Well, this is it, folks. The battle to end all battles. The very last scene of this wonderfully epic film! Enjoy!


*Hitmark* GRRRRR!!! It’s that stupid film of Emilio dancing to Caramelldansen again! I thought we got rid of it!

Emilio: I have “a few” copys.

*Mouth Drop* What the what!? GRRRR!!! *Goes psychotic and tears every copy of the film* There! That oughta do it! *Projects the real movie*


The Avenger Girls arrived back in no time flat from the Underworld Dimension to New York City, where it was covered in total darkness. Lovett was floating above the skylines, saying chants to summon the end of the universe.

Lovett: My rabbit, Frank, wants the end of the universe to happen and I want it to happen in a few minutes to add suspense! *Uses the Soul Cube to cause the entire universe to fall apart* Yes! YES! Now, it’s only a matter of time for the universe to bow down to me! Nothing can stop me now! Bwahahahahaha!!!

Wasp Hornet: *Uses her antennae to pick up Lovett’s words* Ok, so she has summoned the end to come in a few minutes. What should we do now?

Ms. Fantastic: Give her everything we got! All of our training has lead up to this. This is our chance to show the world that they still believe in heroes! Now, who’s with me?

The girls casted their hands on each other.


*Confetti is thrown everywhere*

The Avenger Girls flew towards Lovett to attack her from behind, but gets blown away by her force field.

Speedy Volta: Meh…..That didn’t work.

Demon Witch: How can we beat someone with the Soul Cube? She’s unstoppable!

Ms. Fantastic: Well, then we just have to take it away from her. And I think I know how. *Turns invisible* Here I go! *Flies up and grabs the Soul Cube, only to be electricuted by it* What the..? What just happened?

Ladybug Ant: I was afraid of that. The cube has absorbed too much Dark Energy and, therefore, only black hearted people can possess it.

Splice Dren: We’ll just have to face her, mono on mono.

Ms. Fantastic: Then, let’s go!

They flew up into the sky and met with Lovett.

Lovett: My, my, my. Didn’t you girls enjoy the Underworld Dimension?

Black Swan: Don’t play dumb with us, Lovett. You know that we hated it so much.

Lovett: Then, you girls are just in time to witness the end of the universe. Isn’t it lovely? It’s everything Frank always wanted. The only problem is that you girls are freaks and you need a cure for all of your mutations, am I right?

Carrie: *From Gamma Jewel’s mind* Say yes! Then, I can have Emilio all to myself and for people to stop calling me a monster and…..

Gamma Jewel: *Ignores her conscience* Sorry, Shadow Ball. Our anwser is no. We need them to save the world….no, the entire universe…..from you!

Wasp Hornet: Yeah! I like my powers and I can keep them for as long as I want! Like….always!

Lovett: Aw. That’s too bad. *Green light forms from her hands* You’re getting cured anyways!

Emilio: *Gasp* You won’t dare!

Lovett: Oh, I would! *Fires the lights*

Emilio: NOOO!!! *Gets hit by the light* I’m ok! It can’t affect Pokemon.

(That’s one advantage of normal people. Hooray for the totally normal Emilio!)

Lovett: *Eye twitch* Fine! Keep your abilities. I’ll defeat you everyway I can! *Fires black lasers*

Ms. Fantastic: AVENGER GIRLS, ATTACK!!! *Dodges the attack and rolls into a ball to knock Lovett out*

Lovett: *Gets up* Very well! *Forms a black sword from her hands* Prepare to perish! *Swings it*

The sword knocks out everyone except Emilio.

Emilio: Ay! Girls! Girls! You got to get up! A universe is at stake! *Tears filled his eyes* Don’t give up now. *Angrily turns to Lovett* You will pay, Lovett!

Lovett: Oh? And what can you do? I know all of your attacks. I know all about you.

