Arabian Dancers


A heavy rainstorm has struck New York City and it has been going on for a week without end. Fearing about the flooding to the fragile city, the Avenger Girls were working tirelessly to keep the city in control, when they have encountered with another problem.

Heidi: *Sneeze* Ugh! So sick. I can’t seem to help you girls with this weather problem. It’s been going on for so long that I caught the Rain Flu, a disease that plagues people with the flu from long exposure to the rain.

Penny: But, how are we gonna get rid of the rain if we are down one member? Especially the brains, like yourself.

Heidi: I don’t know, but it looks like you’re on your own for this one. *Cough*

Nicole: I can try to control it with my cape, but I haven’t controlled a storm this big. We still need your brains to guide me through the process. Now, what are we supposed to do?

Dren: You know, I have read about a magical jewel in the Arabian Desert on the other side of the world that has the ability to control the weather. If we can combine that with Nicole’s powers, we can push the rain out of the city.

Jenny: Really? How are we gonna get it? I heard that the jewel is protected by a giant spider that is said to be a runaway experiment from IPDA. It is said to be strong and poisonous when touched.

Natalie: Please! We’ve defeated beasts twice as poisonous as the spider. One time, there was a venomous snake that bit all of us and I was saved by Emilio’s Thunderbolt. Who know it was antidote stored inside all this time?

Penny: Yeah, I remember that! That was a good adventure. But, enough of this! We have a friend to help and a storm to stop before it floods the city! Now, here’s we are gonna do. Natalie, Nicole, and Rachael will stay here and cure Heidi, while Dren, Jenny, Carrie, and I go to the Arabian Desert to get the jewel. Sound like a plan?

Yes, leader, madam!

Penny: Now, let’s suit up and assemble! *Sweatdrop* Eh….Actually, Avenger Girls disassemble!


So, as Demon Witch, Speedy Volta, and Black Swan stayed with Ladybug Ant (Wasn’t strong enough to fight, but wanted to wear the costume anyway), Splice Dren, Wasp Hornet, Gamma Jewel, and Ms. Fantastic traveled to the Arabian Desert, where they encounter Audrey and the other agents.

Audrey: Avenger Girls.

Ms. Fantastic: The International Pokemon Defense Agency. Pleasure to meet you again.

Audrey: Same here. Are you going to capture our mutant spider in the Arabian Desert?

Ms. Fantastic: Well, no. But, we are going to the desert for the jewel that can get rid of the rain that is plagueing New York City for a week.

Blustra: Well, ok! *Stops* Wait a minute! We’re after the jewel to fix the city as well!

Splice Dren: But, the jewel can only be used by one person at a time. So, that means……we have to race for the jewel to see who gets it first.

Lorenzo: You’re on!

At quick speeds, the Avenger Girls and the IPDA agents raced across the ocean and into the desert where they encounter the mutant spider.

Wasp Hornet: Wow, already? That was quick. I thought it would go more slowly.

Audrey: It doesn’t matter! We arrived at the desert for the jewel. Now, let’s think up of a plan to get it.

Lorenzo: Who needs plans when I got bravery? *Charges at the spider* Alright, critter! You wanna piece of me? Well, come and get! *Jumps at the spider*


Lorenzo gets stung by the spider and becomes dazed.

Audrey: Oh no! *Smacks forehead* This is what happens to Lorenzo when his bravery gets the best of him.

Lorenzo: *Sings while being dazed* Nobody knows……How dry I am. Nobody knows…..How dry I am!

Gamma Jewel: What’s up with him?

Lily: He always sings this when we travel in the desert. Poor little guy. He must of been thristy already.

Wasp Hornet: Well, luckily for me, I can control any type of poison. So, when it stings me, I can control it to attack it.

Blustra: I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The spider is made to poison even superhumans.

Wasp Hornet: Well, I’ll just see about that! *Flies into the air* Alright, buddy! Prepare to feel my sting! *Charges at the spider*

Splice Dren: Wait! Stop! What if they are….


