Movie Development Is A GO!!

Hi folks! Hooray! I’m out of school for 10 days! Whoot! Anyways, that means I’m starting the TOTALLY EPIC AVENGER GIRLS MOVIE!!!! *Explodes from the excitement*

Fantastic: *Sweatdrops* Anyways, for this weekend, we’ll work up to scene 3 and do more over the break. So, by the time, school begins again, we will have up to scene 10 in completion. HOPEFULLY, if time permits. So, wish us luck.

*Gets up* And don’t forget that I’ll post the movie scene by scene, starting on March 28, so DON’T MISS EVERY SECOND OF IT!!

Ok, take care now! Bye bye!

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  1. Yay, movie development time! Woo-hoo!! GOOD LUCK!! :D

  2. Thanks. We already finished scene 1, which is humorous in a way that….well, you’ll see.

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