Post-Valentine’s Chaos!

Hiya folks! Since I was busy about chocolate and stuff on Valentine’s Day, that I forgot about the actual event: the loving. Well, using Kirby’s drawing that she made yesterday (NOT MINE!), here’s Fantastic and I’s latest scheme to make Jolt fall for Paureen. Hehehehehe….

Post Valentine

We had to spin Jolt around while blindfolded for an hour to make him almost brain dead. That way, he’ll think Paureen is his girlfriend and fall for her. It worked for a while until he regained focus. Oh well, maybe next time.

Jolt: *Teary eyes* Why would ‘ya do that for?

Nuthin’. Also, Paureen’s your partner for the AG Movie Updates.

Jolt: *Shocked* WHAT!!??

Fantastic: Uh oh. He’s gonna blow! Do something!

I’m on it! *Spins him rapidly to make him faint* Phew! That was close! Well, tommorow’s the big and I’m already drawing the pics already. I can’t wait to show them to you, I’m gonna explode!

See ‘ya!

2 Responses to “Post-Valentine’s Chaos!”

  1. Ooh! Jolt-Blinfoloded-Spin Technique! Awesome strategy ever! :D Haha! I knew Paureen was the one! If only Latte hadn’t interrupted. Oh, well. Looking forward to the movie updates more than ever now!

  2. Yep! Our Blindfolded spinning technique is effective, but for a short time. Next time, we’ll try something more permanent.

    Jolt: Ack! You wouldn’t dare!

    Oh, we would! *Laughs evilly*

    Jolt: Help me.

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