Emilio: *Pulls out an amulet with a Radioactive sign and wears it* No. There’s one thing about me that you don’t know. Carrie Banner, Aka Gamma Jewel, *Hearts* alias my future wife, gave me this amulet, so that when the Avenger Girls are down, I would be the one to avenge them. I’m THEIR avenger! *Makes an unlocking finger gesture around the symbol* Time to Gamma Up!

Lovett: *Dumbfounded* What…What the? What’s happening here?

Speedy Volta: *Wakes to find Emilio transforming* Hey! What’s happening to Emilio? Emolgas don’t evolve.

Gamma Jewel: *Wakes up* You’ll see. This is what I think makes Emilio cool in my book.

Emilio transforms into his alter ego, Gamma Spark, and smashes Lovett.

(Behold! Emilio’s Alter Ego: Gamma Spark!)


Gamma Spark: And stay way from my friends, you monster!


Gamma Jewel: Well, physically I am a monster, but deep down inside, I am a heroic monster! *Smashes Lovett with Gamma Spark*

Lovett: *Gets up* Not bad. That actually hurt a little bit.

Wasp Hornet: *Points to the sky, which is starting to fall apart* Girls! Look! The sky is really falling! That means, there isn’t much time!

Demon Witch: *Laughs sarcastically* And I thought that stuff only existed in fairy tales.

Lovett: Exactly. By the time you defeat me, it would be too late to save the universe! Bwahahahahahaha! So, give up now. You failed! You failed everyone! You failed the city! The planet! The galaxy! The universe! No wonder you girls are such failures! Hohohohohohoho!

The Avenger Girls, stiff by Lovett’s words, grow angrier and angrier until…..


They attacked Lovett left and right, but gets hit by Lovett’s attacks.

Lovett: Say your prayers, suckers!


Lovett gets hit by Audrey and the other agents, along with Richard and the cats.

Ms. Fantastic: *Gets up* Guys! You made it!

Lily: I know. We had to defeat Frank before getting here.

Speedy Volta: But how? We thought you were gone.

Richard: Sweet little sister. *Pulls out his staff* This magical staff is what saved us all. I used it to destroy the wormhole we were in and formed another that lead us to home. And as for Frank…..

Lovett: *Hitmark* What have you done with Frank!?

Helousie: Oh nothing….*Pulls out Frank, who was turned back into a doll, but he is now painted pink with a princess dress and tiara on him* except giving him a make over!

Lovett: *Throws a fit* But Frank is not supposed to be pink and fruffy and cute! He’s a demonic rabbit! He’s supposed to be a scary rabbit! And…And…And….ARRRRGGGHHH!!!

Splice Dren: *Tsking* What a temper. What a temper.

Roxxy: *To the girls* Girls! Now is your chance to finish her, while she’s still distracted.


(Confetti is thrown all throughout this sequence)

Ms. Fantastic: Time to take this to the stars! *Spins around in Cosmic Rays* Cosmic Element Comet! *Transforms into an invisible, stretched out, flamming being surrounded by a force with fists of stone at Lovett*

Splice Dren: *Transforms into her Chimera Form* Maybe a word from friends will teach you a lesson! *Calls out to her Chimeric friends, who transformed into their own Chimera forms too* Chimera Invasion! *Lashes out at Lovett with sharp claws and tenacles*

Black Swan: *Bends the winds into a tornado* Prepare to be dazzled, servant of malicious forces! *Spins around inside the tornado* Razzle Dazzle Fury! *Sucks up Lovett and covers her with sharp sparkles and feathers*

Wasp Hornet: *Uses her piccolo to enlarge and summon flying insects and cover her* Ready for your evil heart to be crushed? *Loads a large blast of black energy beams from both of her arms* Ultra Swarm Robot Sting! *Fires it at Lovett*

Ladybug Ant: *Joins in as well with a similar attack but is covered by crawling insect that are enlarged by her flute* Swarm Robot Outbreak! *Charges at Lovett*

