The explosion was so strong, it destroyed most of her organs, bones, muscles, and her eyes, leaving her blind for a while.

Fearing for the worst, her parents abandoned her inside a nearby forest (So that she could die in a peaceful place). She was in a coma at that time and it lasted for two weeks until she woke up to find an Emolga (Emilio) with a heart that later revealed to be her missing heart. She quickly became friends with the Pokemon, who turned out to be Emilio Emolga, and asks him what has happened. He explains that for some odd reason, while she was in a coma, she went on a rampage. That’s because, as Emilio once said, “Without a heart, you have become heartless and cruel”. The next thing she wanted was to return, but when she returned, her family was destroying her belongings and taking their ashes to the forest (They think that she died.)

Heartbroken, she ran away from home when she bumped into Lorenzo Lillipup, who was a rookie at IPDA at the time. After explaining to him about her, he took her to the IPDA Laboratory, where they repaired her fragile body with replacements of the eyes, upper arms and legs, stomach, and even ears (Which explains her robotic ears). Before completion, her forehead was engraved in a diamond and, with the direction of Emilio (Who followed her), modified her heart to give her endurance and increased empathy. The result was an android with a heart of a superhuman. Now, at 14, she yearns to be in the Avenger Girls squad to prove to her family that she is still alive. She currently lives with Lorenzo until she can join them.

So, before I go, here’s why I chose Bacon as her character item:

After the android transformation by IPDA agents, she developed a craving for Bacon, so after her first scent since the accident (It was disabled at that time), she became addicted to it because of its scent. She can eat up to 100 pounds of bacon a day, but does eat like the others.

Keep your eyes on her, okay? ;)

See ya’!

Story Plans for this Fall

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hey guys! I finally settled in to my new house and recieved internet now! Yays! And…..*Groans* Fantastic and the rest of the CLC did throw me a party….WITH A CHOCOLATE BAR!!!


Well…Anyways, about KSU, since typing up to chapter 50 might be too “out of reach” I decided to finish it with only 35 chapters (That’s 5 more than KSW).

Also, during the move, I decided to create plans for stories this fall. And the biggest ones are birthdays. Next month, alongside with my birthday story to celebrate my 19th birthday, I’ll be writing Kirby’s too. Not her real birthday (Nov. 14), but did you know that this year marks 20 years of Kirby games? So, it’s basically an anniversary story. (Happy 20th birthday Kirby!)

Kirby: But I’m not 20 years old! I’m not old!


For the Avenger Girls stories, guess what? I might plan to release another new member of the team, but unlike the other members, this one will be an android named Violet Lillipup (And yes, she is related to Lorenzo Lillipup, but I’ll explain it later) who wants to join the team because being human like them will help her be “perfect”. I won’t say much else about her ’till later, but I will tell you that her character item will be bacon. Yeah, that’s right. Bacon.

Kirby: *Drools* Mmm…Bacon. Makes me wanna eat it.

Plus, there will be a series of stories around them called “Food Paradise”, as each of them travel around the country searching for their favorite food.

Plus, Long Story Halloween Specials and much much more! So, keep your eyes peeled for these in the coming months.

That’s all for now!

See ‘ya!

P.S: Did I mention we had a Move-In party?

VC Page Now Open/More AG Costumes

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hey guys! At long last, The Vocaloid City Page is now posted and ready for viewing. It took me a long time, but when page editing finally became easier, it is finally completed! As a little bonus, I created more costumes for the Avenger Girls, most of them are outfits suitable for a Vocaloid Song.

Ms. Fantastic:


Cosmic Explorer (Similar to my Alter-Ego’s costume)


Chocolateer Scout (Inspired by Miku Hatsune’s song “Sugar Chocolate Waffle”)


Bogeywomen (Inspired by Miku Hatsune’s song “Nightmare Partynight”)


Hawaiian Vacation


Inspiring Scientist (Inspired by Miku Hatsune’s song “Goodbye of the Physicist” and is her “Water” look’s alternative)


Classic Beast (Additional outfit for her “Earth” look)


Earthy Creature


Hot Shot (Alternative outfit for her “Fire” look)


Amazing Yandere


Invincible Avenger

Speedy Volta:


Magi Charmer


Mighty Avenger


Playhouse- Loyal Puppy

Gamma Jewel and Emilio:


Royal Housecat (Gamma Jewel)

Alley Tomcat (Emilio)

Inspired by Len Kagamine and Gumi’s song “Ah, It’s a Wonderful Cat Life!”


Goliath Nation


Incredible Avenger




Miracle Worker (Inspired by Rin Kagamine’s song “Kokoro”)


Playgirl Mansion- Playgirl Bunny


Shy Loner (Inspired by Luka Megurine’s song “Toeto”)


Winter Artist


Gray Professor (Inspired by Haku and Neru’s song “Just Work NEET!”)


Love Master


Maid Princess (Carrie)


Retro (Carrie)

Black Swan:


Bird Love


Ghostly Fighter


Patriotic Avenger


Starry Dreamer


Twins-Black (Inspired by Rin and Len Kagamine’s song “Gemini”)

Ladybug Ant:


Astonishing Avenger


Living Dead


Modern Disco

Wasp Hornet:


Blaster Leader


Cute Avenger


Psycho Bride-To-Be (Inspired by Gumi’s song “Sweet Shackles”)


Twins-Yellow (Inspired by Rin and Len Kagamine’s song “Gemini”)

Splice Dren:


Business Worker (Inspired by Haku and Neru’s song “Just Work NEET!”)


