Good morning everybody! Yeah, my stomach got sick from too MUCH yogurt last night, so I’m playing the movie eariler than expected, but that means more Avenger Girls in action!

Fantastic: *Explodes* YEAH!!!!! BRING ON THE GIRLS BABY!!!

Jolt: I can’t wait to see how the girls were joined!

Ms. Fantastic: Actually, this is an alternative origin story from the comics Lauren writes.

Kirby: How exciting! And my sister……..

Shh! Don’t spoil the big surprise!

Kirby: Sorry.

Kitty: Well then. Let’s the start the film!

Ok! Everyone, this was directed by yours truly with pictures by me and Fantastic. Please give her hand folks!

Fantastic: *Blushes* Gee. It was nothin’ really.

Alrighty then! Are you ready for the biggest film of the year?


‘Cause here we go! *Assembles a cool looking projector*

However, instead of the movie, the projector projected Emilio dancing to Caramelldansen.


*Hitmark* Hey! Who put that there! That’s the wrong movie!

Emilio: *Bobbing his head to the music* What? It’s a pretty good song.

*Removes the film and throws it at Emilio* Well, save it to the end! *Projects the real movie* There. That’s much better.



Sanriostars Pictures and Super Epic Productions Presents………


You were all made to be ruled by me.

But, what about us master?

Yes. I mean, Helousie and I want World Domination too.

Oh yes, my ladies. You shall get your fair share.


Really. Now, as I was saying…….For years, I have been searching for the Soul Cube, an ancient artifact that has the ability to change reality itself. I will use it to make everyone bow down to me.



Oh right. Bow down to us. So, at the end, it will be every man for himself. Hehehehehehe….Hahahahahahaha!!!




That was what the villains said. They are composed of Helousie Purrloin, her henchwoman Roxxy Liepard, and their human master, Richard Odinson. They are destroying New York City to find the Soul Cube to rule the world. The cube’s whereabouts are kept a secret from the world, but there is only one organization that knows its location and that’s the International Pokemon Defense Agency, or IPDA for short.

Inside of their headquarters in New York City, the agency’s leader, Audrey Audino is investigating on the situation.

Lorenzo: *Arriving back from combat against the villains* Audrey. We got a little problem.

Audrey: Report Agent Lorenzo Lillipup.

Lorenzo: Despite their small numbers, the baddies are overpowering our toughest agents. It’s clear that they stole our strongest technologies. Oh, I wish there was something we can do.

Lily: Yes! This is crazy! How are we supposed to fight them with our tech?

Audrey: You’re both right on the subject, Lorenzo and Lily Lilligant. The cats and Richard are powerful indeed.

Blustra: What do we do about the situation?

Audrey: *Idea* Tell everyone to meet me at the meeting board, Blustra Whimsicott. I have an ingenious plan.

Blustra: Yes, ma’am! *Speaking into the intercom* Attention all agents: Report to the meeting office! Audrey will be discussing about her latest scheme to defeat Richard and the cats. Come on people! Let’s move!

Later…..At the Meeting Board.

Audrey: *Assembles the projector and starts a slideshow* Everyone. There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable girls, so when we needed them, they could fight the battles that we never could.

Lily: What kind of girls?

Audrey: Ones with special powers that enables them to fight evil at their worst.

Blustra: That’s brillant, boss. Tell more about them.

Audrey: Very well. *Projects several images during the slideshow* I plan to assemble eight college girls, each with their unique abilites and backgrounds.


(Fantastic: *Throwing Blue Confetti everywhere* YAY!! GO TEAM COSMIC!!)

(*Throws Blue Confetti everywhere* WE LOVE YOU MS. FANTASTIC!!!!)

(Ioan: *Sweatdrops* Was that really necessary?)

(What? Everybody’s doing it.)

Audrey: First we have our soon-to-be leader of the girls, Penny Richards, also known as Ms. Fantastic. Her powers include Super Strength, Fire Manipulation, Force Field Projection, Invisibility, Flight, and Elasticity. She gained them by being exposed by Cosmic Radiation during a space mission.

Lorenzo: Hold on a second!

Audrey: Yes, Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: How are we gonna get her to come to us?

