Valentine’s Day Rush


Valentine’s Day in New York City. An ideal location for wonderful couples to do activities like dinner, skating, movie, and whatnots. And inside State University, the all-too-familar superheroine squad, the Avenger Girls, are also celebrating the holiday of love.

Jenny: *Giggles* I can’t believe this is our first Valentine’s Day together! I can’t wait to give Lorenzo delicious chocolates from the bakery! He’ll love it.

Heidi: Don’t dogs get poisoned from those?

Jenny: Oh, because he’s a puppy type Pokemon? Naw! He’s cool with it. *To Penny* Who’s your valentine, boss?

Penny: *Blushes* Well….Uh……I guess it’s Dren, since she’s a great friend of mine.

Dren: Why, thank you, Penny. I’m planning to give you the finest chocolates from Canada and France.

Penny: That’s nice. *To Natalie* Who’s your Valentine?

Natalie: *Cringes* Ugh! I don’t like this holiday for being too sweet, but my “valentine” is Rachael.

Rachael: And so are you, Natalie, my friend. *Snickers*

Natalie: *Sighs* Whatever, old lady!

Heidi: My Valentine is Nicole, since she’s a great friend and loves people.

Nicole: *Proudly* Why, thank you, Heidi!

Natalie: *Sweatdrops* Is everybody gonna say “Why, thank you”?

Penny: *Ignores Natalie and talks with Carrie* So Carrie……Who’s your Valentine?

Carrie: *Sighs* Emilio, who else? *Blushes* He’s just so adorable and fluffy, well not fluffy fluffy, but cuddly fluffy.

Natalie: Yeah, yeah, sure he’s your man. But when you get angry…..well…..not so much.

Carrie: Which is why I’m celebrating this holiday as myself and not my alter-ego!

Nicole: Sounds like a great idea. Why don’t you try it right now?

Carrie: I think I will!

Suddenly, Emilio crashes through the classroom’s windows with a box of chocolates in one hand and flowers on the other.

Emilio: *Hearts* Happy Valentine’s Day, Avocado! I got lots of chocolates for you! *Sees Carrie and sweatdrops* Oh, it’s just you, Carrie.

Carrie: *Turns bubbly* Hiya, Emilio! *Speaks in Spanish*

Emilio: Muy bien, thank you very much. But, have you seen a lovely monster-type lady named Gamma Jewel around here?

Penny: *Smacks forehead* Emilio! For the last time, Carrie is Gamma Jewel! *To Carrie* Show him, Carrie! Metamorph! Metamorph!

Carrie: No, I can’t. I wanna spend today with the real me! Carrie Banner! *Runs to Emilio, grabs him, and hugs him tightly* So, come with me on this fantablous day! We can make wonderful experiments together, just the two of us!

Emilio: Let go of me, you Gamma Radiated maniac! *Uses Thundershock to zap Carrie*

Carrie: Wow! What a shock! *Giggles* Do it again! Do it again!


Natalie: Ouch! That’s gotta hurt.

Carrie: *Shocked, yet smiling* I think I can feel my heart breaking. *Cries loudly* Wahhhh! Emilio doesn’t love me anymore! This is the worst Valentine’s Day ever and this is our first one too! *Sobs*

Rachael: I have never seen Emilio so mad before.

Penny: *Ponders* Something’s not right, here. Emilio would never actually hate Carrie and Carrie would never be this down before. We have to do a little investigating.

Jenny: Aww! Do we have to? It’s Valentine’s day and…..

Penny: And it will be both of the couples’ last if we don’t do something.

Carrie: *Stops crying* You know what, guys? Forget about that Emilio guy. He’s been causing nothing but trouble since we first met him.

Emilio: *While flying back home, with the Gamma Amulet around his neck* And Gamma Jewel. She’s just Carrie. So what? She’s gonna pay for breaking my heart.

Carrie and Emilio: *Both with green eyes* I’ll make sure he/she regets the day we first met! THIS I SWEAR!!!

Dren: Uh oh. This can’t be good.

But, before anything else happened, Jenny stopped Carrie just in time.

Jenny: Stop! You can’t do this.

Carrie: And why shouldn’t I?

Suddenly, Miranda Xavier broke through the doors with urgent news.

Miranda: Girls. I think you might want to go outside.

Dren: Miranda. Can’t you see we have a love crisis here?

Miranda: I know what happened to your butler.

Carrie: *Eyes revert back to brown* Really?

Miranda: Yes. Now, come.

So, the girls did as Miranda told and walked outside in front of the university. What they saw was hard to watch. Thousands of men are attacking their female relations piece by piece.

Nicole: What’s going on here? Why are all of the men in the city attacking their Valentines?

Miranda: There’s an epidemic going on. Thousands of men were infected with a virus called “IHATEYOU” that causes them to hate their loved ones and attack me savagely.

Heidi: “IHATEYOU”? Isn’t that virus just a myth?

Rachael: Do you think Emilio got infected with the virus?