Curious Astronaut


Love Nurse-Black (Inspired by Miku Hatsune’s song “Love Ward”)


Love Nurse-Green (Sil)


Love Nurse-Red (Eve)


Love Nurse-Blue (Sarah)


Love Nurse-Yellow (Miranda)


Playgirl Mansion-Foxy Lady


Seductive Avenger


Slasher Voicebox

Demon Witch:


Humble BFF (Inspired by Gumi’s song “My Crush Was A Monster Boy”)


Madame Mischief


Psychopathic Florist (Inspired by Rin Kagamine’s song “Fear Garden”)


Vallent Avenger

Metamorpha Kitty:


Classical Catgirl (Inspired by Hello Kitty)


Cool Kat


Marvelous Avenger


Playhouse-Cute Cat

So, that’s all for now. I’m working on Chapter 14 for Kitty’s Sanriotown Universe and at this rate, it should be completed by the end of the summer.

See ‘ya!


The “Cat Avatar” of some of the Avengers line is based on that picture on one of Bruce’s Birthday posts. Here are the names of the avatars that I made up

Ladybug Ant- Ant Mew

Wasp Hornet- Mewasp

Metamorpha Kitty- Ms. Marpurr

+ If the Vocaloid songs I brought up are unfamilar to you, I suggest you look them up and see for yourself!

Math Test Complete!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hey guys! I finally finished the Math Finals and all of my finals too! Yay! The boot camp Fantastic setted up was totally worth it! Now, I can begin writing Kitty’s Sanriotown Universe. To tell ‘ya the truth, I was going to post the first chapter up, but my stupid computer won’t let me. -_- Oh well, at least math’s done and I was easier than I thought, especially at the end.

The last question was a snap and….

Fantastic: Ok ok. I think people have gotten the message. Don’t shove it to their faces.

Ok. So, I’ll get that first chapter up as soon as possible!

Until then, see ‘ya!

P.S: Did I mention that I had extra help from Espresso for studying for the test? He’s so nice…..*Hearts*

Fantastic: Oh…..Look at the time! Time to end the post before some unsuspecting fangirl gets mad for using Espresso. See ‘ya!


by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Howdy folks! First thing I’m gonna say is…..

YAHOO!! YEEHAW!! YIPPEE!! I’M OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL FOREVER!! Really, I am (Senior here). All I gotta do now is to take Physics and *Cues dramatic music* Math. *Shivers* Wonder how I’m gonna do well with those. Plus, my graduation is next Friday night, so wish me luck!

And don’t worry about me with my adoring blog. I would never leave it. I’ll still try to get Kitty’s Sanriotown Universe finished over the summer.

Speaking of which, more details about it arose today from myself, obviously.

+ First, I will split the epic crossover into three sections: World, Galaxy, and Universe and…….

Mimmy: *Ahem* Not to rain on your parade, but fifty is not a multiple of 3. It’s an odd number.

Oh, what do you know! I know my multiples! Eh…..50 divided by 3 is 16….*Sweatdrops* Okay point taken.

Mimmy: How about four sections? It’s an even number and four IS your favorite number, right?

*Nods happily* Yeah yeah yeah! Let’s see now……50 divided by 4 is 12. 5. Awww!

How about two? One on the world and one for the galaxy?

Hmmm…..25 divided by 2 is 25. Yep! That might work. Thanks.

Mimmy: Just trying to help.

So, it will be divided into two sections: World and Galaxy. Each with chapters.

+ Bernie mentioned that Cavity, a villain from Fluffy Fluffy Cinnamon, could play a role in the plot. So, I’ll introduce you to him in the story.

+ Since there’s too many people to be put into one, I’ll divide them into groups, so that none would ever travel alone. Not sure how much yet.

I wish I could say more, but that’ll just ruin the story! So, wish me luck on those tests!

See ‘ya!

Kitty’s Sanriotown Universe Locations (Full List)

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Well, here it is folks! The complete list of places our diverse heroes will visit as they travel the world to save the entire universe.

+ Cream Puff Plains

+ Danish Desert

+ Oreo Ocean

+ Tutti Frutti Tundra

+ Muffin Mountain

+ Cocoa Castle

+ Vanilla Valley

+ Gingersnap Gardens

+ Sanriotown (City)

+ Bunnyvile

+ S’more Sea

+ Buttercream Building

+ Cobbler Caverns

+ Mont Blanc Meadow

+ Italian Ice Island

+ Red Velvet Volcano

+ Fudge Forest

+ Fritter Fields

+ Apple Strudel Station

+ Truffle Towers

+ Cupcake Cove

+ Bundt Beach

+ Butter Pecan Power Plant

+ Snickerdoodle Shore

+ Macaroon Mansion

+ Eclair Engines

+ Flan Fort

+ Melonpan Manor

+ Pandoro Pyramids

+ Ice Cream Village

+ Turnip Town

+ Coconut Beach

+ Nickajack Town

+ Scone Store

+ Waffle Tunnel

+ Chutney Jungle

+ Ube Summit

I think I’ll add more once I start writing the story, which I will tomorrow or so. And since this is HUGE adventure, I’m planning on writing up to Chapter 50. Yeah, it’s gonna so huge that 30 won’t even cover it.

Fantastic: That is, if she can stay motivated. *Snickers*

Hey! I can do this! I just need a little inspirtation is all. You guys think I can write 50 chapters right?

Well, better get back on studying for my Physics and Math Finals.

See ‘ya!

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