Hey ‘ya, folksees! Ready for more Avenger Girls? Then, we’re off to Australia! I must warn you that this scene will tug your heartstrings. I know I did!


It was a beautiful day in Sydney, Australia and the Avenger Girls, now in their normal forms, decide to take a break from world saving to check out an show inside the Opera House. The girls left to rest up for the night after the show.

Penny: Wasn’t that show awsome? It’s nice to listen to classical music during epic adventures, so the mind can relax before the final battle for the fate of the planet, right girls?

Yes Penny, madam!

Jenny: It was fun being our superheroy forms for a couple days, but it’s time for us to power down for a good night’s rest! *Yawns* Boy, am I bushed!

Natalie: You said it. That show lasted for five hours. How long can it get?

Dren: *Snickers* You wished you stayed outside and cause mayhem, am I right?

Natalie: Yeah. Hey! How do you about what I’m thinking?

Dren: Because I know everything about you, Natalie.

Natalie: *Hitmark* Oh yeah? What’s my favorite food?

Nicole: *Stops the two* Hey hey hey! There’s no need to fight about this. You are much better than this!

Dren and Natalie: Sorry.

Rachael: *Star gazing* Look up there! There’s a pretty star up there tonight. Just take a good look at it.

Heidi: *Sees it, but notices that it’s moving at them* Eh….And it’s heading for us. We better duck.

Carrie: What? What’s coming?

Emilio: *Sees three faintly familar figure* Is that Richard and the cats on that werid machine?



(Emilio: *Shivers and covers his eyes* Eeek! Not that machine again! It brings bad memories like the chant!)

( I know. I know. It scared me too.)

(Jolt: *Scoffs* How is it scary?)

(Well….You’ll see.)

Suddenly, the machine the trio were riding fired a electrical beam at the girls, which weakens them to the point of fainting.



Emilio: *Waking up the girls* Girls? Are you ok? That was quite a blast there.

Penny: Yeah, we’re fine. Just a little weak is all. Now, that trio decided to ruin our night, we’re gonna avenge it, right girls?


Penny: All right! Avenger Girls assemble!

But, as she jumped into the air, Penny fell back on the ground flat on her face.

(Fantastic: *Eye twitch* What just happened? It’s like somebody took their powers away.)

(That’s exactly what this is.)

(Fantastic: *Gasps* You’re bluffing, right?)

(No. I’m not, this time.)

Nicole: Looks like someone forgot to stretch. *Snickers*

Penny: Oh, I’ll show you! *Tries to stretch her arms, but cannot reach farther than normal* Gah! What’s happening to me? Did I lose my powers?

The others tried similar ways, but always fall flat.

Nicole: My cape isn’t working? What sort of magical trick is this?

Natalie: *Tries to activate her wand, but with no luck* Aw! This wand is weak.

Rachael: Our powers are not working anymore! We can’t even sprout our wings to fly. What’s going on here and what was that machine that the trio had?

Dren: I don’t know, but I believe that machine fired a laser that short circuited our powers for a short period of time. But long enough for the trio to get their evil hands on the Soul Cube.

Jenny: This is terrible! How are we suppose to fight them without our powers?

*Tsking* You lost your powers? How sad.

Richard and the cats returned with their machine.

Heidi: Dren’s right. There’s the machine again. What are you up to, this time?

Richard: Nothing really. Just short circuited your powers for two hours, enough time for us to rule the world.

Carrie: *Hugs and kisses Richard* Oh, thank you, thank you! You have finally found a treatment for my mutation. I’ll finally get rid of my alter ego and my past forever and lead a normal life! Hehehehehehe!

Nicole: *Sweatdrop* She stills treats her mutation like a curse, doesn’t she?

Penny: *Sweatdrop* Yep!

Carrie continued to dance happily and hugging Richard and the cats until she heard Emilio crying.

Carrie: Aw. What’s the matter sweetie? Why are you crying?

(*Tears flowing* Here’s the heart wrenching part of the film (AKA The saddest.) Prepare to be touched by the power of Emilio.)


Emilio: *Sobs* My heart is broken from lack of Gamma Jewel! You have to embrace your mutation. You are by far the strongest person I know and love and everyone does too. From the looks of people we meet, do you know what they called your alter ego?

Carrie: What is it? And don’t stay Monster.

Emilio: A hero.

Everyone listened in on Emilio.

Emilio: People all over the world are starting to realize that the Avenger Girls are more than friends or a Superheroine squad. They are like an all-female family. They are so close together, telling each other stories and helping each other while trying to save the day and/or the world. Ms. Fantastic with her leadership skills. Speedy Volta with her awareness about danger. Demon Witch with her magical and powerful wand. Wasp Hornet with her optimistic attitude. Black Swan with her grace and control of the wind. Ladybug Ant with her intelligence. Splice Dren with her uniqueness and super senses. And Gamma Jewel with her strength and a moral compass that transforms her image of a monster into a heroic one. Once one becomes special, there’s no way to reverse that. I know now why each of your superhero alter egos are born. They are destined to save the world with a heart of gold….no, diamond. And a diamond is much stronger than gold or silver combined. An Avenger Girl must use her special gifts to help others, despite her internal conflicts. She must brush them aside and fight for what’s right. So, you see? That’s why I believe you girls are the Earth’s only hope of survival against evil. *Grows angry* And if a villain decides to take their special gifts away from them, then they must be punished…..SAVAGELY!!! *Uses Thunder on the trio in a fit of rage*

(Fantastic: *Sniffs* That was so beautiful Emilio.)

(Jolt: *Cries* Don’t cry, buddy! You’re gonna make me cry! Wahhh!)

(Emilio: *Smiles* Thank you everyone for your understanding. To tell you the truth, I have no idea where I got this speech. It just popped out.)

Carrie: Wow. Emilio has a mind of hero inside a child’s body. Now, I’m feeling bad about the trio’s actions now. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I need Gamma Jewel to get the job done with the Avenger Girls. *Grabs Emilio and hugs them tightly and kisses him rapidly* That was the most sweetiest thing you ever said! Thank you! Thank you!

Emilio: And my sweetie’s coming back too! *Blushes*

Helousie: *Points the laser* Oh, you think you’re gonna get your powers back in two hours, eh? Well, I got news for you! This laser also has the ability to lose one’s powers…..FOREVER!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Emilio: *Thinks about Gamma Jewel* You are sick, guys! You need help! You get the girls, you go through me!

Helousie: Bring it on!

But, just before the laser is fired, something crashed into the machine and destroyed it.

Heidi: Wow. Good job, Emilio.

Emilio: That wasn’t me.

I did it. I thought you girls needed help, so I thought I would drop by.

From a cloud of rubble, a green-eyed Pikachu with a green scar on his chest appears.

(Ioan: Is that……..)

(Ta-daa! Our special guest has arrived!)

(*Confetti is flown everywhere*)


(Jessica: Bruce Alpha!? You’re the special guest!?)

(Bruce: Yes. I just kept quiet until this popped up.)

(Fantastic: YAY FOR GAMMY!!! Hehehehehehe!!)

Carrie: Hey, I know you! You’re that famous Gamma Radiated Pikachu, Bruce Alpha! I heard stories about you! You are the coolest Pikachu around.

Bruce: *Blushes* Thanks. By the way, I found this inside the machine. *Gives Penny another tainted fragment*

Penny: It’s another fragment filled with Dark Energy. *Thinks about the IPDA Agents, who are still busy analyzing the fragments* I wish that they would hurry and give us the results.

Bruce: *Sees the trio getting up* Uh oh. Here they go again. I’ll keep them busy, while you guys figure a way to get your powers back.

Rachael: But we don’t get them back for another hour. And by then, they’ll just zap us again!

Dren: Not if I can help it. *Uses her tail to change Richard’s watch to an hour back* Now we’ll see who has the last laugh.

Roxxy: Girls. How long until your precious powers come back? Uh….*Check’s Richard’s watch* still two hours? Oh, how time slows so much?

Dren: *Smiling* We wouldn’t count on it, Roxxy. You wait and see. We are far more powerful than you ever realize. *Winks at the other girls*

Helousie: *Struggling to fight Bruce* Ugh! If Gamma Jewel is the strongest being on the planet, then this guy is the second strongest.

Bruce: *Hurls Richard and Helousie at Roxxy* Ready to give up, guys?

Richard: Not by a long shot! *Fires a beam from his staff*

Bruce: *Punches the blast, which bounces back to Richard* That’s too bad. You shouldn’t really judge people by their looks.

Richard: *Hitmark* Stop telling me what to do or what to know! I’m stronger than you, by far! *Charges at Bruce*

Bruce: *Grabs him by the fist and hurls him at Helousie* You underestimated yourself again.

Helousie: My turn! *Night Slash*

Bruce: *Jumps out of way of Helousie* Too slow!

Helousie: Stop insulting me!

Jenny: Wow. Bruce is pretty good at fighting, don’t you think?

Natalie: Yeah. He took them like if they were nothing.

Penny: Which means….


The two hours are up for their powers to disappear from them. And now……

(Confetti of all colors are thrown everywhere at once.)


Penny: Mew Mew Cosmic! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Ms. Fantastic*

Nicole: Mew Mew Thunder! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Speedy Volta*

Carrie: Mew Mew Gamma! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Gamma Jewel*

Rachael: Mew Mew Swan! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Black Swan*

Heidi: Mew Mew Ant! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Ladybug Ant*

Jenny: Mew Mew Wasp! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Wasp Hornet*

Dren: Mew Mew Splice! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Splice Dren*

Natalie: Mew Mew Witch! Metamorphosis! *Transforms back into Demon Witch*

Roxxy: Sir! The Avenger Girls! Their powers are back and we are doomed!

Richard: NO!!

Bruce: Yes. The Avenger Girls are back!

Emilio: Say hello to my super-duper friends!

The girls fought the trio together, which sent them flying away from here.

Richard: I guess we’ll be seeing you in Antarctica then! This is not over, yet!

Bruce: Antarctica?

Ms. Fantastic: It’s the place where the powerful Soul Cube is located that has the power to change reality. We have to get before those guys do and take over the world. Come on, girls! Let’s assemble once again!


They took flight once again in the midst of night.

Black Swan: Well, I am certainly glad to be flying again. I like flying! The sky’s are the place to spread my wings.

(Black Swan: *Blushes* And I still do! Hehehehehe!)

Emilio: *Hugging Gamma Jewel* I missed you, my love.

Gamma Jewel: “I’ve” only been gone for two hours.

Emilio: I have separtion anxiety.

Gamma Jewel: Whatever.

(Awww! No love from Gamma Jewel?)

(Gamma Jewel: *Blushes* I don’t wanna talk about it.)

Speedy Volta: *To herself* This is it brother! We’re arriving to Antarctica to finish you and your feline fatales once and for all! This is now or never!

(It’s almost time for the final showdown, peoples! Don’t leave now! Hooray!)

To Be Continued

Hiya everyone! We’re officially in Japan, our lovely Land of the Rising Sun! Now, back to the action!


 Japan. Land of the Rising Sun. It’s the place to be when you want to embrace culture shock and maybe even pop culture. Inside a popular sushi shop, the Avenger Girls were hiding from Richard and his feline henchwomen, whom they are approaching Japan to destroy them. The girls…..well…..they are doing what comes natural to them….in their own epic ways.

Ms. Fantastic: *Eating sushi while invisible* I gotta say, Black Swan. *Gulps* This is best idea you have all day, sneaking into a sushi shop and getting away with it because we are now famous all over the world from such little time!

