Avenger Girls Movie Update 3

Hello! Jolt here! Yeesh! How long has Lauren been gone? I know she has vacation, but ever since she purchased that “My Pokemon Ranch” game, she’s been playing it nonstop! @_@  Oh well. At least Paureen and I accessed her blog to post this.

Ok….So….Paureen, would ‘cha tell the others about the movie?

Paureen: Thank you Joltzy, my love! Lauren is currently writing Scene 7 for the movie and we just learned that there are 18 scenes in the movie. Let’s see….Scene 4 will include the first of the four epic battles between our heroes and our villains. Scene 5 will include an alternative origin on the Avenger Girls Mansion. And Scene 6 will include the reason why Helousie and Roxxy were chosen by Richard to fight our heroes and……..*Cues dramatic music* a peek of a shocking twist. That’s top secret and you’ll have to watch the film to find out!

Thanks, Paureen. *Blushes* That was wonderful reporting. So, anyways, that’s the third update. Oh, and Lauren added more Vocaloid music to help with production.

So long, everyone! ^_^

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