My 18th Birthday: What an Epic Party!!


Hello guys!

Boy, that was some party that I had yesterday! We went into Supermarket Mall to purchase clothes, a┬ánew headset, Nintendo 3DS purchase cards (That I will use to buy all three Word Search games and Kirby’s Dreamland), perfumes, and of course, comic books! The comic book store is also where we found the Avenger Girls again on vacation. They played a role on a little argument between Fantastic and I on who gets the most comics.


Fantastic: *Grabbing my stack of books* Hey! Gimme that new issue!

Me: No way! This is mine!

Penny: *To her team* We can’t just stand there and wait! We have to take action! Let’s suit up, ladies!


Latte: *Teary Eyes* I hate it when they fight.

Paureen: I do too, Latte, but it’s Lauren’s birthday and she gets to do whatever she wants.

Fantastic: Gimme the books!

Me: You already got your own!

Fantastic: But yours is bigger!

Suddenly, we heard a roar.


Jessica: What was that?

Latte: EEEK!!! A MONSTER!!!

Paureen: A monster! *Prepares for an attack* I’ll take care of……*Looks to see the Avenger Girls* Look! It’s the Avenger Girls!

Me: Really? They’re here? *Twinkle Eyes* Is that really you?

Ms. Fantastic: Indeed we are! We are mainly here to stop you two from fighting.

Gamma Jewel: Yeah, and that roar was from me.

Latte: *Shivers* No wonder it’s so scary!

Wasp Hornet: So, what brings you to the mall?

Me: Today’s my birthday! Wanna join?

Ms. Fantastic: Oh, sure Lauren!

Flashback Ends…..

Yup! I owe those girls one. While at the mall, I managed to use my 3DS’s Streetpass while in sleep mode. When I got back, I managed to pick up three people and they were all men! Wow! I guess the best place to meet people via Streetpass is in a mall. The rest of the party is pretty explainitory. Cake, Balloons, and what not.

So, I wanted to post this just to tell you guys about what happened yesterday.


P.S: Kirby Mass Attack came out today! Whoot! Can’t wait to get it! :D

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