Black Swan: *Eating sashimi* Yeah, I know! This shows that I got brains as well as beauty. Hey, listen Ms. Fantastic. I’m sorry for attacking you back in Paris. I didn’t mean to but that…..

Wasp Hornet: *Shivers* Ugh! Don’t even say those two repetitive words. It brings bad memories.

Ladybug Ant: *Hoving in midair by her wings while eating sashimi* You know, Wasp Hornet. Your poison is the most interesting I’ve ever researched. I found out last night that it contained some kind of “purifying” substances.

Wasp Hornet: Really? Musta been from being happy-go-lucky.

Splice Dren: Now, we wouldn’t say that, but it could be possible.

Demon Witch: *Interupts the other girls* Hey girls! Get a load of G.J! She’s eating like a pig! I mean….Just look! *Chuckles*

They peeked at the shop’s cafe and found Gamma Jewel eating everything in sight and Emilio was, as usual, happily eating a Sushi Sandwich.

(Pauline: Oh noes! More gluttons! We already got enough of them!)

(*Sweatdrops* Yep. She likes to eat.)

Hey! You keep your filthy hands out of our food, you monsterous glutton!


Gamma Jewel: But I gotta keep up with my strength! And besides, fish have protein, which I need all the time!

Speedy Volta: Hey! You heard the guy! Get out of the kitchen or we’ll get in trouble. And by us, I mean you! *Snickers*

Gamma Jewel: *Hitmark* Make me! This is my food and I am not sharing them with you! *Resumes eating vigorously*

Ms. Fantastic: Ugh! Come on girls, let’s get her out. Now, dogpile on her!

Emilio: *Spews a piece of his sandwich out of his mouth* DOGPILE!? *In a heroic tone* I’ll save you, my love!

Unfortunely for him, he ended up being in the dogpile because of his small size. Then, the girls fought Gamma Jewel to make her stop eating all of the Sushi.


Richard and the cats arrived in front of the shop, with a radio in their grasp.

Richard: We already made the girls fight, we can do it again! Cats, turn on the music!

Helousie: Yes, sir!

Roxxy: Right away!

They turned on the radio to the “Circle You Circle You” chant and, using saucers, they surrounded the shop while singing the chant.

(Emilio: Gah! Not that again! Anything but that!)

Circle You! Circle You! You…..

Suddenly, Ladybug Ant and Wasp Hornet picked up the chant using their antennae.


Ladybug Ant: We sense something from outside.

Demon Witch: What is it? Whatever it is, we’re too busy with Gamma Jewel to bother!

Wasp Hornet: Trouble.

Ms. Fantastic: They’re back!? Do they ever take a break? What are they even doing?

Speedy Volta: The chant. It’s back. Whatever it is, we gotta to stop it before they can hypnotise us again!

Gamma Jewel: Ugh! Not that chant again!

Emilio: Si! It almost disassembled all of us! Now, go smash them!

Gamma Jewel: With pleasure! *Bolts outside and smashes the cats and then Richard*

Richard: *Gets up* Hey, you oaf! Stop foiling our plans!

Helousie: Yeah! We almost hypnotised you until you girls showed up! I know you girls might be here, in this exact shop!

Roxxy: Well fine! We’ll just have to fight with these!


Richard used his staff to transform saucers into bombs and explode on the girls.

(Jessica: Bombs!?)

(Yeah, they have a lot of plans to destroy the Avenger Girls. But they’ll never work anyways.)

Speedy Volta: *Struggles to get up* Boy, that really hurts.

Black Swan: *Lends her a hand* We have to get up and fight them, no matter what weapon they have!


Speedy Volta: Then, let’s take them down! Avenger Girls assemble!

Splice Dren: *Slashes a bomb with her tail, but gets caught in the powerful explosion* Well whatever we do, we better not make physical contact with them. Or else we’ll just get blasted.

Gamma Jewel: *Ignoring her instructions and scoffs* So? No one or nothing is stronger than me! *Crushes a bomb, but gets blasted* Ok. I stand corrected. Alright guys, you want me? Come and get me! *Lets out a Sonic Scream that destroys bomb in its path*

(Can you feel her awsome power!?)

(Fantastic: *Covers her ears* Yeah, and it’s super loud!)

Helousie: *Meows in pain with her paws covering her ears* Nya! What a horrible scream!

Ms. Fantastic: Nice one, Gamma Jewel! Now, it’s my turn! *Fires large flames from her hands* Yeah! Now that’s more like it!

Speedy Volta: *Fires lightning bolts from her hands* How do you like me now, brother?

Richard: *Produces more bombs by his staff* I like you this much sister! *Hurls them at her*

Demon Witch: *Counteracts the bombs with a blast from her wand* I got your back, friend!

Speedy Volta: Thanks.

Ladybug Ant: *Summons insects nearby to go inside the bombs and deactive them* I guess they can’t hurt my tiny friends, can’t they?

Roxxy: *Hisses* You take that back! *Extends her claws*

Richard: *Stops her* Relax, lady Roxxy. Just let them do their job.

Roxxy: Fine!

Emilio: *Uses Thunderbolt on the bombs* Yippee! I’m helping! *Uses Discharge, but ends up shocking the girls* Oopsie!

(Emilio: *Pouts* Hrmph! I wish I had better control of my attacks.)

Wasp Hornet: You know that Discharge has a risk of shocking his own friends?

Emilio: Well, I didn’t know about those until now.

Wasp Hornet: Just keep fighting! *Fires black lasers from her hands* Is that all you got?

Richard: Oh. I got one more trick on my sleeve, and it’s a doozy too! *Summons the remaining saucers to form together and create a large bomb the size of the city* Try to destroy that!


The girls used every bit of strength they had to destroy it, but it won’t budge.

Ms. Fantastic: *Exhaused* It’s no use! We can’t destroy it with physcial contact. What are we going to do?

Emilio: I know! *Uses Thunder on the bomb, but nothing happened* Well, then. I got nada.

Ms. Fantastic: I know! We’ll use our powers at the same time. That should destroy it!


So, the girls, and Emilio, used their powers together to destroy it.

Splice Dren: It’s not working!

Demon Witch: Well, try harder!

Gamma Jewel: *Loses patience* That’s it! I’m getting rid of it by throwing it out to space!

Richard: Oh no, you don’t! *Uses his staff to move the bomb to crush Gamma Jewel* Whew! I thought she would never stop talking. She’s getting on my nerves, even as a monster.

Suddenly, the trio saw the bomb rising up into the air and being tossed into space.


Richard and the cats were shocked and angry at the same time.

(Kirby: *Throws Green confetti* Hooray! Gamma Jewel saved us all from that Mega Bomb!)


Gamma Jewel: *Flies towards the girls* See? I told ‘ya that we could do that.

Black Swan: You amaze me, Gamma Jewel. Did you know that?

Emilio: *Dreamy expression* Yeah. She’s the most powerful being in the entire world! *Sighs* Aye! What a babe!

Gamma Jewel: *Sweatdrops* You just had to ruin the moment, didn’t ‘ya?

Emilio: Lo siento (I’m sorry). I’m just flirting with you, my avocado!

Demon Witch: *Picks up another tainted fragment* Seriously!? Another one!? How many do we have to find?

Ms. Fantastic: Hm….I think I’m picking up a pattern here. It seems that whenever we on a continent, we get one tainted fragment. But, where did they come from and from what?

Speedy Volta: I say that whatever it is, it must be powerful and important. I think we better keep an eye on it, right?


And so, they took off again to Australia for the next leg of their journey.

But meanwhile…..

The trio, still dumbfounded by Gamma Jewel’s action, are starting to panic. Mainly the cats.

Helousie: What are we gonna do? What’s our boss gonna say if she finds out we failed her again?

Roxxy: Yes! She’ll blow a fuse and we’ll be punished, savagely!

Richard: *Stops them* No, we won’t. Because I have an ingenious plan to destroy the Avenger Girls once and for all. And this one simply cannot fail.

Helousie: *Snickers* Hence the term “simply cannot fail”. Hehehehehehe…..

(Ahahahahahahahaha! Another Helousie Doubtful moment! This is gold for sure!)

Richard: *Hitmark* I heard that! One more joke like that and I’ll kick both of you out of the “Nightmare Company”!

Roxxy: Our best apologies sir. What’s your plan?

Richard: *Whispers to both cats* Well? What do you think of me now?

Helousie: You ARE a genius after all! *Laughs evilly*

Roxxy: Yeah! The smartest of all villains! *Laughs evilly*

Richard: And with those girls gone, nothing can stop us from obtaining the Soul Cube and take over the world! *Laughs evilly*

As the trio laughed maniacally, the shadow ball creature with a stuffed rabbit in her grasp smiled at the trio, apparently hearing all of Richard’s plan, and then smirking evilly at them.

Did you hear that, Frank? In no time at all, the world will be yours to share with me. Hohohohohoho!


(Kirby: *Gasps* The Master! And she’s…..she’s……)

(*Whacks Kirby with a hammer* No. We still got more action sequences to get through. Please, be patient.)

(Fantastic: *Shivers* Whatever their plan is, it can’t be good.)

To Be Continued

Hey guys! It’s time for a critical moment in this movie….the grudge match.

Michael: Finally! Now, we get to see what’s drivin’ ‘em girls apart!







That’s what the Avenger Girls said to each other when they arrived in Paris in the dead of night to rest for tomorrow. The reason they are fighting is because of the haunting chant from the Sahara Desert.

(Emilio: *Shivers* The chant is evil!)

Emilio: *Teary Eyes* I hate it when they fight.

Ms. Fantastic: *Uses her Super Strength to lift a building at Black Swan* Traitor! Why did I bother work with you? You’re so prissy, it sickens me!

Speedy Volta: *Whacks Ladybug Ant with her hammer* Are you sure you’re not Richard’s experiment, trying to kill me or convince me to return to Norway?

Ladybug Ant: *Hitmark* OH THAT’S IT!! IT’S ON, SISTER!! *Uses her Super Strength to lift Speedy Volta and throw her out of the window of a hotel*

Wasp Hornet: *Zaps Ms. Fantastic with her black laser from her hand and then poisoning her with her poison manipulation powers* HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A TRAITOR, TRAITOR!!!

Ms. Fantastic: *Struggles to get up* We were never friends! We were never even team mates.

Splice Dren: *Uses her tail to slash Wasp Hornet* You’re right. We’re not a team. We’re a time bomb waiting to go off and cause massive destruction! Now, you have made me very angry and betrayed! *Transforms into her Chimera Form* Prepare to face my wrath! AHHH!!! *Tackles the others*

Gamma Jewel: *Lifts the Eiffel Tower and throws it at the other girls* Not if I do it first, traitors! I knew you were trouble from the moment I saw you!

Demon Witch: Trouble!? You’re the troubled one, you monster!

Gamma Jewel: *Hitmark* WHAT DID YOU SAY!?

Demon Witch: ‘Ya heard me! A… M-O-N-S-T-E-R! Monster!

(Jolt: Ooooh! Smack talk! Hahahahahaha!)

Gamma Jewel: Now, you really have crossed the line this time! *Produces a large sonic boom by clapping her hands*

Demon Witch: *Protects herself with a force field created by her wand* Is that all you got, beast?! *Fires an ice beam at Gamma Jewel, freezing her solid*

Speedy Volta: Prepare to be vanquished, Traitors! *Using her hammer, she summons a large tornado that sucks up everyone*

Black Swan: Take this! *Produces a tornado and counteracts with Speedy Volta’s and explodes from absorbing too much wind*


All of the girls and Emilio fell to the ground and Ms. Fantastic, already poisoned by Wasp Hornet, fainted from exhaustion.