Gamma Jewel: *Flies up and spins around with Gamma Spark holding her hand* Nobody is stronger than me and I’ll prove it! Duo Gamma Sonic Boom Lariat! *Claps her hands to form a sonic boom with Gamma Spark at Lovett*

Demon Witch: *Loads up her wand with energy* With my magic, I will make your evil intensions disappear! Ribbon Magic Prison! *Fires a powerful blast at Lovett*

Speedy Volta: *Summons a thunderstorm* And for possessing my dear brother and friends, I shall give you the harshest of punishments! *Spins around while gathering up electricity from the storm* Flare Thunder Jolt! *Fires a powerful blast of electricity at Lovett*

Lovett: *Struggles to get up* You will pay for this! *Looks up and sees the supernova preparing to explode and laughs maniacally* Yes! Yes! Just one more minute and the universe will be mine! Hahahahahahahaha! *Faints*

Ms. Fantastic: Oh no! We have to get the cube back before the supernova begins! *Touches the cube and gets shocked* Quick! Everybody touch it! Wish for everything to be normal again!

So, everyone touched the cube and endured the shock, but nothing seems to be happening. With that, the supernova grows bigger and bigger.

Ladybug Ant: It’s not working! What should we do! We got thirty seconds left!

Audrey: Just, give it a small attack! Try anything!

All of their attempts, blasting, shocking, blowing, shooting, scratching, purifying, and punching do nothing.

Lovett: *Laughs maniacally* Bwahahahahahahaha! It’s gonna explode in ten…nine…eight…seven….six…five….


Gamma Jewel: *Grows impatient* Ugh! I’m gonna smash it now!


Gamma Jewel grabbed the Soul Cube and, using her Super Strength, destroys it in the nick of time.

(Kirby: Hooray! Gamma Jewel totally saved the universe!)

(Ms. Fantastic: Now, Kirby. That was because smashing the cube was her decision.)

(Demon Witch: *Snickers* And her only one! Hehehehehehehe!)

Crash! Boom! Kaboom!

After a giant flash, the skies turn blue again and everything was turned to normal, despite the Soul Cube being smashed to pieces.

Ms. Fantastic: *Awakens slowly to see the bright blue sky* Did we save the universe?

Speedy Volta: We did.

Everyone gets up and cheered loudly for their victory over evil……for the very first time as one.


Audrey: *Smiles* You did it, girls. You did it. *Hugs them with a tear in her eye*

Emilio: *Turns back to normal and takes off his amulet* Oh, it was my girlfriend who saved the universe! *Kisses her*

Gamma Jewel: What? I just smashed it. I didn’t really believe it would work.

Black Swan: But it did! I guess destroying it was the only way to end Lovett’s rampage. Speaking of which, where is she?

Lorenzo: *Handcuffed her* In our hands now. We’ll make sure we put her in a place that she wouldn’t ever escape. A large dollhouse!

Lovett: No! No! No! Anything but that! NOOO!!!!

Lily: Don’t worry. Your bunny will join you too. *Gives Frank to her*

Lovett: *Flowing tears* Wahhh……

(Sam: Is Lovett actually crying?)

(Cloe: *Laughs* What a baby!)

(Lovett: No, I did not. *Blushes* I was lonely.)

Blustra: *To Richard and the cats* And as for you three, we’ll let you go, but as a warning. One more slip up and you’ll join your “Ex-Master” in the dollhouse.

Thank you, madam!

Helousie: *To the girls* Thanks for saving our tail from Lovett, girls.

Roxxy: We owe you one. *Leaves the headquarters with Helousie*

Richard: *To Speedy Volta* Thank you so much for saving me. I’m sorry for being mean to you. Will you ever forgive me?

Speedy Volta: Sure! *Hugs him* But only if you promise that you will stop begging me to return to Norway. This is my new home now. But, tell mother and father that I still love them…..and our crazy uncle.

Richard: *Laughs* Hahahahaha! Well, take care sister.

Speedy Volta: You too, brother!

Richard, using his staff, vanished back to Norway, telling Speedy Volta’s family about her and her friends.