Gamma Jewel: Too late.

Wasp Hornet and Lorenzo: *Both singing while dazed* Nobody knows….How dry I am…..How dry I am! *Laughs then faints*

Audrey: *Sweatdrop* Fools.

Splice Dren: Good thing I packed the antidote when we left. *Injects it into Wasp Hornet and Lorenzo* That should do it.

Wasp Hornet: What happened?

Blustra: You and Lorenzo got poisoned by our mutant spider.

Lorenzo: What spider?

Lily: *Pointing to the spider* That spider.

Lorenzo: Don’t worry! I’ll get it! *About to tackle, when Audrey stops him* What are trying to do?

Audrey: Stoping you from being poisoned again. *Sees the Avenger Girls, searching for the jewel* And, getting you focused on the jewel.

Ms. Fantastic: So long, suckers!

Audrey: *Hitmark* AFTER THEM!! I WANT THAT JEWEL!!

The other agents went after them.

Wasp Hornet: They’re gaining on us!

Ms. Fantastic: *Firing fireballs from her hands* We have to go faster!

Splice Dren: What’s the point? They will just go after us anyhow.

Ms. Fantastic: Not unless we are in diguise.

Wasp Hornet: *Idea* And I know what it is! Come on, guys! Let’s lose them.


The IPDA  agents found a cave and are heading for it.

Audrey: I’m quite surprised that this desert even had a cave. Maybe it will lead us to the jewel.

Suddenly, the agents approached some very familar belly dancers.

Blustra: Hello, ladies! What brings you here to this dangerous cave? This is no place you girls to be here?

Ms. Fantastic: Uh….We seem to have lost our majestic jewel in this cave. Can you help us find it?

Audrey: Sure! Anything for dainty flowers, like you.

Gamma Jewel: Who are you calling, dainty?!

Lily: What? What’s wrong with your green friend here? And why is she green? She kind of reminds me of someone.

Gamma Jewel: You do? I mean….What a coincidence that you found somebody that looks like….

Audrey: *Sneers* This isn’t some kind of prank, is it?

Splice Dren: Oh no, no prank at all. You help us with the jewel and we shall grant you a reward.

Lorenzo: Oh goody! What kinda prize?

Wasp Hornet: Uh……All of the money you could ever want?

Lily: Sounds good. Let’s go then!

Meanwhile…..Back at the Mansion….

Emilio: *Looking outside* Meh. How long will this last. It’s starting to kill my happy mood and it’s only a matter of time before I go crazy!

Speedy Volta: Calm down, Emilio. They’ll come back with the jewel before you know it. Say, would you mind helping us with our attempt to cure Ladybug Ant? We are trying the Electric Treatment. It’s supposed to wake up the body’s defenses.

Emilio: Are you sure this is going to work?

Black Swan: Don’t know, but we are hoping it will.

Ladybug Ant: Uh…..I don’t want anymore outrageous treatments, after the needle treatment and the leech treatment. *Shivers* The leech treatment nearly killed me. *Sneezes*

Demon Witch: It’s too late for resistence, bub. It may hurt alot, but you’re gonna feel really nice afterwards.

Ladybug Ant: *Gulps* Oh boy. This is going to be a long day.


After an endless journey inside the cave, the gang comes across a shining jewel in the center of a large room.

Audrey: Is that the jewel, you seek ladies?

Ms. Fantastic: Yes. That’s the one! Now, hand it over to us and we’ll be on our way.

Audrey: Okay. *Gives the jewel to the girls*

Ms. Fantastic: Thank you, kind citizens! *To the others silently* Suckers! Hehehehehe…..Now, let’s take off before they spot our plan!


They took off with the jewel, leaving the baffled IPDA agents behind.

Blustra: What about our money?

Audrey: Something isn’t right here. Those girls look awfully familar. *Realizes Splice Dren’s tail* Hey! Those belly dancers are the Avenger Girls and they are taking our jewel! Attack them!

