Avenger Girls Movie Update 2

*Yawns* Hello guys. Gad! What a busy Monday it was. Not the movie of course, but I got a stomach bug and recovering and purchased Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards and My Pokemon Ranch and started playing them nonstop. First, the Kirby game. As usual, I completed it with 100% in one night and played the Pokemon game. What’s troubling is that I don’t have Diamond or Pearl versions, but that’s alright, I can get new pokemon a day. This game only goes up to Sinnoh region, but remember: I got Pokedex 3D, which has Unova Pokemon. ;)

I’ll get right on the movie right away, but first, since it’s Mocha’s birthday, I’ll post a birthday picture for her.

Happy Birthday Mocha

So, that’s all for now. I’ll try to stay awake for the movie. *Yawns*


P.S: The only reason Paureen and Jolt are not posting is because they are too tired to do so.

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday Mocha chan, I liked the pic u send me of poor Paulsteen (wrote it right, right?) Did you get my manga pics.
    You spend 1,500 points or so for PKMN Ranch…WHY? plus it takes lots of space.

  2. Well, looks like you’re busy with stuff (so am I, downloading episodes and all) and even have two new games! Awesome! :D And happy dappy belated birthday to Mocha! Oh, so that’s why Paureen and Jolt didn’t post. Everyone needs to take a break, of course.

  3. Victor: Yep. I got your manga pictures. Makes me wanna get it too! Actually, that Purugly in that picture is Paulsteen! XD I bought it because I thought it would be fun! Don’t worry about space. I don’t buy Wiiware services that often.

    Pauline: Yep! I’m having lots of fun. If you had a Wii, you would do the same! And I agree. Everyone needs a break, including me.

  4. Can you do a story that takes place on Mocha’s birthday? There a new villain in SanrioTown that really hates Cinnamoroll and his friends but has a huge crush on Mocha. The monster can change sizes when angry! The monster decides to capture Mocha on her birthday!

  5. After, she gets captured. The monster takes Mocha to a far away palace that is located on a giant mountain outside of Sanriotown. The monster hypnotizes her and Mocha tells the monster that she wants to become a princess! After her wished has bein granted. Mocha can use her magic wand to turn trees into scary trees and people and animals into a statue! Cinnamoroll and his friends have to turn Mocha back to normal and defeat the monster before SanrioTown is no more!

  6. I also forgot to mention that the monster gave Mocha a two kissing. The first spell is that If Mocha kissess Cinnamoroll and his friends on the cheek. The victim will get turned into a statue. The second spell is when Mocha blows kissess that If Mocha’s evil kissess touches them. They will get hypnotized!

  7. Bernie: I’ll see if i can find time to work on that story. It seems interesting.

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