Scene 3: A Visit With Richard! The War Begins!

Alright, everyone. Are you ready for more?


All right! Let’s get back to….

The movie is playing Emilio’s dance, yet again.

*Hitmark* CURSE YOU, EMILIO!!!! CURSE YOU!!! *Throws the film at Emilio and then whacks him with a hammer* There. That should prevent you from projecting that again. Now, without any other interuptions….*Resumes the movie*


Later, inside downtown New York City, the Avenger Girls, back in their normal forms, arrives at Richard’s hideout, which is a tall skyscraper.

Penny: Well girls, this must be the place Audrey mentioned. We better head inside and discuss to Richard and the cats.

As they climbed the long set of stairs, Nicole is constantly thinking to herself about how she is going to deal with her brother.

Nicole: *To herself* That Richard is nothing but trouble from the very beginning. I wonder what he is up to this time. Whatever it is, it’s not good.

Soon, they arrived at Richard’s apartment, which is at the top floor.


Richard: Why, hello there ladies. Please, do come in! *Sees Nicole* Ah! Nicole, my beloved baby sister.

Nicole: *Hitmark* But, I’m nineteen now, Richard. I’m not a baby anymore.

(Pauline: Yeah! You tell him, Nicole!)

(Pal!? What took you so long?)

(Pauline: Had to do stuff. So, I finally caught up with the movie.)

(Ah. Very good)

Richard: Oh, my apologies sister. But, I want you to come back to us. We missed so much!

Nicole: No, Richard! I’ll never come back to you ever again!

Richard: Suit yourself. Some day you’ll change your mind. *To the others* So, gals, what brings you here to our humble abode?

Penny: We came to visit you, Richard. We wanna talk about your plans. You wait right here while I get lemonade for everyone. *Runs to the kitchen for refreshments*


Helousie: Hello girls. We didn’t see you coming in here, how do you do?

Carrie: We’re fine, thank you very much. So, what sort of weapons do you have that will help you carry out your mission for world domination?

Roxxy: Hmmm…That’s usually top secret, but since you girls are nice, we’ll tell you. *Explains about all of the weapons they “made”* Interesting?

Natalie: *Smiles slightly* Yeah….Pretty interesting. *To the others* Audrey was right! Those guys did steal their weapons and some are capable of destroying the world!

Rachael: Then, what are we gonna do?

Dren: Well, what we are not going to do is blur out. Richard might get suspicious.

Natalie: Righto!

Just then, Penny returns with cups of lemonade for everyone.

Penny: So, Richard. Have we ever told you that we are the city’s newest superheroine squad? The Avenger Girls. You know? The planet’s greatest heroes type thing. Let’s do a headcount, shall we? Let’s see….we have a Cosmic Idealist, A Circus Witch, Two Musical Insect Hybrids, a Chimeric Assassin, your sister (A Demigoddess), Super Ballerina……Yup! We’re a perfect team.

(Kirby: *Counting* Uh…She only mentioned seven out of eight. Where’s Gamma Jewel?)

(Emilio: *Awakens* Yeah! Where’s my sweetie?!)

(*Sweatdrops* She’s getting there.)

Richard: Oh? Then, I have Helousie and Roxxy, the most devious duo in the city.

Penny: Oh yeah? We have Gamma Jewel on our team, the strongest person there is!


Emilio: And she’s also my girlfriend!

Richard: Do you seriously have that monster on your team?

Emilio: *Gasps* She’s a monster?

Penny: Well, she is…..relatively speaking.

Emilio: Hrmph! I think it’s an insult!

(Emilio: And I still do!)

(*Whacks him with a hammer* Hey! I told you to keep quiet!)

Penny: You’ll have to excuse Emilio, Carrie’s Emolga. He’s a bit of a charmer.

Jenny: And he’s not very successful at it either! Hehehehehe….

Emilio: *Hitmark* Are you saying that I’m not a ladies man? Well, I’ll show you!

Heidi: *Covering Emilio’s mouth* Shh! We don’t wanna give out important infomation, would we?

Emilio shook his head.

Nicole: So, brother Richard. What are your plans for world domination this time?

Richard: Nothing fancy. Just trying to city to find the Soul Cube, an ancient artifact that can control reality. It’s located somewhere around here. I don’t know where, but once we find it, we will take over the world! Bwahahahaha!!

Emilio: Hehehehehe! Funny story really. We just happen to work for IPDA under Audrey Audino to find the cube too, to prevent you from…..

Carrie covers Emilio’s mouth.


(I know! Emilio’s a blabber mouth! Ahahahahaha!)

Carrie: Sweetie! You don’t blow secrets around villains, silly! *Hugs him*

Rachael: Good thing Carrie loves Emilio or else things would of turned ugly.

Richard: *Recalls the events that happened last night* Wait a second! Now I remember! *To Jenny* You were the ones who attacked us last night, aren’t you?

Jenny: Yep! Pretty much!

Helousie: *Hisses* Oh, you are so gonna get it!

Dren: Get what, exactly?

Roxxy: *Poking Penny* We mean……this means war!

Richard: Exactly! Cats, prepare to release an army of saucers!

Right away, sir!

Rachael: *Sweatdrops* You know what, girls? The world has changed alot and that is what surprises me the most.

Natalie: What do you mean?

Rachael: Like listen. *Opens the windows to the sound of screaming people*

Natalie: Point taken.

Penny: We have to do something!

Richard: I don’t know you but we are leaving to enjoy a good rampage. Farewell! Bwahahahahaha!

Nicole: *Hitmark* That’s it! I had it with Richard’s evil scheme! We have to stop him once and for all!

Carrie: But, this is first time we ever encountered him.

Nicole: Good point. But no matter! Avenger Girls assemble!


The girls transformed into their respectable forms and flew off to fight Richard’s army of saucers.

(Hold on to your seats folks! The best of the film is comin’ at ‘cha!)

To Be Continued

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  1. Yay, the epicness is about to come! Can’t wait~ Oh, Emilio, you blabbermouth. xD And, yay! I got to say something for once!

  2. Emilio is a blabbermouth! XD You just can’t tell him a secret, he’ll give ‘em all away! XD

  3. Next Time: Battle time.

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