Audrey: *Pulls out her cell phone* That’s the easy part of the plan. *Winks as she dials Penny* Penny, it’s Audrey from IPDA, I need you on a very special assignment.

Yes! I’ll right there!

Blustra: Wow. That was easy.

Audrey: Of course it is, Blustra. Anyway, on with the next slide.


(Jolt: *Throws Yellow Confetti everywhere* SPEEDY VOLTA SPEEDY VOLTA RA RA RA!! WE LOVE YOU!!!)

(Paureen: *Throws Yellow Confetti everywhere* Nicolenicolenicole! You’re awsome with epic sauce on top!)

Audrey: Next, we have Nicole Odinson, also known as Speedy Volta.

Lily: *Gasps* Nicole Odinson?! That’s Richard’s younger half sister!

Audrey: Exactly, which is why we are summoning her to fight her brother. Her powers include Super Strength, Super Speed, Weather Manipulation, Flight, and Electricity Manipulation. And she gains them through a mythical cape that gives the wearer these powers, along with the mythical Thunder Hammer from Norse Mythology.

Blustra: Boy, will Richard get a huge surprise when he sees his sister! *Giggles*

Audrey: I hope so too. *Calls Nicole* Nicole Odinson, this is Audrey from IPDA. I’m here to call you to my agency for a very important mission. It has to do something with your half brother.

I knew he was up to no good! Don’t worry, Audrey! I’ll be right there! I’ll teach him a lesson or two.

Lily: But still….If those girls even managed to defeat them, the cube would of been discovered and Richard will take over anyway.

Audrey: Yes. He would. Which is why we are also summoning our secret weapon.


Audrey: Behold! The muscles of the team! Carrie Banner, also known by her alter ego, Gamma Jewel!

(Kirby: *Throwing Green Confetti everywhere* Go Team Gamma! Knock them dead!)

(Latte: *Throwing Green Confetti everywhere* Yay Team Gamma!)

(Emilio: *Throwing Green Confetti everywhere* AHHHHH!! MY AVOCADO!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!)

Everyone gasped.

Lorenzo: But Audrey! That’s one of our monsters that we keep trying to catch! Do you really think we need her?

Audrey: We have to. She’s the strongest monster we got. Anyways, for those who have never heard of Gamma Jewel, she’s a hybrid of monster and demon and her powers include Super Strength, Flight, High Jumping Abilities, and even Sound Manipulation. Carrie recieved them from a Gamma Bomb explosion and transforms into Gamma Jewel whenever she’s angry.

Lily: *Sees an Emolga in the picture* Who that’s guy with Carrie? He’s pretty cute.

Audrey: Oh him? He’s Emilio Emolga, a very close friend of mine. He’s Carrie’s personal butler and owner of the famous Soccer Stadium. He doesn’t have any special powers, but we can take him, since I would like to see him again. *Calls Carrie* Carrie, it’s Audrey from IPDA. I need you and Emilio on a special assignment. I know we have rough meet-ups in the past, but you have to help me with this, ok?

Ok, Audrey. I’m convinced. I’ll be right there.

Yay! I’m going to see Audrey again!

Sure, Emilio! You can come.


Audrey: I love that Emolga. He’s so adorable and child-like! *Ahem* Now, for the next girl…..


(Kitty: *Throwing Black Confetti everywhere* GO TEAM FEATHER!! WOW THEM WITH YOUR SKILLS!)

(Mimmy: *Throwing Black Confetti everywhere* Go Black Swan!)

Audrey: Ok, now we have Rachael Rogers, also known as Black Swan. She can control the winds, projects sparkles and feathers, and great agility. She got her powers from an experimental injection that contained a Mutant Swan’s DNA, which transformed her into a black swan/human hybrid.

Lorenzo: *Hearts* She’s pretty and adorable! Hehehehehehe!

Audrey: *Sweatdrops* Ok then? *Calls Rachael* Rachael, it’s Audrey from IPDA. I want you to take part in a mission with seven other people that are like you.

Yes Ma’am!


(*Throws Red Confetti everyone* And lo! The Genius appears! Go for it, Ladybug Ant!)

