Avenger Girl Movie Update 1

Hey guys. I wished I posted this sooner, but I was so busy with scenes 1 and 2 that I forgot about updating. Now, Jolt and Paureen, tell them what we have been working on!

Jolt: *Frustration Cloud* Yes, Lauren. Scene 1 will feature a general background check for readers that are new to Avenger Girls and for veteran readers to refresh their memories about them.

Paureen: Exactly, and in Scene 2, you’ll see Gamma Jewel for the first time in the film and their awsome transformations during training. Why? Well, you’ll soon find out! Lauren and Fantastic are currently writing Scene 3, which is hard work, but they’ll do fine.

Thanks, you two. Oh, and I came up with a trick to keep ourselves writing on the movie. And that’s filling my computer’s media player with music by the Vocaloid gang! I got this idea from watching a ton of Vocaloid videos last night. So far, I only got “Triple Baku” by Miku in there. But, we’ll make it! I promise!

So, I better get back to work.


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  1. Yaay! AG movie progress! AWESOME! What makes it more awesome that Paureen and Jolt are reporting it. xD Hehehe. Oh, Vocaloid songs, eh? Do you mean Triple Baka? The one I remember is Miku singing it with Teto and Neru.

  2. Yep, the movie development is all under control. And yep, that’s the exact song I got!

    Fantastic: Nuthin’ to worry about here!

  3. ♪Baka Baka Baka♪
    Now it’s Teto’s turn…

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