Wait What? I’m Gonna Watch Super Bowl!?

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Hey guys! What’s up? Sorry for not posting in a while. I just got absolutely nothing to post! But now, I do. It’s about my characters convincing me to watch the Super Bowl (Amercian Tradition). Now, I’m not here to watch which team wins, I’m here for the ads! Yeah, that right! I just wanna see the commercials. I’m not a fan of football because there are no ladies playing, but my characters convinced me. It all started like this…….

Fantastic: Oh noes! A flashback!


I came home from school yesterday when Fantastic was screaming like a banshee and she raced towards me to tell me some “epic” news.



Fantastic: Nope! Guess again!

Uh……Jolt? Kirby? My team? *Hearts* Stretchy?

Fantastic: No, no, no, and no!

Huh. Ok then. Who is gonna be in a Super Bowl commercial?

Fantastic: *Explodes with excitement* THE AVENGER GIRLS!!!

What!? Their movie will be on a ad?

Fantastic: Yeah! Makes you wanna watch huh?

Well….It would be nice to watch them in action some more.

Fantastic: Great! And….*Squeals* It’s the only epic movie that will show during the game!

Ah yes. But what about….?

Just then, red/blue and blue/red puff balls appeared.

Me: Ack! Who are you?

Erin: I’m Erin and the blue one is Ashley! We’re Kirby’s sisters!

Oh great! More gluttons!

Ashley: Meh…..We’re not the eating type. We are the comic book reading ones!


Erin: Oh sure! If you want, we can….

Fantastic: *Shushes both sisters* Shhh! Don’t give away the surprise! I wanna wait until Lauren sees the ad. Now, run around now!

*Sweatdrop* Ok, I guess I’ll see you later.

*Flashback over*

Yeah, it’s kinda complicated. So anyways, if you check Kirby’s page, you will learn more about Erin and Ashley. So, that’s all for now!


P.S: Upcoming Story Alert! I’m planning to write Valentine’s Day themed stories of both Kitty and Friends, Avenger Girls, and Nintendogs/Cats Academy. Here’s what to expect.

K&F: It’s Valentine’s Day and every fangirl is going to get their crushes! But, when a Jigglypuff steals both Jolt, Epresso, Ioan, and Bruce’s hearts, the girls will do anything to get them back!

AG: New York City is celebrating the Holiday of Love! Everyone except Gamma Jewel. The X Tribe makes a bet with Gamma Jewel to find a Valentine before the holiday’s over or become unhappy and gray for a whole month! Emilio is the perfect crush for her, but what is she gonna do when he comes?

ND/C: Valentine’s Day at the Academy and Diamond and Rebel cannot wait to show their Super Duper Hearts Dance at the annual Valentine’s Day Dancing Contest. Their opponent? Teto and Luka! What will they do? They want to defeat Teto, but also keep Luka happy.

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