Emilio: *Trembling in fear* I think you girls need a time out! That’s not how superheroine squads like you girls act towards each other. Their friendships are the most powerful.

The remaining girls angrily growled at Emilio.

Emilio: *Steps back, frightned* I’m sorry. Forget I said anything. *Sighs* Now, I’m sounding like Black Swan. *Turns to Ms. Fantastic and glides to her* Ay! Ms. Fantastic! *Tries to wake her up with no success* Aww! Come on! You gotta get up! Earth’s future is at stake!

No response.

Emilio: No. *Starts to cry* POR QUE!? POR QUE!? (Why!? Why!?) Waahhh!

Gamma Jewel: *Scoffs* Hrmph! Serves her right! My mind is made up! I quit this mission and the Avenger Girls!

Us too!

Emilio: No! No! No! No! This cannot be happening! The girls are disassembling all because of……*Remembers the “Circle You, Circle You” chant* the chant. Well, I hope the villains are happy! This is all their chant’s fault! Gee. It’s more powerful than I thought.

Suddenly, Ms. Fantastic awakens, without the chant inside her head.

Ms. Fantastic: Hey! I’m myself again! Man, that woulda been the end for us if that chant reigned our heads.

Black Swan: Hey! How come you’re up, traitor? Are you gotta disband us forever?

Ms. Fantastic: And give up? Ohohohohohoho! I would never do that! Would you?


Emilio: Ms. Fantastic! You and your friends have been circled!

Ms. Fantastic: Circled?

Emilio: Si! It was the chant back in Africa that is causing you guys to fight, not each other. By the way, how did you return to normal?

Ms. Fantastic: Hmmm….Good question. *Idea* I know! It was Wasp Hornet’s poison. It must of worked as an antidote for the chant.

Wasp Hornet: Recovered from my poison, eh? Well, I can do it again! *Fires poison from her hands*

Ms. Fantastic: Oh no. You are gonna poison yourself! *Forms a force field plate from her hand that deflected the poison at Wasp Hornet, causing her to be poisoned before awaking*

Wasp Hornet: Huh? What’s going on here and….*Looks around and sees the destruction the girls made while they were fighting each other*ACK!! What happened here?

(Mimmy: *Writing* This is incredible. Wasp Hornet’s poison has some sort of purity effect. Amazing.)

Ms. Fantastic: We were fighting each other under the “Circle You Circle you” spell. Your poison is the antidote for them. We have to cure the others before we get disassembled permanently.


Wasp Hornet: You got it, boss! *Fires poison at the other Avenger Girls, curing them of the chant*

(Melody: *Throws pink confetti* Go, Wasp Hornet, go! Purify everyone with your poison powers!)

Speedy Volta: *Waking up* What happened here?

Ms. Fantastic: You girls were about to be disassembled by that annoying chant back at the desert. Luckily, Wasp Hornet saved us from that happening.

Splice Dren: Disassembling? Why would we ever do that?

Ladybug Ant: We would never give up for the future of the Earth. We are the Avenger Girls and we avenge those who are attacked by evil.

Demon Witch: We are gonna assemble and stay assembled, by working together as a team!

Speedy Volta: And defeat the cats and my brother!

Emilio: *Hugs Gamma Jewel happily* Oh my lovey-dovey! I thought I was going to lose you to the dark side!

Gamma Jewel: *Smiled slightly* Yeah. Same thing to you too, Emilio. I can’t wait to show those goons that we are still together.

Ms. Fantastic: *Laughs* Yeah! They’ll flip!

Splice Dren: *Sees another tainted fragment* Another fragment? Well, this might come in handy sometime. *Gives it to Emilio* Now, hold it tightly, my Spanish Emolga friend. *Winks*

Emilio: Okey-Dokey! At least, I won’t have to fly back to IPDA headquarters this time.

Ms. Fantastic: Alright girls! Let’s head off to Asia! Our next destination to find the Soul Cube!


So, the girls took off by air to find the Soul Cube, with their destination Japan, the land of the Rising Sun. As they flew they looked back at the destruction in Paris, promising that they will clean up after their mission. However, they still remembered the “Circle You Circle You” chant that almost divided the team forever.


Inside Richard’s hideout, Richard and the cats were having hot chocolate to celebrate their victory over the Avenger Girls until Richard checked from the monitor to find that the girls are still together.


Helousie: *Spewed her hot cocoa* WHAT!?

Roxxy: But that’s not possible! Those girls are impossible to beat!

Richard: Come on girls. Looks like we’ll have to take them down the old fashioned way!  The Goose Chase!

Helousie: But, I’m not done with my hot cocoa!

Richard: Well, the cocoa will have to wait! We got important matters to attend to!

Roxxy: Let’s go, Helousie!

Helousie: Oh fine! *Pouts about her cocoa*

(Vendetta: *Laughs* My rival is being pretty funny today! Like a bratty child!)

So, the trio took flight using Richard’s staff to enables them to fly and heads for Japan before the Avenger Girls arrive there first.

(You heard it right, folksees! We’re off to the land of the Rising Sun next time! So, stay tuned!)

To Be Continued

Hiya! Today, we are in Africa, but *Sweats* it is sizzlin’ out there!


At last, the Avenger Girls have arrived in the Sahara Desert in Africa, but they arrived at a bad time. There was a heatwave going on, like it has been for a long time.

Speedy Volta: *Sweating excessively* Ugh! How long will this heat last before arriving in Europe?

Ms. Fantastic: I don’t understand why you don’t use your powers to make it cooler?

Speedy Volta: I can’t! It’s so hot, I can’t think straight!

Demon Witch: Tell me about it! Why did we come here in the first place?

Black Swan: Uh….To find the Soul Cube? To follow its trails?

Demon Witch: Oh, now I remember.

Wasp Hornet: *Sees a tainted fragment* Hey look! There’s another fragment up ahead!

Ms. Fantastic: Another one? Some people should an eye on those things.

Meanwhile……Back At The IPDA Headquarters….

Audrey and the other agents were analyzing the tainted fragments until…..

Audrey: *Hears the alarm* Hey! What’s going on here? Is Richard and those cats back? If they are, we’ll show them who’s boss!

Suddenly, the same shadow ball creature returned with a stuffed demonic rabbit in her grasp.

(Kirby: *Gasps then looks around* Good. No Lauren. Look! The Master! The Master is…….)

(*Whacks Kirby with a stealth attack* Nice try, Kirby.)

Blustra: False alarm, people! It’s just this innocent ball thingy. *To the creature* Hello there! Are you lost?

No, I am not, but thanks for asking. Say, would you do me a favor?

Lily: Oh sure! We’ll do anything for any innocent citizen like you. Just name it!

Will you play with me?

Lorenzo: Ok! What shall we play?


We are going to play Circle You, Circle You, where I circle all of you. *Laughs evilly* Bwahahahaha!

Audrey: What was that?

Nothing. *Sweatdrops* Now, let’s play……

She walks around the four agents continutously until they are under her spell.

There. Now, in order to win the game, you must destroy the Avenger Girls.

All: Yes master.

(Jolt: Hey! What kinda game is this?)

(You don’t wanna know. It’s rather a game of death.)

That should buy me some time before those monkeys return from the rain forest. Now, back to business.

Back to the Desert…….

The Avenger Girls were struggling with the desert heat until they find an oasis.

Speedy Volta: Yay! Water! We’re saved! We’re saved! *Flies for it and drinks the water*


(Pauline: *Laughs* Speedy Volta’s funny!)

(I know. She can bring a lot of laughs!)

Gamma Jewel: *Sweatdrops* Speedy Volta. You’re eating sand. It is a mirage.

Speedy Volta: *Spits out the sand* What!? Meh…My mind is playing tricks on me. If only I can handle the heat long enough, I might change the weather.

Suddenly, they hear a rumble, coming from across the desert and closes in on them.

Ladybug Ant: What was that?

Splice Dren: *Uses her Super Vision* Looks like Audrey and the IPDA agents.

Ms. Fantastic: *Stretches her body to confirm her hunch* Yep. It’s them alright.

Wasp Hornet: Maybe they are here to get us out of this deathtrap! *To them* Hey guys! Long time no see!

Emilio: *Sees that something is wrong with agents* Uh….I don’t think they are here for a free ride. Look at their eyes. Something isn’t right.

The agents’ eyes were dilated with evil grins on their faces. And appearing after them is….

Richard, Helousie, and Roxxy!

Richard: I told you we would be back with a vengence!

Ms. Fantastic: What are you up to this time?

Helousie: Oh, just mind manipulating, that’s all. Thanks to our devoted master, we have put these agents in our control.

Black Swan: Like how?

Roxxy: Like this. *Snaps her fingers*

The agents circled around the Avenger Girls and chanted “Circle You! Circle You!”

Demon Witch: *Chuckles* Hehehehehehe….How’s that gonna stop us?

Richard: Would you like to find out?

Speedy Volta: Indeed, brother!

Circle you! Circle you! Your friends betrayed you. They work for Richard and the cats to take you into their trap in Antarctica!

Circle you! Circle you! Don’t listen to them. Listen to your guts! Don’t try to run away. Your “friends” will take you down no matter where you are!

Splice Dren: That’s crazy! We would never betray each other!

Emilio: This is some kinda of teamwork deathtrap that Richard and the others have planned to divide us!

Gamma Jewel: For once, I totally agree. We get along pretty good, despite a few disagreements at the very start.

Black Swan: Gamma Jewel. You actually believed in that?

Gamma Jewel: Yeah, but that’s only because Emilio taught me those things. *To Emilio* I owe you one…..buddy. *Kisses him* Thanks again.

(Gamma Jewel: *Smacks forehead* Why did I SAY that!?)

(You like Emilio, don’t ‘cha?)

(Gamma Jewel: NO! *Blushes* Yes….)

Emilio: *Hearts* Si! I finally got a kiss from Gamma Jewel!

Ms. Fantastic: Now, how about smashing those goons turned friends back to normal?

Ladybug Ant: Shouldn’t we try to talk to them first? I am a pacifist, after all.

Demon Witch: Lady Buggy? Do they look like they wanna be talked to?

Ladybug Ant: I’m not sure.

Demon Witch: Just listen!

Circle You! Circle You! Your friends are a trap! Don’t run away! They need you!

Circle You! Circle You! Give up now! You can’t stop this endless villainy cycle!

Ladybug Ant: Point taken.

Ms. Fantastic: Then, Avenger Girls! Attack!

The girls worked together to defeat the brainwashed army, despite their chants. They broke out of the circle and first attacked Richard and the cats for hypnotising their friends in the first place.

Audrey: *Snaps out of the chant* What are we doing in the Sahara Desert? We should analyze the tainted fragments.

Ms. Fantastic: It’s a complicated story, but at, least you are ok, for now. I don’t know how you guys were controlled, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Blustra: Well, before hypnotised, we were playing Circle you, Circle you with that cute but creepy shadow ball creature.

Speedy Volta: *Gasp* Then, how did that Goth Girl control you with a simple child game?

(Kirby: *Wakes up* Ok. I’m gonna say it this time and nobody is gonna stop me! The Master is really…..)

(Ladybug Ant: *Throws Kirby an apple* Here! Have a snack!)