Audrey: Next, we have Heidi Pym, also known as Ladybug Ant. She has the strength of an ant with the wings and agility of a ladybug. She ejected both of the insects’ DNA into her, giving her the ability to summon and enlarge insects using her Flute. She is also the smartest one I can find from my files.

Lily: Maybe she knows how to recreate our stolen weapons.

Audrey: Very true, Lily. *Calls Heidi* Heidi, it’s Audrey from IPDA. I want you to come join me on a special assignment. From there, you will meet seven other girls with similar backgrounds as yours.

Will do, Audrey!


(Melody: *Throwing Pink confetti everywhere* Yay, Wasp Hornet! Show those baddies what you’re really made of!)

Audrey: Next, we have Heidi’s closest friend, Jenny Von Dyke, also known as Wasp Hornet, from having the stinging powers and stinger of a wasp and the wings of a hornet. Alongside that, she can manipulate poison and, like Heidi, can also summon and enlarge insects using her Piccolo. She received her powers from an ejection of wasp and hornet DNA by Heidi.

Lorenzo: *Howls like a wolf* WOW!! What a babe! She’s so cute and pretty! I think when she comes here, I’m gonna give her a big lick!

Audrey: *Sweatdrops* Ok. Here we go with the love thing. We don’t have time for that! The world’s at stake here! *Calls Jenny* Hey Jenny! It’s Audrey, leader of IPDA and I want to let you know that your friend, Heidi, is on her way to us for a special assignment.

Heidi’s there!? Sweet! I think I’ll join her! Be there in a jiff! Hehehe!


(Drenmi: *Throws Dark Green Confetti everywhere* Hooray! Go Splice Dren!)

Audrey: Here, we have a truly unique specimen of a girl named Dren Elsaclive, also known as Splice Dren. She is a Chimera with the abilities of a variety of animals that are in her DNA; Speed, Agility, able to climb vertical surfaces, and incredible senses of sight, hearing, and smell. She was created by Canadian scientists to create a perfect creature of animal and human, but escaped due to unknown reasons.

Blustra: *Sticks out tongue* Blech. She’s looks like an alien.

Audrey: *Ignores Blustra’s remark and dials Dren* Boujour Dren! This is Audrey from IPDA and I want you on a special mission to save the world.

Right away Audrey! I’m always happy to help!


(Vendetta: *Throws Red and Black Confetti everywhere* Go Demon Witch! You seriously rock!)

Audrey: And finally, we have Natalie Stark, also known as Demon Witch. As a circus performer, she has amazing accuracy, agility, and flexibility. But, most of her powers comes from her wand, which is said to do anything, even going  far as stopping time and space. This is what makes her unique and powerful.

Lily: I see. A normal girl with a powerful wand. Very nice, boss.

Audrey: Why, thank you! *Dials Natalie* Ms. Stark. This is Audrey from IPDA with a note that you have been selected to participate on a world saving mission with seven other girls.

Oh yeah? What’s in it for me?

Audrey: If you agree to do this, you won’t have to go back to college for about six weeks after the misson.

Six weeks!? Ok! I’m in! I’ll be right over!

Audrey: Well, that’s that! Now, we wait until the girls arrive.

Suddenly, they hear the door knocking.

Audrey: *Sees the the image of the girls from outside using a camera* It’s them! The girls have arrived! Somebody let them in, please!

Yes, Audrey!

Meanwhile…..Outside the door.

The girls were happily greeting each other, since each of them are always happy working with other people.

Penny: So, you’re all here for the same reason?


Penny: So, we’re all good and we are now officically friends?

Jenny: Pretty much!

(Michael: Hey. I thought the girls were supposed to fight with each other)

(Oh no. Those are girls. They are happy to work with each other)

(Johnny: *Snickers* Yeah. Unlike you!)

(Very funny Johnny. About the fighting part…..that comes later.)

(Michael: Ok)

Suddenly, the door opens revealing the entire headquarters.

Audrey: Hello girls! Glad to see you made it. Follow me to the meeting board.

Audrey follows the girls to the meeting board where they listened to Audrey’s motives for the mission.