Suddenly, before anyone took action, the mutant spider from before smashes through the cave.

Lily: The spider has come back! What should we do?

Audrey: Let’s get the Avenger Girls to help us before the spider makes us lunch.

Splice Dren: *Sees the agents in trouble* Guys! That spider is attacking the agents! We got to help them!

Gamma Jewel: Who cares? After what they did to us, it’s about time that they needed to taught a lesson.

Wasp Hornet: She has a point. I mean……They prevented us from saving Sanriotown from destruction, they attacked us……

Ms. Fantastic: And they didn’t give us a refund for that security system we purchased.

Splice Dren: I know that they did this to us, but if we just leave them, we will never forgive ourselves.

Ms. Fantastic: Splice Dren’s right. If we leave them behind, we will never live up to our full potential. We are the Avenger Girls and we have to every good being there is, even if we don’t like them. So, shall go back and help them out?

Yes, Ms. Fantastic!

Wasp Hornet: We still keep the costumes right?

Ms. Fantastic: Uh….Sure. Besides, we can’t touch them because it will poison us if we do and we can’t simply attack them with anything else. The agents also mentioned that it can shoot poison, which is bad as well. So, we’ll just have to use intimidations to lure it out.


Audrey: Stay back, beast! We’re armed!

The spider squirts out poison from its tail at the agents, poisoning them all.

Audrey: *Dazed* Now, we really need the Avenger Girls for this.

Blustra: *Dazed* Look at all of the pretty colors!

Lorenzo: *Sings while dazed* Nobody knows…….How dry….

Lily: *Covers Lorenzo’s mouth, while dazed* Nobody wants to hear you sing!

Lorenzo: Sorry, I have the urge to do it.

Blustra: The spider is closing in on us! *Weeps* This is it! It’s over!

Hey, Spider beast!

Wasp Hornet: *While belly dancing* Your mama is a lobster!

The others followed.

Ms. Fantastic: We got its attention! Now, we can lure it away from the others.

Gamma Jewel: It’s about time. My hips are starting to cramp.

Splice Dren: Now, we can dispose of it and cure the others. *To Wasp Hornet* Wasp Hornet, help me cure the agents, while the rest of you take care of the spider.

Ms. Fantastic: Already on it.

By combining their strength together, Ms. Fantastic and Gamma Jewel flipped the spider upside down and threw it far away, while the others cured the agents from the antidote from eariler.

Ms. Fantastic: Our work here is done.

Audrey: Thank you, girls. We owe you one.

Gamma Jewel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, can we I have the jewel to save the city?

Lily: I guess you could. After all, we think you deserve a award.

Splice Dren: Thank you, IPDA. Now, we have a city to save.


The sun was shinning and the trees are blowing in tranquilty. By using the powers of the jewel and Speedy Volta’s weather manipulation powers, the storm was finally over, but not before coming across with another problem.


Because of Ladybug Ant’s flu, it got transfered from her to Demon Witch, Speedy Volta, and Black Swan.

Black Swan: *Sniff* I thought it would only affect one person at a time?

Speedy Volta: I thought so too, before getting sick by transfer. *Sneezes*

Ladybug Ant: Well, I must admit on one thing. The Electric Treatment did cure me of the cold. Now, hold still, so I can perform the Electric Treatment.

Black Swan: What?

Ladybug Ant: Well, it worked for me, so why couldn’t you? *To the other members* Girls, you know what to do.


The girls strangles Black Swan, Demon Witch, and Speedy Volta onto the couches and grabs shockers from the table.

Demon Witch: Ah! Are you insane?

Ladybug Ant: Of course I’m not. This is payback for the other treatments that nearly scarred me for life. *To the others* Ok girls, zap them!

Ms. Fantastic: Well, I’m glad everything is back to normal in our world.

Wasp Hornet: You said it. We saved New York City and IPDA all in one day. What more could we want?

Gamma Jewel: Less talk, more zapping!



The End

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