Just then, Emilio crashes down (As Gamma Spark), and attacks the girls.

Miranda: *Gets up* I’m taking that as a “yes”.

Carrie: This is awful! If this keeps up, Valentine’s Day will be cancelled forever.

Jenny: *Gasps* Eeek! I hope not!

Carrie: Well, then Jenny. I’m glad you calmed me down in time or else I’ll end up like them.

Miranda: *Sweatdrops* Eh….The virus affects men, but because they can mutate like any other virus, that is possible.

Dren: So, how do we stop them?

Miranda: Hmm…Usually, the virus can be transfered by touch.

Carrie: Touch? *Recalls hugging Emilio* Oh no! I think I infected him with the virus! But, wait. How can he possibly contaiminate all those men in so little time?

Miranda: My theory is the Gamma Radiation from his Amulet must of caused the virus to multiply at a fast rate. Fortunely, for you girls, stopping is surprisingly simple. Carrie just has to get a kiss from Emilio. It will turn him back to normal and the rest of the viruses will be erradicated.

Penny: Right. *To the others* Alright girls, you know what to do!

Yes! Time to hero up!

While the girls heroed up, Miranda decides to fight the men to keep them busy.

Miranda: *Slashes one man* You guys are tough customers, aren’t you? Well, I am tougher!


Gamma Jewel shunned at her teammates for trying to convince her to kiss Emilio.

Wasp Hornet: Aw, come on Gamma Jewel! It’s just one kiss.

Gamma Jewel: Hrmph! I don’t like him.

Ladybug Ant: But, you have to! If you don’t, Valentine’s Day will be ruined forever.

Gamma Jewel: So?

Ms. Fantastic: But please! I order you to….

Demon Witch: *Butts in* Hey! I’m her best friend! I should be able to convince her. *To Gamma Jewel* Look, Green. If you let Valentine’s Day die, what do ‘ya got?

Gamma Jewel: *Question Mark* Are you trying to say?

Demon Witch: What I’m saying is that if today was destroyed, well…..How will your alter-ego feel about it?

Gamma Jewel: *Blushes* Well, just give me a minute to think.

Speedy Volta: Did you just blush?

Gamma Jewel: *Snaps* Just let me think!

Speedy Volta: Ok. Ok. You can think about it, while we get this situation under control.

So, as the rest of the girls fought the virus infected men, Gamma Jewel ponders about how many times he saved her when she needed him.

Gamma Jewel: Well, Emilio can’t all be bad. I mean, he helped me so many times, it’s…….It’s like he actually cared about me. He didn’t see me as a monster, he saw me as a misunderstood monster. And I still owe him for that. *Looks at Gamma Spark, attacking the girls* Now I know what I must do!

Black Swan: *To Gamma Spark* Ehheheheheh…..Now now Emilio! You’ve been off because a virus called “IHATEYOU” has taken over your body. If can let us help you, we can…..

Gamma Spark and the rest of the men attacked them so badly, they can barely move.

Ms. Fantastic: *Breathing heavily* Wow! Those guys are tough. That Gamma Radiation from the virus must of been transfered to them. Whew! *Drops*

Miranda: From what I know, the only thing that can stop them is another Gamma Radiated person/object.

Demon Witch: *Groans* Now she tells us!

Just as the men and Gamma Spark delivered the final blow, Gamma Jewel swoops in and attacks the men. She then takes the Gamma Amulet off of Emilio and kisses him on the lips. The virus from him escapes and self-destructs. The other viruses came out as well and self-destructed too.

Gamma Jewel: *Releases Emilio and flies off to rinse her mouth with water* Bleck! That was disguising! I’m never gonna kiss him again with that virus around! Bleck!

Emilio: *Hearts* That……was….Delicioso! *Faints*

Splice Dren: *Sighs* That’s Emilio, all right.

Wasp Hornet: *Sweatdrops* Yep!

Later….At the Avenger Girls Mansion…..

Emilio: *To Carrie* Carrie…I’m…I’m so sorry for what I said to you earlier. For being so mean, so vile, and so…..

Carrie: *Hugs Emilio tightly* Apology accepted, my deary! Happy Valentine’s Day! *Kisses him*

Emilio: Thank you! Now, it’s my turn!

Carrie: But Emilio! I have sworn to myself that I spend the rest of the day…..*Gets hit with a fire blast from Penny*

Penny: Hehehehehe!

Carrie metamorphs into Gamma Jewel and chases Penny.

Emilio: *Kisses Gamma Jewel* Happy Valentine’s Day, my avocado!

Jenny: Aww! They make such a good couple, don’t you agree?

The End!

*Note*-Ta-da! A Valentine’s Day themed story of the Avenger Girls! I changed the plot to make it cooler. Pity IPDA didn’t join the party! Oh well. More stories to come!


P.S: The fictional virus in the story, “IHATEYOU”, was inspired by a real computer virus named, “ILOVEYOU”. No joke! Go look it up!

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