(Kirby: *Eats it* Yum!)

Black Swan: Maybe she has mystical powers.

Demon Witch: That’s absurd! Why would she have that!?

Richard: Curses! They almost gave away our master’s identity. If they find out, we’re toast for sure.

Helousie: Yeah. That wasn’t smart of our master to use hypnosis circling on the Avenger Girls.

Oh! It was smart, on the contrary.

It was their master on their communication radio.

Roxxy: But, how can your game could possibly help us stop the Avenger Girls?

Just wait. That chant does a lot more than pursading someone to do something for me. It can cause the people trapped in the circle to kill one another. You just have to wait for its effects to kick in.

Richard: Master, you certainly are a genius.

Yeah, now you guys have to do your part. Try to encourage them to divide the team.

All: Right away, master! *Laughs evilly* Bwahahahahahahaha!

Wasp Hornet: Well, that’s that. *Gives the fragment to Audrey* Here’s another fragment to analyze. You let us know when you find something, ok?

Audrey: Ok. Now, be careful around those guys….and that shadow creature you mentioned.

We will! Take care! *Flies off for Europe*

Ladybug Ant: I’m glad we’re out of that desert.

Demon Witch: Yeah. Another minute in there and we would of turned into charcoal.

Speedy Volta: *Pouts* It’s too bad I didn’t get to use my weather manipulation powers.

Splice Dren: Still. It wouldn’t hurt, right?

Gamma Jewel: Yeah. And we’re certainly glad that “Circle You” chant stopped. I can’t stand listening to that stupid song!

Emilio: Si! Besides….*Shivers* it’s muy creepy!

Ms. Fantastic: Yeah. I agree.

As the Avenger Girls flew to Paris in France for their next destination to the Soul Cube, each of the girls and Emilio started to feel pain inside their heads, which are filled with the same haunting chant…

Circle You! Circle You! Your friends are traitors. They must be stopped.

Circle You! Circle You! Give up now! You don’t have what it takes to stop the villains and get the Soul Cube.


Ms. Fantastic: *Feels a grudge towards her teammates* I wonder if those chants are true? What if they are traitors?

(*Cues dramatic music* *In an eerie tone* It…..Can….Happen…Here.)

To Be Continued

Welcome back, folksees! It’s time for the Avenger Girl movie to resume again!


After stopping back at the Avenger Girls Mansion to bring food and drinks for the adventure (Thanks to a certain someone’s appetite for sandwiches), they arrvied in the Amazon Rainforest, the largest rainforest in the world. The girls were resting inside, eating and drinking goodies.


(Latte: I didn’t know Emilio liked sandwiches.)

(Oh sure! He’s a huge fan of them! Don’t ask why though. It’s kinda creepy. *Shivers*

Ms. Fantastic: *Staring at Emilio, who is happily eating his sandwiches* Emilio. How many sandwiches can one little Emolga eat?

Emilio: *With his mouth open* Sorry. I was hungry, so I brought snacks. I got to keep my metabolism, you know?

Ms. Fantastic: Point taken.

Demon Witch: *Staring at Gamma Jewel’s smoothie* Hey, buddy. That drink looks pretty good. What is it? Mind if I have a sip of that?

(Fantastic: Isn’t that Gamma Jewel’s Muscle Enhancing Smoothie?)

(Yep! It makes its appearence! You’ll see how useful it is!)

Gamma Jewel: It’s my Muscle Enhancing Smoothie that keeps up with my strength and sure, but I must warn you that……

Demon Witch: *Takes a sip, but then spews it back* Blech! You call this a smoothie? It’s black and it tastes terrible!

Gamma Jewel: Uh….It’s made this way to keep others from drinking it. It can increase one’s strength tenfold and can be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands.

Demon Witch: Now, she tells me.

Meanwhile, while the girls were busy with their snacks and drinks, Richard and the cats appeared behind the bushes.

Helousie: So, how are we gonna stop them, Richard?

Roxxy: Yes. All you got there are a couple of red berries.


Richard: *Sprinkes the berries with his staff* Oh, they are not just red berries. I sprinkled them with a shrinking powder that will shrink the Avenger Girls and then, we’ll stomp them to a pulp. Hehehehehehe……

(Becky: *Gasps* He stole Archie’s Mini Berries?! Why, that……)

(Archie: Relax sis. My berries are purple, not red.)

(Becky: Oh, ok. Just wondering.)

Helousie: Are you crazy? We can’t just simply shrink them down! They’ll still have their powers and beat US up to a pulp!

Richard: That’s why I also have the Depowerizing Powder, which cancels their powers until they can achieve normal height, which I doubt that they will.

(Fantastic: *Gasps* They REALLY are evil! You can’t do that to a hero!)

(I know. I put that in to make it look like they are good villains.)

Roxxy: And how do we lure them to eat them?

Richard: Leave that to me.

Back to our heroes……

They were still eating until a sandwich appeared in the midair.

Emilio: Oh goody! Another sandwich! *Grabs the sandwich* More for me! *Eats it, but spits it back out* Ay! That was the worst sandwich I ever tasted and….*Sneezes* it’s making me sneeze. *Sneezes out a magical powder* Huh? What is that powder? It looks nothing like pepper.

Helousie: *Hidden in the bushes* I can’t believe it! That Emolga foiled our plan!

Richard: *Hitmark* And sneezed out the Depowerizing Powder! *Smiles evilly* Well, no matter! The Shrinking powder is still there. Hehehehehe….

Emilio: *Picks up red berries* This must be these berries that made the sandwich taste terrible.

Ms. Fantastic: Hey. Those berries look pretty good. Mind if we have them?

Emilio: Sure, but I think they are……

Ms. Fantastic: *Tosses the berries to one girl each* Hey girls. Let’s eat them! They look pretty good! *Eats one* Mmmmm….That was delicious. *Senses a werid sensation* Huh? I feel funny.

Speedy Volta: Me too.

We do too!

Emilio: *Looking at the rainforest* Gee! Isn’t this beautiful? With their lush trees and lively animals. It’s a shame that we are destroying it day by day. *Turns to the girls* Don’t you agree? *Realizes that they are gone* Now, where they go?

Ms. Fantastic: *Wakes up to see everything is bigger* Woah. Is is just me or is every tree in the Amazon grew at an incredible rate?

Wasp Hornet: *Wakes up* Now that you mentioned it, everything seems bigger and….is that a giant bird flying towards us?


Speedy Volta: *Spots it* It is! *Uses her hammer to fire off sparks at the bird* Back, you demon beast with wings! *Phew* Well, that was close.

Black Swan: Yeah, another few seconds and we would of been lunch!

Splice Dren: *Sees Emilio, who has grown larger too* Has Emilio put on weight?

Demon Witch: I don’t think so, Chimera. And why do I feel like he’s 30 ft. tall or something.

Emilio: *Looks down at the Avenger Girls* Ay! You girls got shrunk! *Turns bubbly* But, you look so cute! *Picks them up and hugs them* I could just cuddle you!

(Awww! Isn’t Emilio cute?)

(Emilio: *Bubbly expression* I am cute! My eyes and happy personality is the key to my adorableness!)


Ladybug Ant: We got shrunk? But, how?

Speedy Volta: Richard’s tricks, no doubt. He has a plan for everything. But, what was that powder that Emilio sneezed?

Gamma Jewel: *Struggles to break free* I don’t care! I just want out of his grasp! He’s treating us like we’re dolls!

Richard: *Appears before the girls* Let me explain everything.

Speedy Volta: Richard! You shrunk us?

Richard: Exactly. I used a shrinking powder on the red berries you ate so that we can easily defeat you. We also have a Depowerizing Powder that will cancel your powers until full height. Or at least we did….until your Pokemon sidekick sneezed them all.

Gamma Jewel: So, that’s what that powder was. *To Emilio* Hey Emilio. You saved us from becoming weaklings and me personally from turning back into that Carrie girl.


Carrie: *From within Gamma Jewel’s conscience* Please Emilio! You got to find that powder so I can be me again! She has complete control over me and….

(Mimmy: Is that Gamma Jewel’s conscience?)

(Yeah, it’s werid right? I guess that since they are the same person, they must of shared minds.)

Gamma Jewel: *Hitmark* Hey, get outta my head! Nobody asked ‘ya to! *Breaks free and smashes Richard*

Richard: *Dazed* Unbelievable! She’s still the strongest being there is, even at three inches high!

Gamma Jewel: Yeah and it’s all thanks to my special smoothie!

Richard: *Gets up* But, no matter! I can still take you down! *Fires blasts from his staff* Don’t just stand there, Helousie and Roxxy! Do something!

Helousie: Right, boss! *Night Slash*

Wasp Hornet: Not so fast, my friend! *Pulls out her piccolo and enlarges nearby insects using it* Luckily, we’re in the Amazon, which means there are a lot of insects!

Roxxy: *Gets attacked* Gah! She’s right! Swarms and swarms of them are everywhere!

Richard: *Gets stung by a large bee* Apparently, fighting them in the jungle is not one of my best plans.

Helousie: *Hitmark* No kidding! You know, for a mad genius like you, you’re an idiot!


(Jolt: I’m thinkin’ the villains are not getting along very nicely, are they?)

(Nope! Helousie doubts that Richard’s plans works, but that could change.)

Roxxy: RETREAT!!

Richard: What? And give up on the Soul Cube? Never! Now, stop complaining and help me out!

Suddenly, the phone rang. It was coming from Richard’s pocket.

Richard: *Picks up the phone* Not a good time, whoever you are!

What was that?!

Richard: *Gasps* Oh. Oh, I am so sorry, master! No, we didn’t get the Soul Cube yet. But, we will keep trying.

(Kirby: *Gasps* It’s the master again!)

Oh, you guys will trying, huh? Hahahahaha!

Richard: *Laughs nervously* Girls, laugh with me.

Helousie and Roxxy laughed nervously also.

Demon Witch: Wow. Whoever their “master” is, she makes a pretty good boss.

Black Swan: I hope they are not scared of her. Are they?


(Kirby: Wait a second! I know that temper from anywhere! That’s…….)

(*Whacks Kirby with a hammer* Shut it, Pink Ball! People are trying to watch!)

Richard: *Gulps* Yes, madam!

Splice Dren: *Overhearing the conversation* How does the master know who we are?

Ms. Fantastic: Beats me.

Ugh! Here, I’m sending you the Magnifying powder now.

The powder magically appears.

Use these to smash those girls into smitereens!! NOW, GET BACK TO WORK!!

Richard: Yes, madam! Right away! *Hangs up and grabs the powder* This powder our master gave to us will enlarge us to enormous proportions. Then, we’ll show those girls what we are capable of!

Roxxy: *Pulls out a gun* Here, boss. I can slow the girls down with my pellet gun! *To the girls* Alright, you little squirts! I’m going to drill you good!

Wasp Hornet: She’s not planning to shoot us, is she?

Ms. Fantastic: *Forms a force field around them* Well, just as a precaution, yes. She is.

Gamma Jewel: You can keep your force field to yourselves. I’m gonna go mono on mono. *Leaps up at Roxxy and hovers using her wings* Alright, Purple Pussycat, you may fire when ready! I dare ‘ya!

Demon Witch: Are you insane? You’ll get killed!

Gamma Jewel: Don’t worry about me. I got this.