Audrey: So, you see girls, Helousie, Roxxy, and Richard are all using our weapons to find the Soul Cube, which changes reality. You must find it before they do. It’s hidden somewhere in the world, so I can’t tell right away, for fears our villains might find out about it.

Natalie: Wow. That makes alot of sense now. *Snickers* Not really.

Audrey: So, ladies. What are you prepared to do?

Nicole: We are going to team up and defeat my brother and the cats.

Penny: No offense you guys, but I don’t usually play well with others.


Rachael: *Hitmark* Oh, so you are this Cosmic Radiated woman who doesn’t play well with others, huh? Well, you are just that! Take those away and what are you? You told us that ALL of us are capable of working with others, remember?

Penny: Hmmm….Well, I am a driver, genius, thinker, bodybuilder……Shall I go on?

Nicole: *Laughs* Since when you bodybuilt for a living? When you realize you gained a lot of weight!? Hahahahahaha!

Penny: *Hitmark* Are you calling me fat!?

Heidi: Now, now, Penny. You know she didn’t mean…..

Just then, the three girls began to fight each other.

(Michael: Oh, that must be the fight now, right?)

(Meh…….That’s not it)

(Michael: Aww! I really want to see that fight.)

Jenny: Girls, stop! You shouldn’t fight while we are on a important mission! *Teary eyes* This is our only chance to become friends with one another.

The fighting continued until the alarm went off.

Audrey: Hey! Who did that? There’s no one evil in the headquarters!

I did.

It was Carrie, with her head tilted down.

Penny: Carrie, please! Can’t you see we’re trying to….

Carrie glares at all of the girls with glowing green eyes.

(Paureen: *Screams* AHHHH!!! SAVE ME JOLTZY!! *Clings on to him*)

(Jolt: Come on Paureen. Carrie can’t be that scary)

(Yeah, he’s right. So……please respect her for that)

(Paureen: Ok, but I’m still with Joltzy! *Hugs him*)

Rachael: *Shrieks* Eeep! Ok ok ok ok ok! I’m sorry for that remark, ok?

Penny and Nicole: Us too! And we will never fight again! Pinky Promise!

Carrie: *Eyes reverted back to brown* There, is that better?

Penny: Yes, very much. *Shaking her hands* Sooo….Ms. Banner. It’s a pleasure to have you here with us! Your works are uncomparable and uh….personally….I’m a huge fan of the way you….lose control and turn into a huge raging green monster.

(Kirby: *Pondering* Seriously. That description of Carrie’s is awfully familar to someone else, but who?)

(I’m glad you asked that question. Its’………)

(Fantastic: Psst! Lauren. I think Emilio is about to make his debut now)

(Sorry, Kirby. Can’t talk right now)

(Kirby: Oh then….Hooray for Emilio!)

Carrie: *Thinks about her alter-ego, Gamma Jewel* Thanks!


Emilio: *Pops up from Carrie’s shoulders* Yeah! I’m a huge fan too! I love her so much, I want to squeeze her tight!

Everyone sweatdropped

Emilio: What? Can’t I appreciate Carrie’s alter ego too?

Rachael: *Inching closer to Emilio* Soo….Does that mean you have a crush on her? You know, she’s not the loving type.

Emilio: Si! I do! *Hearts* She was the only one who came to my rescue when I was attacked by mean Pokemon! *Sighs* She’s so strong.

Carrie: *Sweatdrops* You’ll have to excuse Emilio, my personal butler. He tends to not remember who Gamma Jewel really is.

Audrey: *Smiles* It’s good to see you again, Emilio. Ok, girls. It’s getting late, so go along to your bedrooms and get ready for bed.


Audrey gets trampled by the girls as they ran to prep for their slumber party.

Emilio: *Gliding to Audrey* Are you ok, Audrey?

Audrey: *Gets up* Yeah, I’m ok. I’m glad the girls got along really well. I just hope my plan works. Ugh! I think I’m going to bed too. Good night, Emilio.

Emilio: Buenos Noches, Senorita Audino! *Walks with Audrey to bed*

(Woohoo! Party time folks!)


To Be Continued

Oh man! Finally! The movie that I have worked on for two months is finally complete! How do you like so far? There’s plenty more to come! Stay tuned! ^_^

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