My Pokemon Ranch Pics

Hello everyone! Happy Leap Day peoples! Today, for this special occasion I’ll post the pictures I took in My Pokemon Ranch Wiiware game. I must warn you that I took alota pics ’cause in my Marvel Ranch, we have “ahem” special visitors. Sooooo, here they are, with captions!


This is the pic I’ve sent to Victor via Wii. It’s Johnny, riding on poor old Paulsteen. He really loves going on rides! XD


Here’s Johnny, again riding on a Pokemon. This time, it’s Ripley the Rotom (I’m planning on bringing him back in my stories). They look so cute!


Here’s a picture of Paulsteen, using the Poke Palette toy. It’s a toy where a Pokemon can call others to form into an image of that Pokemon that called out. It’s pretty cool, but it’s rare and you have to reach a certain level to get it. Sorry if it’s a little hard to see, but I think you can figure out by their shape.


Here’s a Pachrisu image using the Poke Palette. I decided to take this for Victor, since he likes this pokemon. Plus, I think this is cute too! ^_^


It’s Archie the Minun! Actually, the Minun I got was a girl (I named her Arlene), but for the sake of the image, I made it Archie.


And here’s Becky the┬áPlusle (And the Plusle I got really is a girl!). She looks more adorable as an image. Don’t ‘cha think?


PICHU!! YIPPEEZ!! Looks like Jolt, doesn’t it? I’m gonna assume he is! XD SO CUTE!!


Pikachu, preferably Ioan. *Sighs* He looks so cute!


Here’s Michael the Raichu. I like the details on his tail.


Jigglypuff! I decided to picture that one because she’s cute!


Guess who? It’s Vendetta as an image!


Here’s Fantastic lifting Jolt (I named those Pichus by gender). So cute! And hey! Is that Paulsteen behind them? What a peeping tomcat! XD


Oh noes! Vendetta’s riding on Paulsteen again! Well, I had too because she’s smaller and Paulsteen’s stronger. Again, so cute!


Archie’s carrying Becky! Aww! Beckchie moment!


Eee! Michael and Ioan walking together! This was tooken at the heat of the moment!


Uh oh! Michael’s not very happy in this picture. That’s what happens when you disturb his sleep. He might attack you! XD


Here’s Charlotte riding on Vendetta! Looks like she’s teaching her a lesson or two! So cute!


Hehehehehe…..Vendetta fell from the Pitfall that you see here as a patch of dirt. She looks funny upside-downy.


Hehehehehehehe…..Now, Paulsteen fell in the Pitfall. It’s a pretty cool toy with funny results.


Hehehehe…..It’s Jolt’s “I’m-not-your-boyfriend” look! He should of been angrier, but it seems that he’s in denial.


Here’s a simiar situation with Ioan. Is he too in denial?


Aww! Jessica with Michael! It’s a Jessichael moment! So cute together while sleeping! ^_^


Archie uses Thunder on that Electrode!


Is this payback for Archie? Poor little guy. XD


Becky, on the other hand, is happily chatting with Ripley and other Electric type Pokemon.


Woah! Does Vendetta have a crush on Paulsteen? If so, why doesn’t he buy it? He loves her secretly. Maybe the cat’s out of the bag!


Oh noes! Vendetta’s attacking Paulsteen! And his friends are just looking at each other. Now, I feel sorry for Paulsteen. XD


Ah ha! Now, the joke’s on Vendetta! I guess he’s tired of being pushed around.


This is what happens when you disturb Paulsteen’s catnap. He becomes possessed-liked. O-O


Even Paulsteen can be bad like Vendetta, attacking Pokemon left and right. Just ask these group of Pokemon.


Uh oh. Is Charlotte in love with Paulsteen? I can tell that’s Charlotte because she’s the nice and girlish Glameow (They are the only ones I got).


Here’s Jolt on his big brother, Johnny. They actually look pretty happy in this pic.


Aww! Jolt and Jessica together! Maybe’s my chance to snatch Ioan away from her! Fufufufufufufu…… >:D


Here’s Fantastic meeting with her idol, Lucario (I named him Zorro because I think his species name sound Spanish like). She never told me that! Hrumph!


Yikes! Paulsteen and his friend, Garfield, are mad because I disturbed their sleep. I did that by shaking the Wii remote. My bad! XD


Oh noes! Now, Vendetta is mad at me for keeping her up all night as the sun rises. I KNOW that’s her because would Charlotte do the same?

Soo….That’s all I have to post. I’ll work on the movie and post more pictures as they become avaliable.

See ‘ya!

P.S: Today’s also Baku’s birthday. His birthday is on Leap Day. Happy birthday to him!

4 Responses to “My Pokemon Ranch Pics”

  1. I really like the pictures, now I know why you have so much fun with them. I really love the Pachirisu one (my fave PKMN). Can I upload the Pachi one to my blog and Facebook?

    I don’t remember Ripley.
    That tyranitar

  2. Thanks Victor. You know, I knew Pachirsu was your favorite Pokemon from that birthday card you sent me? Eh…. Ripley’s a Rotom. Maybe I should include him in more stories.

  3. D’awww! Everyone’s sooo cute! :D Kyaaa~ I noticed Paulsteen was most mentioned. Hah, you made me actually warm up to the guy. Looks like you’re having a lot of fun wth Pokemon Ranch!

  4. Pauline: I am having fun! ^_^ I mention Paulsteen alot because the most hilarious pics come from him. Yeah. You could say he’s like Baku to Kuromi, always being pushed around and beaten up.

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