Emilio: *Covers his eyes* Just be careful, my sweetheart! *Sees the magnifying mixture* Hm…..Now’s my chance to grab the mixture and get our heroes back to normal size. *Flies off to get the mixture*

Roxxy: *To Gamma Jewel* Alright, you asked for it! *Fires the gun at Gamma Jewel*

Speedy Volta: *Covering her eyes* I can’t watch!

Gamma Jewel: *Still hovering as she gets covered in pellet bullets before brushing them off and tsking* Too bad. Roxxy didn’t know that the strongest people on the planet, like me, have the gift of being impervious to bullets.

(Paureen: *Shocked* Wow! So Gamma Jewel’s……Bullet Proof?!)

(Yep! Classic, ain’t it?)

Roxxy: *Dumbfounded* What the……Why, I shot….Why didn’t they…..? Meh….*Faints*

Helousie: *Hisses* Unbelievable! Gamma Jewel is so strong, that bullets can’t hurt her, not even a little! The Avenger Girls are a bigger threat than we thought.

Emilio: *Returning with the mixture* Hola, girls! I’m back! And I brought you something. *Blows the mixture at the Avenger Girls, returning them back to normal size* Say hello to my normal sized friends!

(Kirby: *Gets up and throws confetti* Hooray! My Emilio saves the day again!)

Helousie: *Shrieks* RETREAT!!! *Pulls Roxxy by the tail and runs*

Richard: *Paralyzed by Emilio when he was getting the mixture* Me too. *Runs off but before warning the girls* You haven’t seen the last of us! We’ll be back!

Ms. Fantastic: *Stretches her arms to whack Richard on the backside* And we’ll be ready! Well, that’s that. *Sees a tainted fragment* Another fragment? What’s going on here?

Emilio: *Groans* Oh no! And now, you are expecting me to bring it to Audrey, right?

Gamma Jewel: Yep! Now, get a move on! Time waits for no one! *Throws Emilio out of the Amazon*

Splice Dren: I wonder why we keep seeing fragments with Dark Energy?

Ms. Fantastic: Don’t know, but we’ll find out together!

And so, they flew off to Africa, their next destination. As they flew, they ponder many questions about their adventure. Who is that shadow colored puff ball creature they keep bumping into? Who is the “master”? Why do they keep seeing Dark Energy Tainted Fragments? Do they have a connection? And are they related to the Soul Cube? The anwsers are about to solved soon.

(Oh yes. Those answers will be solved. But, I’m warning you that you might not like them. *Cues dramatic music*)

To be Continued

Scene 9: O Canada Sweet Home! Loco Mexico!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

The “Emilio Caramelldansen Dance” Movie is played automatically.

ARRRGGHHHH!! MAKE IT STOP!!! *Destroys the clip with a hammer* There. That’s that.

Emilio: Don’t worry folksees! I got a spare!

SPARE!?? Uh……..Oh look, Gamma Jewel wants to kiss you.

Emilio: *Hearts* Where?

*Whacks him with a hammer and projects the real film* That should keep your blabbering mouth shut for the remainer of the film.


Not long after they left New York City with their faithful and romantic Emolga butler, Emilio, they stumble across Montreal, Canada, the first leg in their journey to find the Soul Cube.

Ms. Fantastic: I haven’t seen Richard or the cats for a while. Do you think they gave up?

Speedy Volta: Are you kidding? Richard is a very determined man. He’ll do anything to get what he wants.

Wasp Hornet: Look! We arrived in Montreal! You know, I always wanted to go there for vacation. Ever since I was young, I was told that the city is thriving with music! And I thought “What a wonderful place to go!” and….

Demon Witch: *Fires a blast at Wasp Hornet* Cut it out, can’t ‘cha? How long can you talk for? An hour?

Wasp Hornet: One time I did and it was about….

Demon Witch: I don’t want to hear it, Chatty Sting.

(Melody: My, Wasp Hornet is quite a talkative character, isn’t she?)

(*Sweatdrops* Yeah. All….the…..time.)

Gamma Jewel: *Notices that Splice Dren is unusually happy* Ms. Fantastic. The Chimera is acting funny.

Splice Dren: Don’t you know where we are?

Ms. Fantastic: Montreal, Canada?

Splice Dren: Well, yes that….and this is where I was created by my loving parents. I hope my father’s here.

Ladybug Ant: *Sees some individuals* Is that your parents down there? They looked overjoyed to see you.

Splice Dren: *Sees a woman and man in lab coats and four chimeric women* Yes! They are my parents! *Waves to them* Hi mom and dad! Did you miss me? And look, my tribe X is here!

(Aww! Isn’t that sweet? We got ourselves a bit of a family reunion, huh?)

(Yes, ma’am!)

Black Swan: You have a tribe?

Splice Dren: They are a group of chimeras that have a leader, which is me by the way. They are actually the Xavier Sisters, chimeric sisters with alien DNA. Sil, Eve, Sarah, and Miranda.

Ms. Fantastic: Pretty interesting characters, I might say.

Suddenly, they were attacked by a scratch.

Wasp Hornet: *Sees Helousie and Roxxy* Oh no! It’s those feme-fatales again! Those guys never seem to give up, do they?

Black Swan: Nope. I guess not.

Ms. Fantastic: I know those guys want the Soul Cube, but we are not gonna let them!

Splice Dren: Right. *Extends her claws and tail needle* Scratch these, pussycats! *Scratches the cats*

Helousie: *Grabs Splice Dren’s tail* Hehehehehe….I’m not gonna fall for that old trick again. *To Roxxy* Ready?

Roxxy: Ready. *Hyper Beam*

Splice Dren: *Sent flying* Ayeee! Girls, help!

Demon Witch: Hyper Beam!? Aw, come on! That’s not fair!

(Fact: Liepards can learn that, so basically, it is fair.)

Emilio: Girls. Mind if I try something to lose them?

Gamma Jewel: Like what can you do that’s so helpful?

Emilio: My specialty move: Volt Switch! Want to see how it works?

Gamma Jewel: Don’t care….

Emilio: That’s the way, my avocado! *Uses Thunderbolt on the cats and then switches with Gamma Jewel, delivering a devastating blow*

Speed Volta: Say, that really does the trick all right. It allows you to attack an enemy with your Moves and then switching them out with one of us fast enough for the enemy to be unable to attack back.

Emilio: *Nods* Si! That’s my Volt Switch!

(Fact: It’s an Emolga’s speciality move)


Splice Dren: *Returns to the air, with a vein on her forehead* Hrmph! What about me? You left me to fall into a greenhouse full of spiky plants! Why didn’t you save me?

Ladybug Ant: Oh, I’m sorry, Splice Dren. We were so busy fighting the cats that we forgot about you.

Splice Dren: *Hisses* WHAT!? *Lashes at Ladybug Ant*

(Jessica: Uh oh. Do I sense some grudge towards the girls?)

(Michael: Is that the scene of the huge girl fight?)

(Almost, but that foreshadows it)

(Michael: Ok.)

Wasp Hornet: Hey! Hey! Hey! This is no time to fight! We gotta work together to save the world.


Splice Dren: *Notices something under her Super Vision* Hey! What’s that on the ground? It looks like it’s glowing.

Ms. Fantastic: Glowing? *Thinks about the Soul Cube* Let’s go check it out before the cats come back.


They landed in a forest, where they are staring at a small crystal-like fragment. A closer look reveals the fragment glowing with a combination of light and dark energies, with the dark energy overpowering the light.

Demon Witch: What is that thing? A crystal?

(Latte: *Twinkle eyes* Oooooo! Shiny! Just like candy!)

(Wasp Hornet: Speaking of which, would you like to share my lollipop?)

(Latte: *Eats it whole from Wasp Hornet’s hand* Gladly!)

(Wasp Hornet: Hehehehehe……Thanks *Sweatdrops* Lauren’s right. That guy’s nuts.)


Ms. Fantastic: *Picks it up* Hmmm…I don’t think so. It looks like a glass fragment filled with increasing dark energy. We better send this to IPDA for a full analysis. *To Emilio* Emilio. Would you be a good little boy and deliver this to Audrey and the others?

Emilio: *Takes the fragment* Si! I’ll keep an eye on it. You’ll see! *Winks*

Before he flies off, he kisses Gamma Jewel on the lips.

Emilio: *Flirting* If I don’t come back, always remember me, my love.

(Victor: Wow. That Emolga really loves you, Gamma Jewel.)

(Gamma Jewel: *Hitmark* A bit too much if you ask me.)

(Emilio: *Wakes up* You love me?! YOU REALLY DO!?? *Gets smashed by Gamma Jewel* I’ll be quiet now.)

Gamma Jewel: *Irritated* Just get to Audrey! *Flings Emilio out of Canada* At least he won’t bother me for a while.

Speedy Volta: *Sternly* Gamma Jewel. Do you even love Emilio a little bit?

Gamma Jewel: *Blushes* Well….There are times that he saved me and Carrie. But that’s for another time! Let’s go get that cube.


Taking to the skies again, they began to fly south of Canada and the United States until they reached the heart of Mexico, the birthplace of Emilio.

(Kirby: Ah! Home sweet home! It’s been a long time since I have been there.)

Black Swan: Wow! I can’t believe we are in Mexico! Emilio is sure gonna miss out big time!

Wasp Hornet: *While taking off her gloves*I know! It’s a top destination, isn’t it? *Sees something shiny* AYYEEE!!! Is that the rarest diamond on the planet? *Takes a picture of it using her phone* I’m so saving this to show others after this adventure!

(Charlotte: So shiny…..*Becomes oblivious*)

(Vendetta: They’re so girly.)

(Black Swan: We’re not girly! If we are, then we would had our costumes pink. We’re just excited.)

(Vendetta: *Stern face* I still think you and Wasp Hornet are girly.)


Speedy Volta: *Annoyed* Are you done, Swan and Wasp?

Yeah. I guess.

Speey Volta: Remember. Richard and the cats are on the loose, so we can’t let our guard down for even a second.


The girls were attacked by a powerful blast of electricity by Richard’s staff.

Richard: The Avenger Girls. I didn’t expect you to come here to Mexico, did you?

Speedy Volta: Richard!

Ms. Fantastic: Now, now Speedy Volta. Let’s not make this ugly.

Speedy Volta: Of course, I wanna make this ugly for my brother! *Fires lightning bolts from her fingertips at Richard*

(Pauline: *Throwing Yellow confetti everywhere* Atta girl, Speedy Volta! Give him another shock and another and another!)

Richard: You dare to attack your brother!? Well, if it’s war you want, it’s war you got! *Fires blasts from his staff*

Splice Dren: Look out! *Dodges the blast* He looks serious this time. *Lashes at Richard with her claws*

Demon Witch: *Fires a ice blast from her wand* No kiddin’!

Richard: *Breaks free from the ice* You think you could beat me with that weak ice attack of yours?

Demon Witch: No, but this might! *Fires a time freezing blast that freezes Richard in time*

(This is why Demon Witch is on the team. Her wand can do like….anything….even stopping time and space!)

Ms. Fantastic: Good work, Demon Witch! Now, we can proceed with our mission.

Suddenly, Emilo appears, shocking Richard with a Electric attack before returning to Gamma Jewel’s shoulder.

Emilio: *Blushes* Did you miss me, my love?

Gamma Jewel: *Sarcastically* Oh yes. Very much, Emilio. *Hitmark* Oh, I hate it when I say that to him!

Emilio: So. Did I miss anything?

Ladybug Ant: We pretty much defeated Richard….for now using Demon Witch’s powerful wand to freeze him. Other than that, nothing else happened really. So……What did Audrey and the others found out about those tained fragments?

