Hiya! Today, we are in Africa, but *Sweats* it is sizzlin’ out there!


At last, the Avenger Girls have arrived in the Sahara Desert in Africa, but they arrived at a bad time. There was a heatwave going on, like it has been for a long time.

Speedy Volta: *Sweating excessively* Ugh! How long will this heat last before arriving in Europe?

Ms. Fantastic: I don’t understand why you don’t use your powers to make it cooler?

Speedy Volta: I can’t! It’s so hot, I can’t think straight!

Demon Witch: Tell me about it! Why did we come here in the first place?

Black Swan: Uh….To find the Soul Cube? To follow its trails?

Demon Witch: Oh, now I remember.

Wasp Hornet: *Sees a tainted fragment* Hey look! There’s another fragment up ahead!

Ms. Fantastic: Another one? Some people should an eye on those things.

Meanwhile……Back At The IPDA Headquarters….

Audrey and the other agents were analyzing the tainted fragments until…..

Audrey: *Hears the alarm* Hey! What’s going on here? Is Richard and those cats back? If they are, we’ll show them who’s boss!

Suddenly, the same shadow ball creature returned with a stuffed demonic rabbit in her grasp.

(Kirby: *Gasps then looks around* Good. No Lauren. Look! The Master! The Master is…….)

(*Whacks Kirby with a stealth attack* Nice try, Kirby.)

Blustra: False alarm, people! It’s just this innocent ball thingy. *To the creature* Hello there! Are you lost?

No, I am not, but thanks for asking. Say, would you do me a favor?

Lily: Oh sure! We’ll do anything for any innocent citizen like you. Just name it!

Will you play with me?

Lorenzo: Ok! What shall we play?


We are going to play Circle You, Circle You, where I circle all of you. *Laughs evilly* Bwahahahaha!

Audrey: What was that?

Nothing. *Sweatdrops* Now, let’s play……

She walks around the four agents continutously until they are under her spell.

There. Now, in order to win the game, you must destroy the Avenger Girls.

All: Yes master.

(Jolt: Hey! What kinda game is this?)

(You don’t wanna know. It’s rather a game of death.)

That should buy me some time before those monkeys return from the rain forest. Now, back to business.

Back to the Desert…….

The Avenger Girls were struggling with the desert heat until they find an oasis.

Speedy Volta: Yay! Water! We’re saved! We’re saved! *Flies for it and drinks the water*


(Pauline: *Laughs* Speedy Volta’s funny!)

(I know. She can bring a lot of laughs!)

Gamma Jewel: *Sweatdrops* Speedy Volta. You’re eating sand. It is a mirage.

Speedy Volta: *Spits out the sand* What!? Meh…My mind is playing tricks on me. If only I can handle the heat long enough, I might change the weather.

Suddenly, they hear a rumble, coming from across the desert and closes in on them.

Ladybug Ant: What was that?

Splice Dren: *Uses her Super Vision* Looks like Audrey and the IPDA agents.

Ms. Fantastic: *Stretches her body to confirm her hunch* Yep. It’s them alright.

Wasp Hornet: Maybe they are here to get us out of this deathtrap! *To them* Hey guys! Long time no see!

Emilio: *Sees that something is wrong with agents* Uh….I don’t think they are here for a free ride. Look at their eyes. Something isn’t right.

The agents’ eyes were dilated with evil grins on their faces. And appearing after them is….

Richard, Helousie, and Roxxy!

Richard: I told you we would be back with a vengence!

Ms. Fantastic: What are you up to this time?

Helousie: Oh, just mind manipulating, that’s all. Thanks to our devoted master, we have put these agents in our control.

Black Swan: Like how?

Roxxy: Like this. *Snaps her fingers*

The agents circled around the Avenger Girls and chanted “Circle You! Circle You!”

Demon Witch: *Chuckles* Hehehehehehe….How’s that gonna stop us?

Richard: Would you like to find out?

Speedy Volta: Indeed, brother!

Circle you! Circle you! Your friends betrayed you. They work for Richard and the cats to take you into their trap in Antarctica!

Circle you! Circle you! Don’t listen to them. Listen to your guts! Don’t try to run away. Your “friends” will take you down no matter where you are!

Splice Dren: That’s crazy! We would never betray each other!

