The Essential Food For Parties

Hello guys!

So….I’m currently working on yet another story on the Avenger Girls and this story will take place in a party. So, to prepare you for the episode, I have found food and beverages that are to be served at the party.

First, obviously, the punch.

Punches were first made with sugar, water, lemon, tea, and spices and were first coined the term from the Persian word meaning five, as in the number of ingredients. Despite it being red colored, it has less fruit than previously thought, with the majority being corn syrup, citrus fruit, and artifical flavorings.

Then, there’s the most common beverage served at the party, sparkling cider.

Sparking Cider, also known as cabonated apple cider, is kinda like other “Adult” beverages, but without all of the “necesary ingredients”. Instead, it is made from spices, cinnamon, apples, and nutmeg.

And then, there’s the food, like in a smorgasbord (Which is Swedish for table of sandwiches), or buffet. These include seafood, crab legs, fondues, meats, salads, and even dessert. For desserts, you can get cake, Meringue Pie, Whoopie Pie, and so much more.

Kirby: *Drools* More…More….MORE!! I WANT FOOD!!

No Kirby! They are for the party I told people about! Don’t you want to spoil it?

Kirby: No, madam.

Then good. -_-0

Well, that’s all the time I have here. Check back tomorrow for the story! ;)

See ‘ya!

2 Responses to “The Essential Food For Parties”

  1. Yay! Another Avenger Girls story! And there’s a party in it too?! :D Cool! To be honest, I haven’t tasted drinking punch before, or this “sparkling cider” you speak of. Wish I could try it. Especially the pies.
    Latte: ME TOO! :D

  2. Yep, it’s a party, but I can’t tell you what party it is. You never tasted punch? Werid. @_@

    Fantastic: I see you, Latte! You’re not part of that series, so you can’t have any!

    Beat that, Latte! XD

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