Emilio: Nothing yet. But, they’ll keep us up to date.

Ms. Fantastic: That’s good, now we can go back to our…..

Wasp Hornet: Girls! Look! *Pulls out a fragment that looks exactly like the one found previously* I found another fragment tained with the same darky stuff!

(Espresso: “Darky Stuff”? I’m thinking Wasp Hornet is not the brightest of the team.)

(Wasp Hornet: *Hitmark* Are you saying I’m stupid?!)

(Espresso: No! Not at all. I just think you are clueless at times.)

(Wasp Hornet: *Sighs* That’s true. It’s a curse that I had since high school.)

Ladybug Ant: They are called Dark Energy, Wasp Hornet. But, there’s another one?

Black Swan: Another one? You don’t suppose that the two are connected, do you?

Ms. Fantastic: Hmmmm….*To Emilio* Take this one to Audrey and the other agents as well.

Emilio: Aw! Do I have too? My wings are tired from all that flying! *Whines*

(Ioan: He’s not acting his age, is he?)

(Nope! He’s only nine years old and he owned his stadium when he was five.)

(Ioan: *Mouth drop* Really?)

(Yes, really. His parents are filthy rich.)

(Ioan: Oh, that makes sense.)

Gamma Jewel: Here, Emilio, my dear! Let me help you. *Throws Emilio far away*

Emilio: Thank you, sweetie! *Blow kisses to Gamma Jewel*

Gamma Jewel: *To the others* What? His wings were tired.

Ms. Fantastic: *Sweatdrops* Ok? Now, can we finally proceed.

They flew off to their next location, South America. But, before they took off, a black puff ball-like creature with a stuffed demonic rabbit in her grasp appeared.


(Kirby: *Gasps* It’s the master again!) 

Wasp Hornet: Ugh! It’s that goth ball again! *Hands glowed black* Alright, bub! You got three seconds to get out of our way or we’ll make you!

(Kirby: Goth?! *Gasps* I was right! The master is……)

(Look Kirby, somebody left a box of popcorn on the floor.)

(Kirby: Where!? I wanna eat it!)

(*Whacks Kirby with a hammer* There. I bet that will teach you not to spoil the big surprise.)

Was this trip really necessary?

Speedy Volta: You don’t understand, kid. The Soul Cube is in Antarctica and we have to get it before my brother, Richard, Helousie Purrloin and Roxxy Liepard get it and take over the world.

Suddenly, the three characters rang a bell inside the creature’s head.

Richard, Helousie, and Roxxy…..I……I know them.

Gamma Jewel: ‘Ya do? Well, tell us! What are their weaknesses. What are they gonna do with the cube? Where are they now?

I know them, but I wish not to explain it. Now, if you would excuse me, I have important matters to attend to. *Walks off*

Black Swan: *Shivers* What a creepy Goth! It’s like she knows them, but actually doesn’t.

Ms. Fantastic: Hmmm….You know, we did see her back at the mansion after that interview. I think we better keep an eye on her, just in case she works with the trio. Now, come on, time waits for no one!


And so, the Avenger Girls, with Emilio trailing right behind them flew off to South America for the next leg of their journey.

(Alright people! We’re heading to South America, so don’t go away! It’s gonna be a doozy!)

To be Continued

Here we here! More action sequences as I promised!

But, she projects Emilio dancing to Caramelldansen.

ARRRRGHHH!!! STUPID MOVIE!!! WHY DO YOU HAVE TO TORTURE ME!!?? *Throws the film at Emilio and punches him in the face*

Emilio: Killjoys!

*Projects the real film* There. That’s better.


After recieving the distress call from IPDA, the Avenger Girls wasted no time to transform and save all of the agents from Richard and the cats. But, they came across more saucers.

Demon Witch: Aw, come on! We just defeated those guys!


(*Throws Blue confetti everywhere* Go Ms. Fantastic! Go go! Woohoo!)

Ms. Fantastic: Well, that’s no problem, ’cause we can defeat them again. Look. I’ll take care of them, you guys can get to the headquarters. I’ll be fine. *Flies off towards them* Hey! I thought you can’t regenerate yourselves together. Apparently, I was sadly mistaken. *Fires Force Fields at them* This should keep you deactivated! *Flies upward to fire more at the saucers* Is that all you got?

Suddenly, one of the saucers attacked Ms. Fantastic, sending her downward towards the ground.

Wasp Hornet: *Gasps* Ms. Fantastic! *Covers her eyes* I can’t watch!

Black Swan: *Covering her eyes as well* Me either!

Gamma Jewel: *Grabs Ms. Fantastic* Got’cha! Are you ok?

Ms. Fantastic: I’m fine. Apparently, those guys are more powerful than we thought. I need some help.

Speedy Volta: *Thinking about her brother* You guys go ahead. I’ll deal with my brother.

Splice Dren: Are you sure you know what you are going to get yourself into?

Speedy Volta: Yeah. It was carried out for a very long time. *Flies towards the headquarters*

(Paureen: She’s very fast. *Twinkle Eyes* Awsome!)

Ladybug Ant: Wait! We want to come too! *Sweatdrops* Well, she moves pretty fast.

Wasp Hornet: She’s the fastest member we have!

Ms. Fantastic: *Gets up* We’ll catch up to her later. But right now, we got company to take care of.


Meanwhile, in the IPDA headquarters……

(Pauline: *Throws Yellow confetti* Yay! Speedy Volta! Go show ‘em who’s boss!)

Richard, Helousie, and Roxxy were holding Audrey and her agents hostage with their computer when Speedy Volta showed up.

Richard: Well, well, well. If it isn’t my baby sister! How quaint!

Speedy Volta: I’m not a baby, brother! I’ve come here to destroy you and your feline helpers!

Richard: *To the cats* Get her, Helousie and Roxxy!

Yes boss!

Speedy Volta: If you wanna get me, you gotta catch me first, which is kinda hard because I’m the fastest there is! *Flies at lightning fast speeds*

Helousie: *Shrugs* We have to follow her. We’ll know where she went to by the streak trails.

Roxxy: Yes, your ladiness. *Runs with Helousie*


Speedy Volta: *To her teammates* Girls! I’m bringing our prey to you!

Black Swan: *Firing gusts of wind* What kind of prey?

Speedy Volta: Helousie and Roxxy. *To Emilio* Emilio, since Helousie and Roxxy are Dark Type Pokemon, what are their weaknesses?

Emilio: Hmmm…..I think they are Bug Type and Fighting Type. Why? We got those?

Speedy Volta: Oh yeah. *To Ladybug Ant and Wasp Hornet* Bug Buddies, do your thing!


Using their instruments, they summoned and enlarged nearby insects by playing them in a low pitch.

Helousie: *Being trambled* ACK! BUGS!! OUR WEAKNESS!!

Roxxy: At least, they don’t have Fighting Type attacks. Or do they?

Ms. Fantastic: *Punches Roxxy from behind* Oh, yes we do! *To Gamma Jewel* Now, go smash Helousie! I’ll clobber her henchwoman!

Gamma Jewel: Now, you’re talkin’! *Smashes Helousie, sending her flying*


Ms. Fantastic: It’s over, pussycats! *Clobbers Roxxy, sending her flying too*

Roxxy: Now, I’m blasting off!

(Ahahahahahahahaha! That never gets old! Ahahahahaha)

Helousie: *Smacks her forehead* Give me a break!


Demon Witch: *Fires a large beam from her wand at the saucers that automatically destroys them* There! I guess that should take care of the saucers. We won’t see them anytime soon!

The girls and Emilio laughed until……


They all get zapped by Richard’s staff.

Richard: I see that you disposed of my henchwomen and my army of saucers, but you’ll never dispose me!

Ms. Fantastic: *Gets off* Oh yes, we will! *To the others* Avenger Girls, take him down!

Gamma Jewel charges at Richard, but then gets zapped again.

Ms. Fantastic: *Sweatdrops* That Gamma Jewel sure likes to smash evil, doesn’t she?

Emilio: *Happily nods* Yep! That’s what makes her cute! *Kisses her on the cheek*

Gamma Jewel: *Hitmark* Emilio! This is not the time for romance!

Emilio: But I get so lonely when you are away!

Gamma Jewel: *Throws Emilio in the air* And no more flirting! I hate it!

Black Swan: *Snickers* I was right about you, oaf. You are definitely not the romantic and adorable type. Hehehehehehe….

Gamma Jewel: Would you like to be next to be thrown out?

Black Swan: *Steps back* I’m sorry. Forget that I said anything.

Speedy Volta: *To Richard* Brother, why are you doing this? I must know! What did I ever do to you?

Richard: You betrayed us back home, Nicole. And for that, I am going to force you to move back with us!

Speedy Volta: The reason I left was because I don’t like our family’s customs. They are boring to me. I crave action, adventure…..not doing what other girls in Norway do. I’m a tomboy!

Richard: *Growing angrier* GRRR!!! What pathetic excuse is that? You just wanted to leave because you hate your family.

Speedy Volta: That’s not true! I love them dearly. The only person I hate in the family is you! You and Uncle Maximum. He’s a little crazy. *To the others* Don’t ask why. *Shivers*

Richard: *Charging his staff* You are moving back to us and that’s final!

But before he attacked the Avenger Girls, Blustra appeared with urgent news.

Blustra: Guys! The location of the Soul Cube has been exposed!

Richard: Yes! I knew my master would find it! She is expert hacker.

Ladybug Ant: Who hacked the IPDA computer?

Richard: *Panics* Ah! If anyone knows about our boss, we would be in hot water for sure! *Runs off to catch with Helousie and Roxxy*

Gamma Jewel: *Sweatdrops* What was that about? Whatever it is, I’m sure he’s licked! We are unstoppable!

Ms. Fantastic: No. He mentioned about his “master”. Who could that be?

Splice Dren: I’m not sure. But, I wonder if Richard and the cats weren’t alone with their scheme. Could there be a forth person involved, someone who is more powerful than the three combined?

Ms. Fantastic: Don’t know, but we are gonna find out together. *To Blustra* Where was the Soul Cube located?

Blustra: Well, the coordinates are located in the heart of Antarctica.

Wasp Hornet: Antarctica? Isn’t it kinda cold to find a powerful artifact?

Demon Witch: That’s why it’s called an “Artifact”. They are hidden.

Wasp Hornet: Oh. Okay.

Ms. Fantastic: You can count on us to find the artifact before Richard and the cats do, IPDA. *To the others* Will we, girls?


The girls huddled and formed a teamwork hand gesture.


And so, the Avenger Girls began their journey to find the Soul Cube before Richard and the cats do. All of them flew, even Splice Dren (She sprouted bird/Insect arms to fly).

Speedy Volta: I wonder girls……If Richard didn’t hack into the computer and if the cats didn’t……then who did?

(Alright! Let the real adventure begin!)

Everyone pondered.

Ms. Fantastic: Don’t know. But, once we find her…..You, know? I’m surprised Richard’s “Master” is a female.

Black Swan: Yeah, I know. It’s werid right?

As they flew, the same mysterious shadow colored round creature with a stuffed demonic rabbit in her grasp glances at them.


Soon, Frank, soon. We’ll get the cube from those fools and all of your darkest desires will come true. Hehehehehehe…….

(Kirby: *Gasps loudly* It’s…It’s…..*Gets whacked by a hammer* Fine. I’ll save it to the end. But, I still it’s…. *Gets whacked by a hammer again* Ok! Ok! I’m sorry!)