Ladybug Ant: I guess everythings back to normal now, huh?

Demon Witch: *Pouts* But, we never got the chance to use the Soul Cube! But, if we did, what would we wish for?

Ms. Fantastic: Demon Witch, that wish was already granted……by ourselves. Our wish was for the Avenger Girls to save the universe and that came true…..together. Girls. I believe this is a beginning of a beautiful friendship! *Stretches her arms around her friends to hug them* Together, we can make a difference to the world. That’s what makes us Avenger Girls. We’ll always assemble……..forever and ever. *Hugs them again with tears flowing from her eyes*

Wasp Hornet: *Starts to cry with tears of joy* Don’t cry. You’re gonna make me cry!

Gamma Jewel: *To Emilio* Emilio.

Emilio: Yes, sweetie?

Gamma Jewel: After what you did for us with that amulet my alter ego gave to you, it makes me think why she loves you so much and I just want to say……..I love you too. *Kisses him on the lips*

(Fantastic: Wow, Gamma Jewel! Did you really say that?)

(Gamma Jewel: *Blushes* Yes……But, that doesn’t mean that we’ll be a couple……at least, for now.)

Emilio: *Glides happily* Yippee! I got a kiss from Gamma Jewel again! Yays! *Faints*

Black Swan: So, you are a lover, aren’t ‘cha?

Gamma Jewel: *Smashes her* No. *Blushes* But…..just a little.

Everyone laughed as the sun sets behind the skyscrapers.

But wait! This movie’s not over!

(Credits roll)

Six weeks later, the girls attended State University for the first time, showing the world that they are the Avenger Girls in real life, the girls who saved the universe on their very first mission.

Penny: *Does a juggling trick with her elastic arms* Here you are, my fellow students! Your lunch, provided by me!

Nicole: *Uses her hammer to simulate an electrical outlit using electricity* There. That should help you with that science project.

Rachael: *Dances ballet as part of her ballet class and sprouts wings* Here’s my own ballet move! The Black Swan’s Revenge! *Spins around and blows powerful winds everywhere* Oops! I guess I better control my powers, huh? Ehehehehehe!

Heidi: My speciments are really for Genetics class! *Pulls out a box of cockroaches* Now, we’ll learn how they are able to reproduce at a rapid rate.

Jenny: Ick! *Fires a black laser at Heidi’s cockroaches, causing them to spread around the room*

Heidi: *Hitmark* What did you do that for?

Jenny: Cockroaches are icky.

Dren: *Drawing a painting upside-down by her tail* I think an upside-down picture puts a really good vibe into the Art room. This is just beautiful! *Blows a kiss*

Natalie: *Uses her wand to draw herself in it* Hehehehehehehehe! Now, I’m the star of this picture!

Dren: *Hisses* Will you just get out of here!? *Lashes her with her tail needle*

Carrie: *Researching on the computer with Emilio* Look Emilio. I made a molecule on the computor in your honor, my lovely! *Dreamy expression* Hehehehehehe!

Suddenly a group of mean girls approach Carrie.

Hey, freak! That’s our seat you are sitting!

Carrie: But I was here first, so go sit elsewhere.

One of the girls grabs her by her shirt and pounds her to the ground.

Now, give us our seats or we’ll let you have another!

Carrie: You are making me angry. You won’t like it when I’m angry.

And why is that?

Carrie: *Eyes glowed green* This.

Meanwhile, the other girls were hanging out in the cafeteria when they heard students screaming and running from something….or someone. They looked and saw Gamma Jewel destroying everything in a fit of rage.

Penny: *Smacks her forehead* Not again. Come on, girls. Let’s stop her.

They got up and chased after Gamma Jewel, only to found themselves being chased by Gamma Jewel…..and Emilio.



*Explodes* WOW!!! THAT WAS AWSOME!!!! BEST STORY EVER!!! WHOOT!!! *Ahem* Well, thanks for watching.

See ‘ya!

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