Emilio: This is some kinda of teamwork deathtrap that Richard and the others have planned to divide us!

Gamma Jewel: For once, I totally agree. We get along pretty good, despite a few disagreements at the very start.

Black Swan: Gamma Jewel. You actually believed in that?

Gamma Jewel: Yeah, but that’s only because Emilio taught me those things. *To Emilio* I owe you one…..buddy. *Kisses him* Thanks again.

(Gamma Jewel: *Smacks forehead* Why did I SAY that!?)

(You like Emilio, don’t ‘cha?)

(Gamma Jewel: NO! *Blushes* Yes….)

Emilio: *Hearts* Si! I finally got a kiss from Gamma Jewel!

Ms. Fantastic: Now, how about smashing those goons turned friends back to normal?

Ladybug Ant: Shouldn’t we try to talk to them first? I am a pacifist, after all.

Demon Witch: Lady Buggy? Do they look like they wanna be talked to?

Ladybug Ant: I’m not sure.

Demon Witch: Just listen!

Circle You! Circle You! Your friends are a trap! Don’t run away! They need you!

Circle You! Circle You! Give up now! You can’t stop this endless villainy cycle!

Ladybug Ant: Point taken.

Ms. Fantastic: Then, Avenger Girls! Attack!

The girls worked together to defeat the brainwashed army, despite their chants. They broke out of the circle and first attacked Richard and the cats for hypnotising their friends in the first place.

Audrey: *Snaps out of the chant* What are we doing in the Sahara Desert? We should analyze the tainted fragments.

Ms. Fantastic: It’s a complicated story, but at, least you are ok, for now. I don’t know how you guys were controlled, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Blustra: Well, before hypnotised, we were playing Circle you, Circle you with that cute but creepy shadow ball creature.

Speedy Volta: *Gasp* Then, how did that Goth Girl control you with a simple child game?

(Kirby: *Wakes up* Ok. I’m gonna say it this time and nobody is gonna stop me! The Master is really…..)

(Ladybug Ant: *Throws Kirby an apple* Here! Have a snack!)

(Kirby: *Eats it* Yum!)

Black Swan: Maybe she has mystical powers.

Demon Witch: That’s absurd! Why would she have that!?

Richard: Curses! They almost gave away our master’s identity. If they find out, we’re toast for sure.

Helousie: Yeah. That wasn’t smart of our master to use hypnosis circling on the Avenger Girls.

Oh! It was smart, on the contrary.

It was their master on their communication radio.

Roxxy: But, how can your game could possibly help us stop the Avenger Girls?

Just wait. That chant does a lot more than pursading someone to do something for me. It can cause the people trapped in the circle to kill one another. You just have to wait for its effects to kick in.

Richard: Master, you certainly are a genius.

Yeah, now you guys have to do your part. Try to encourage them to divide the team.

All: Right away, master! *Laughs evilly* Bwahahahahahahaha!

Wasp Hornet: Well, that’s that. *Gives the fragment to Audrey* Here’s another fragment to analyze. You let us know when you find something, ok?

Audrey: Ok. Now, be careful around those guys….and that shadow creature you mentioned.

We will! Take care! *Flies off for Europe*

Ladybug Ant: I’m glad we’re out of that desert.

Demon Witch: Yeah. Another minute in there and we would of turned into charcoal.

Speedy Volta: *Pouts* It’s too bad I didn’t get to use my weather manipulation powers.

Splice Dren: Still. It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Gamma Jewel: Yeah. And we’re certainly glad that “Circle You” chant stopped. I can’t stand listening to that stupid song!

Emilio: Si! Besides….*Shivers* it’s muy creepy!

Ms. Fantastic: Yeah. I agree.

As the Avenger Girls flew to Paris in France for their next destination to the Soul Cube, each of the girls and Emilio started to feel pain inside their heads, which are filled with the same haunting chant…

Circle You! Circle You! Your friends are traitors. They must be stopped.

Circle You! Circle You! Give up now! You don’t have what it takes to stop the villains and get the Soul Cube.


Ms. Fantastic: *Feels a grudge towards her teammates* I wonder if those chants are true? What if they are traitors?

(*Cues dramatic music* *In an eerie tone* It…..Can….Happen…Here.)

To Be Continued

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