To Be Continued

Welcome back fellas! This scene is on the detailed look on each girl’s origins, so pay attention folks! This is important!


The next morning, a news crew arrived at the Avenger Girls Mansion for a interview with the girls on their rapid success and their stories on how they got their powers. But, some certain girls are not totally into telling their stories.

Carrie: *Being dragged by Penny* Why do the news crew want my story. It’s horrible!

Penny: Which is why you need to tell the world your story……bad. Maybe people will start taking sympathies for you and your alter ego.

Carrie: I doubt that.

Soon, all of the girls arrived with the news crew.

Avenger Girls. The world is waiting on your origin stories. Tell us. However did each of you get so super?

Penny: Well, that’s because, somehow, there is a voice inside of all of our heads that told us that we must save the world from the moment we got superpowered by radiation or experiments or whatever! First, let’s start with me.



*Penny’s Side*

I was just a typical teenager with a dream to explore space. That dream came true indeed……just a little too soon. I recieved a call from the Space Program that told me to test out their newest prototype rocket. I happily accepted it and blasted off to space. It was a wonderful experience…..That is, until I found out the shield that was to protect me from oncoming Cosmic Rays broke down and there was a cosmic storm somewhere in space. I tried everything to protect me, but in the end, I was bombarded by Cosmic Rays and the ship crashed back down to Earth not long after. When I woke up, as I recall, the crew was horrified at me for something. Something they said was my “transformation”. So, when I got home, my parents were so terrified of me that they kicked me out. I had no idea what was going on until I looked myself on a mirror on a windowshop screen. It was unbelieveable. I was a stretched out invisible person on fire and can lift massive weights. But then, I realized that you can’t face mutations. You have to embrace it. So, that’s what I did. Using my powers to fight crime under Ms. Fantastic.

Your story is so exciting Penny. And you didn’t have to save the world first to realize that you are a hero.

Penny: Thanks!

(Fantastic: *Throwing Blue confetti* Hooray! Terrific story Penny!)

Nicole: That’s great pal! My turn to tell my story!


*Nicole’s Part*

I was born in Norway with my parents and half-brother, Richard. From that moment, my folks could tell right away that I was not a normal person. Unlike other girls who did girly things, I was photographing thunderstorms and reading books on genetics. My parents were so angry with me that I lost my purpose in life by living in their savage lifestyles. So, when I was 10, I moved to New York City, with skills for independent living. For many years, Richard would visit me, convincing me to return to Norway, but I felt like an outsider to them, so I refused deeply. From that point on, I lived life like I always wanted, until one day…….that went to the ultimate level. I was walking on the streets for my afternoon jog when I noticed an ancient hammer with a cape attached to it. I didn’t know who owned it, so I took it to everyone in the city and they all said that they never saw it before. With that in mind, I took them as my own and attached the cape to my neck. Little did I realize that that cape and hammer from Norse Mythology gave me incredible powers like that of a Magical Girl, with the extra burst of electricity. They gave my purpose of life back to me by being a savior to people in need. So, that’s how I got here. Any questions?

Nope! We’re good!

(Pauline and Jolt: *Throwing Yellow confetti* Amazing story Nicole! You are the greatest ever!)

Natalie: *To Carrie* Psst! Carrie. You’re up!

Carrie: But I don’t want to tell my story!

But Ms. Banner. This is what the world is waiting for! Tell us your story!

Carrie: Well, alright. But I’ll hate myself for this.


*Carrie’s Part*

When I was a little girl, my parents would always care for me and introduce me to science, specifically genetics. But that all changed……when…when….my father used a knife to kill my mother for reasons I still don’t understand. *Tears poured from her eyes* Why!? I wished I could of protected my mother when I had the chance. Then, as a teenager, I helped my father with a Gamma Bomb that was to repel against attacks to our country by the government. They had no idea what came to them next. The bomb absorbed too much Gamma Radiation and was about to go off. My father was still there when it happened. At first, I wanted to leave him there for what he did to my mother, but he’s my father. I would never forgive myself if I haven’t saved my father. So, I blocked him from the bomb, exploding, and leaving me exposed to Gamma Radiation. When I was at the hospital, my father went to me and thanked me for saving him. As a gift, he gave me a personal butler, an Emolga named Emilio.

Emilio: Hey, that’s me! *Shocked* Wait! I don’t remember your father getting me for you!

Well, that’s what I remembered. You were too young to understand.

Emilio: Oh. Well, continue!

Thank you, sweetie! *Ahem* Now, back to my story, when I recovered from the explosion, I went back to the Gamma Room to find out what’s wrong. But no….that was where my painful memories……transformed me. I came to become a horrifying monster, alias my alter-ego Gamma Jewel. I took it as a curse. Everyone feared me, hated me, attacked me, took me down. But Emilio….*Sighs* He came to my aid and believed in who I really am. He’s really sweet. I even saved him from a pack of mutated dogs my father sent. My father himself was subjected into Gamma Radiation to continue his rampage, probably because from knowing that I survived the explosion, he can too…..and he did. *Shivers* I was in a rampage myself when Emilio warned me about it. Thanks to him, I was able to use my powers to vanquish him for good. That was the last time I ever saw my father, but I hope he’s gone forever. And as for today, I scramble to find a cure, but I have to rely on my alter ego to save the day. Meh…It’s tough to balance them out, you know? But for getting my Emilio closer to me and defeating my father once and for all, I owe her a ton. *Smiles*

(Kirby: *Sniffs while throwing Green confetti* Your story has touched all of our hearts. I think I’m going to cry.)

(*Sobs* Me too!)

We feel your pain, Ms. Banner. Thanks for sharing your story.

Carrie: Thanks. Actually, I feel pretty good after that.

Jenny: See, pal? When you tell people your problems, they will listen with great heart and respect.

Rachael: *Teary eyes* Aw. That’s pretty rough to live like that. But, you lived through it to tell it!

Carrie: Thanks! You guys are the best!

Rachael: Ok then. Now for my tale!


*Rachael’s Part*

So, when I was a tyke, I admired my older sister, Nina, as a ballerina and I always dreamt of becoming a ballerina like her someday. So, when I was older and recieved a role for Swan Lake, I was so happy. But, there was one problem. I was the clumsiest of my class and always tripped on simple steps. But, that all changed……After many failed attempts to improve my talents, I stumbled on mysterious serums that contained the DNA of a Mutant Swan. I injected them to myself and went off to the big show. I was so amazed as to what the serums did to me. I was the most elegant dancer in the show and danced my heart out for all of my fans. But then, things get really werid when I took my final bow. Somehow, I sprouted actual swan wings, but they were black rather than white and to make it even stranger, winds became strengthened by every movement I make. I realized that I have the power to control the winds around me. But still, people loved it and I begin using to fight crime. Let me tell you, I think fighting crime never looked so good.

(Kitty: *Throws Black Confetti* Hooray for Rachael! That was a great story!)

Amazing, Rachael. So now, you are like half human half Black Swan.

Rachael: Yep!

Heidi: I guess Jenny and I should tell our stories.

Penny: Why? You guys lived apart, but stayed close.

Jenny: Ah, but it wasn’t always like this. Here, let us show you….


*Heidi and Jenny’s Part*

I was born to ingenious parents, which are responsible for my love of science and my 300 IQ. I have always grown an interest on insects, mainly ladybugs and ants. And Jenny, she was an inspired girl with a similar interest in insects. Her favorites are wasps and hornets. Plus, we even have the same interest in music. We played music for hours at each of our houses. Oh, it was a lot of fun.

Yeah, but that friendship was put to the test when…..*Starts to cry* I learned from my older siblings that my parents, who were musicians, were killed in a plane crash to Paris for a tour. I was so devastated. With my siblings off to college, I became an orphan. But…But…I had Heidi and she took me in until my older siblings came home.

That’s right! After a little while, I experimented on a injection that would of gave someone the strength of an ant and the super senses of the ladybug. I tried on myself and became Ladybug Ant, obviously. I even crafted a magical flute that summons and even enlarges insects when played at a low pitch.

Yeah, and then, Heidi did a similar experiment with me. This time, it was for giving me the stinging powers of a wasp and the senses of a hornet. That turned me into Wasp Hornet, thanks to my best buddy! *Hugs Heidi* And….that’s not all! Heidi helped me craft a magical piccolo that has the same fuctions as the flute. So….That’s our story!

(*Throwing confetti everywhere* Hooray for the power of friendship!)

Now, that’s the power of friendship, my friend!

Dren: Quite. Now, for my story. I must warn you that mine is the most mysterious.


*Dren’s Side*

From what I can remember, I was a freakish creature infant under the care of my parents, Elsa and Clive. They created me for reasons I can’t quite solve, but I do know that it’s for a health related project. I suddenly grew up to be quite an intelligent creature with a love of art and filming. One of my memories is stealing my parents camcorder to film an annual Canada Geese migration outside. But, enough of memories. When I got older, I used my powers to discover the world around me, but my parents forbid too, for fears of exposure. I had a….childish personality. Flaring up on my parents when I don’t get what I want and constantly playing with our family cat, Finn. I love cats. I think are…..Oh. *Ahem* Sorry. Got excited there. Now, when my parents wanted me to expose myself to the world, I gravely fear that they will hurt me or even try to kill me, so I ran away from home in search of freedom, but my parents were already on my tail. So, I transformed into my Chimera form to kill my father and wound my mother and I never saw them again, other than learning from my Chimera friends that my father has survived the attack. That’s all I can remember.

(Drenmi: *Applauding* Very nice, Splice Dren. Kind of reminds me of my past.)

Natalie: Oh yeah? Well, my story is very basic!


*Natalie’s Side*

My family from Iowa is a walking circus and all of my nine younger brothers and myself are in it. I was the main attraction of course, with my amazing ability to never miss my target and quick reflexes, which lead me to become a great escape artist. On my 16th birthday, my parents gave me a magical wand that was really magical and I begun to use it for my enjoyment. Unfortunely, I was fired from tipping over the audience and dunking them in hot water during an act. So, I moved to New York City, to play with my wand more. In short, I used my witch costume and wand from the circus to fight crime as Demon Witch.

(Vendetta: Short, but it explains a lot about Demon Witch.)

Gee. All of your stories are wonderful! Thank you for sitting down with us!

All: Thank you!

After the interview, the girls returned to the Avenger Girls mansion to contact IPDA about their plans for Richard and the cats for tommorow. But not before finding a black round creature sitting on the couch with a stuffed rabbit in her grasp.


Penny: Who are you?

I am no one.

She disappears through a window.

(Kirby: *Gasps* The master….It’s…It’s….)

(*Whacks Kirby with a hammer* You’re not listening, Kirby.  Please save it for the end.)

(Kirby: Sorry.)

Natalie: *Sweatdrop* Ok…..That was totally random. Who was that kid anyway?

Jenny: *Shivers* I don’t know, but she gives me the creeps.

Penny: I think we better keep our eyes for her just in case she comes up again.


Audrey: *From the monitor in the living room* Girls. We are outgunned in the agency. Richard has hacked into our network and now he won’t leave us alone unless we give him the coordinates for the Soul Cube. You must help us! Hurry! There isn’t much time!

Penny: You heard the boss, girls. Time to assemble for Round 2!


Emilio: Ooo! I can’t wait to see this!

(Hold on folks! Here we go again! Another action packed scene comin’ at ‘ya!)

To be continued

Think Like A Glutton

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hiya folks. When was my last entry for the Movie Buff Project, last month? Sheesh, I haven’t expected a certain movie to stay on top for THAT long. Sooo, here’s another entry….Theme? An inside look on gluttons and what makes them who they are.

Kirby: Who me?

Yeah, you and Latte.

Let’s see….If you wanna deal with them the right way, you gotta think like them.

First, think about their most favorite food of all foods. Then, try to combine it with their least favorite food without them catching you in the act.

Next, try to tell them that their favorite foods hate them “For-some-unknown-reason”….or tell them they are being bad. They’ll listen to ‘ya…..Hopefully.

And finally…….and this is the hardest part, give them the facts about what their favorite foods (If it’s bad for them), is really doing to their bodies and encourage them to eat healthier food like salads and fruit and not candy, junk food, sweets and….

Latte: *Cries* WAHHHHH!!! You don’t want us to have candy anymore!

Kirby: For shame, Lauren. Trying to get on a diet by getting people to support you.

Look. Everybody’s gettin’ fatter in this country and that’s not healthy. At least, eat them in moderation.

Latte: *Sniffs* You don’t understand. We, gluttons……we need to eat these to be happy.

*Smacks forehead* Ugh! Next time, I’ll tell about this without actual gluttons being here. Oh well. At least I tried. More to come and I hope you are enjoying the AG Movie. Remember: I’ll post a scene everyday. ;)

See ‘ya!

P.S: Again, I thought I would never get to the next blockbuster.

Hiya folks! Well, here’s the romantic scene I’ve mentioned! Sorry for not putting the “Movie” thing. Got lazy and all that jazz.


It was the dead of night and the girls are happily sleeping in their own beds inside Emilio’s mansion, now claiming as their own as the Avenger Girls Mansion, and Penny and the others were awakened by a conversation from across the hallway.

Are you ready for our date, Gamma Jewel? Eh….Oh, it’s only you Carrie.

What is it my sweetie?

Hrmph! Looks like we’re not going on that undercover date until you transform into Gamma Jewel.

Are you saying you only love me as Gamma Jewel and not the real me?


*Laughs* Then, you’re being silly! Of course you don’t!

*Smacking forehead* Ugh! What now? *Idea* Hey, Carrie. I hate to do this to you but…..*Attacking Carrie to the floor*

Hey! That’s no way to treat your girlfriend! You’re making me very angry! *Huffs and puffs* Very angry indeed!

(Paureen: *Shakes in fright* Oh no….SHE’S COMING!!! AHHHH!!! *Holds Jolt tighter*)

(Jolt: Ow! You’re hurting me!)

That’s the idea. This oughta bring out your alter ego! And look! You’re starting to turn green and…..*Gagging* you’re hurting me!

Suddenly, silence fills the house.

Ouch! That smarts! Huh………..All right! I did it! I brought out Gamma Jewel! Now, let’s get the others!

At least this time it’s something useful.



(Kirby: *Throws Green confetti everywhere* Hooray! Gamma Jewel’s back!)


Gamma Jewel busted down all of the bedrooms in the house.

Penny: Gamma Jewel! You know there is such thing as doors!

Gamma Jewel: Doors are for normal people! Now, come on, let’s get a move on!

Penny: Right! *To the others* All girls. Time to assemble!



The Avenger Girls were flying in the sky in search for Richard’s hideout.

Speedy Volta: *Pointing to the hideout* There! Over by the Empire State building! I can recognize the place anywhere.

Ladybug Ant: Are you sure this is going to work?

Emilio: Of course! They gotta be asleep by now.

Splice Dren: *Peers the windows and sees that Richard and the cats are wide awake* I don’t know. They look pretty alert to me.

Emilio: *Shocked* They are awake!? Now, what are we gonna go undercover?

Ms. Fantastic: I know! I have the power to turn myself invisible. I can get the weapons back. *Turns invisible* You just watch me.

Gamma Jewel: We can’t because you’re invisible now.

Ms. Fantastic: Oh, well, just watch the weapons. *Crashes through the window*

Helousie: Richard! Something has entered the hideout!

Richard: Pay no attention to it. It’s probably a runaway hawk or something. We got IPDA’s weapons in case something happens.

Roxxy: *Notices that the weapons are floating away* Uh….Don’t look now, but I think I see the weapons flying away.

Richard: *Sees them* WHAT!?

Ms. Fantastic: Uh oh! They found out!

Demon Witch: Not if I can help it! *Uses her magic wand to grab Ms. Fantastic out of the hideout quickly*

Richard: *Sighs* Nothing to worry about guys. They’ll probably be back. They always do.

Ms. Fantastic: I’m okay and I got the weapons!

Wasp Hornet: That’s great! I and Black Swan will take them back to IPDA, you girls deal with Richard and the cats.


So, as Wasp Hornet and Black Swan left for IPDA with the missing weapons, the others were pondering about what to do.

Ms. Fantastic: Hmm…Maybe Gamma Jewel’s got something. Hey Gamma….


Ms. Fantastic *Sweatdrops*…….Jewel.

(*Imitates Gamma Jewel* SMASH!! Hehehehehehehe….)

(Fantastic: *Sweatdrops* You sure like Gamma Jewel, do you?)

(What? She’s my second favorite after Ms. Fantastic, but she could be my favorite.)

Gamma Jewel grabs Helousie and Roxxy and smashes them against the wall.

Splice Dren: *To Gamma Jewel* Really? Smashing them? Is that your answer to everything?

Gamma Jewel: Yeah. It’s what I do.


Helousie: Ack! You release us this instant, you monster! Or…Or…*Idea* Hm….*Attacks Gamma Jewel*

Speedy Volta: *Mouth drop* What just happened?

Emilio: Ah yes. Helousie has used Foul Play, a Dark Type move that allows one to adapt to one’s strength against the attacker. In other words, the stronger the attacker is, the stronger Helousie gets. So far, only Helousie can do that. Roxxy can use a similar attack called Assist, which is taking one’s power exactly, which can only be learned by Feline Pokemon.

(Vendetta: *Pouts* I wish I had Foul Play.)

(Charlotte: Cheer up, sis. At least, you are better than her)

(Vendetta: True.)

Ms. Fantastic: Gee, thanks for the info, Emilio. Now, we got two things to worry about the cats.

Emilio: Well, I am giving you the facts to help you keep your guard up against the cats.

Speedy Volta: At least, my brother doesn’t do that, so I can handle him alone! *Flies at Richard* I’m back, brother! Remember me?


(Pauline and Paureen: *Throwing Yellow Confetti* SPEEDYVOLTASPEEDYVOLTAGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!)

(*Nods* Yep. They are true fans, alright.)

Richard: Speed Volta, alias my sister! So good to see you!

Speedy Volta: Don’t play dumb with me! We know about your plans and we are here to foil them!

Richard: You mean the Soul Cube? Then yes. You have, but you still can’t stop us from finding its location!

Ladybug Ant:  That’s what you think! *Plays her flute to summon a swarm of stinging beetles*

Richard: *To Helousie and Roxxy* Seize them!

Helousie: *Wrestling Gamma Jewel* We’re already on it, boss. Hehehehehe….With Foul Play, I can use your brute strength against you!

Gamma Jewel: So, you have.

Emilio: Eep! I’ll save you my love! *Uses Volt Switch with Gamma Jewel to fling Helousie at Roxxy*

Roxxy: *Dizzy eyes* I’m out.

Helousie: *Dizzy eyes* Me too.

Richard: *Hitmark* You cats are so pathetic! All you had to do is to stop them!

Helousie: Well, we almost had them.

1 minute until radar data uploading is complete.

Richard: At least, you kept them busy until the upload is complete.


Just then, Wasp Hornet and Black Swan returned.

Wasp Hornet: What’s everyone gasping about?

Speedy Volta: My brother knows about the Soul Cube’s whereabout and once the data is uploading, he’s only moments away from world domination!

Black Swan: Oh dear! We must do something! *To the rest of the girls* Avenger Girls, take down the computer!


The Avenger Girls tried to destroy the computer by computing various keys, but nothing seems to work.

20 seconds until upload is complete.

Splice Dren: *Typing keys* Quick girls! There must something in the computer that stops these uploads.

Richard: Hey! Get your hands off of my computer! That cost me thousands of dollars!

Ladybug Ant: I’m impressed that this computer is a Super Computer. Its defenses is similar to our bodies’: Attacking and preserving.

Demon Witch: *Sweatdrops* And once again, the Genius Hybrid has gone into nerd mode.







Wasp Hornet: *Panics* We’re not gonna make it!

Richard: Yes….Yes…Yes!! At last! I’ll have the location of the Soul Cube!






(I know! I can’t watch! *Covers eyes* Don’t fail us now, Avenger Girls!)


Suddenly, the computer breaks down at the very last second.


(Fantastic: *Sweatdrops* Once again, you had Gamma Jewel saving the day.)

(She’s the muscles, Fantastic. Destroying is the first thing on her mind.)

Gamma Jewel: *Grabbing broken pieces of the computer* Looking for someone? Your computer is strong, but I’m stronger!

Richard: You!

Demon Witch: *Fires a blast at Richard that erases his memories on the location of the Soul Cube* It’s over, Richard.

Suddenly, Audrey and the other agents arrived from the door.


Audrey: Well done, ladies. You foiled their plans once and for all! *Takes Richard and the cats* Take them away, guys. *Hugs the girls* You did it girls. I guess you were the ones I can count.

Ms. Fantastic: *Question Mark* Um…Ok?

Audrey: Look. I’m sorry I had to kick you out, it’s just that….


Splice Dren: Sacre Bleu! What was that!? *Sees Gamma Jewel sqeezing Audrey* Gamma Jewel! Put her back down this instant!

Gamma Jewel: That’s for kicking us out of the headquarters!

Audrey: Ok. I deserved that.

Lorenzo: Audrey! The villains have escaped!


Lily: We don’t know what happened. Our restrainers are the strongest on the planet. They should of not escaped.

Audrey: Then…..Who let them out?

Ms. Fantastic: We don’t know either, but….*Yawns* we gotta get back to sleep. It’s late at night and we need all of the strength we need to find the villains.

Audrey: Very well. You can come back to the headquarters and….

Emilio: Oh, that’s ok! They are living at my mansion, so no more getting up in the dead of night thing for you.

Audrey: Thank you, Emilio. You’re a great friend.

Emilio: *Smiles* Hey, I’m just a happy Emolga. I’m always happy to help.

Blustra: By the way, who was the one who let the baddies out?


Meanwhile…..Inside the Empire State Building…..

Richard, Helousie, and Roxxy were laying on the floor until a figure appeared.


So. You didn’t upload the coordinates for the Soul Cube. How sickening!

Richard: Now, please, sir! We’re trying so hard to get the cube. We don’t know what come after us, but….but…

Silence! It doesn’t matter now. All it matters is that I saved you. Now, I’m going to say this right here right now. If you fail to get the cube again, I’ll have my pet rabbit send you into a wormhole to another dimension. You got it!?

Yes sir!

The trio fleed to return to their headquarters.

Oh, and by the way, I’m a girl.

The figure that appeared with the trio was a dark gray and black round puff person with a stuffed rabbit in her grasp.

(Kirby: *Gasps* I know that person! She’s……

(*Whacks Kirby with a hammer* You naughty child! You almost gave away the identity of the “Master”!)

(Kirby: *Rubbing her head* Sorry.)

To Be Continued

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