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Happy Birthday Cinnamon (A bit belated?)

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Here’s a picture for Cinnamon, since his birthday was yesterday. It’s still a bit hectic, but spring break’s coming and that’ll (hopefully) give me time to post things here.

So, hang in there for a little longer. I’ll be back regularly soon!

What I have been doing

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Sorry again for not posting often, but a brand new Kirby game came out for the WiiU and I just have to had it and wrapped up the extras for Triple Deluxe. Of course, school and work….and puzzle books kept me away, but I haven’t forgotten about you guys. Everything should stabilize in the next month.

Take care now!

Secret Project Revealed

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Ok, so I got over the last hiatus I’m taking for a while. I miss you very much. The reason for all this excuses was a secret project I’m working on this entire time. It’s a new long story for the Avenger Girls! It’s called: Avenger Girls and the Forbidden Mask. It’s a direct sequel to the previous long story I made 3 years ago.

Sorry it took so long, but I gotta be in top shape for my job, y’know? Anywhoo, here’s the synopsis:

The Soul Cube. A potentially dangerous artifact that can alter the reality of the world with the holder’s image. A demigod and a devious cat-girl tried to harness it, but a gothic girl took hold and her reality was endless darkness. Eight supercharged girls destroyed it and restored peace to the Earth…….or so they thought. When it was destroyed, the cube’s power leaked out and was absorbed by a sinister-looking mask. Nobody owned that mask….except perhaps the demigod. No one can say for sure. Now, he has assembled the world’s most diabolic super villains and formed a team of their very own. Each of them had a vision that they projected into the world using the mask powered by the remains of the Soul Cube; a vision that worse than a world without heroes. A world where super humans are outlawed and any that stray will receive a death sentence.

Now, our heroines, with new members, Metamorpha Kitty and Doctress Sight, along with their maid, Skua, are transported into an alternate reality where the people they save every day have turned against them. The worst is yet to come. In one week, a comet that was supposed to fly pass the Earth will crash into it due to the mask’s powers, ending the world as we know it. Fortunately, they are not alone. Splice Dren’s team, Tribe X, and Gamma Jewel’s team, G.E.M, are putting aside their differences to help save the world.

Will they save it in time?

Pretty cool, eh?

Fantastic: For once, you actually did something productive during your hiatus.

The project is expected to begin on May 1st, so stay tuned!

Newcomer Alert- Martina Bundle

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Heya, sorry I am late. I just went back to work and college and I’ve been too busy to check up here. Now, it’s time for another character to introduce. This time, it’s a new villain. The majority of the new characters are villains.


Martina Bundle is the arch-nemesis of both Ladybug Ant and Wasp Hornet. She is half human and half housefly. It all started when Ladybug Ant tested her for her new teleportation device (They were good friends and lab partners). But then, something went wrong when a housefly flew into the chamber Martina was on and as a result, her DNA was fused with the fly’s DNA. Shamed of her hideous appearance, she swore revenge against Heidi and later Jenny, when she found out she was replaced for lab partner.

She also gained the ability to induce insanity towards her victims with her “Fly Eye”, which is covered by an eye patch. It is said that those who look at it, even for a moment, will succumb away into insanity and panic. Since she is part fly, she can spew digestive enzymes and can climb vertical walls, giving her the nickname “Fly Girl”.

Surprisingly, she has a cool ad collected personality, despite her insanity-inducing powers. She can also manipulate flies, no matter what type, that helps her obtain information and make mischief among those who despise flies. She hopes to liberate flies someday.

Newcomer Alert-Dot Dedenne

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Another week, another new character making a debut here!


Dot Dedenne is a energetic Dedenne who is the youngest reporter for the New York Daily newspaper. She is interested in stories that is both gripping, informative, and entertaining. But most importantly, she seeks for the truth in the stories she covers. As a result, she hates writing gossip unless there is support for the claim.

She always carries a camera that is seemingly indestructible, withstanding water, heat, radiation, and even brute force. This is just in case a story happens to be where she currently is. She comes from a long line of Dedenne reporters, with her parents being famous for covering history making news.

She seems to have a crush on Emilio, to his annoyance. She also likes guys who respect her profession, though there are many who don’t trust her for reasons she might talk bad things about them behind their backs (She honestly doesn’t that). She also loves sunflower seeds and painting.

Newcomer Alert- Masters Twins

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

You may have met the two before a couple of times, but I wanna put in more details about them.


(Image from Bulbapedia)

Merlin and Merleeve are twin Meowstics, both possessing psychic abilities in unique ways.

Merlin (The blue one) is the male twin. Like other males, he possesses moves that either disable enemies’ moves or enhance his own or that of his friends, but he can still fight. He is known as the “Gremlin Whisperer”, for reasons that he can tame the troublemaking species. They are descended from his Mogwai, Howard, which can spawn Gremlins through water. Since they are very weak to light, he only uses them at night or when it isn’t bright out.

His weapon of choice is his “Psyarrows”, which are formed by his psychic energy and shot at with a bow, which is also made with psychic energy. He has good morals and protects his sister with his life against anyone who tries to kill her for being “wicked”. His creatures may be troublesome, but he has no ill will and wants what’s best for them.

He first practiced Gremlin Manipulation when he first adopted Howard at the age of 5 and since then, he has a variety of Gremlins thanks to their antics in a laboratory. His well-known gremlins include: Spike (A gremlin who is half spider), Randall (A gremlin with superhuman intelligence who is capable of complete human speech and perform magic), Sparky (A gremlin who is made out of pure electricity), and Vlad (A gremlin who is half bat and has complete immunity against sunlight).

He enjoys making mischief and eating cheese puffs. He also likes everyday kindness and being outdoors.

Merleeve (the white one) is the female twin. Like other females, her moves are all offensive. She practices Voodoo, an ancient mystical religion that teaches discipline through ancestors (Which, sadly, has gotten a bad rep for being evil in nature). Other than making voodoo dolls, she also controls dolls. The dolls she has are not your average dolls. They are brought to life by Merleeve and some are the most notorious and dangerous dolls in the world.

Her weapon of choice, as discussed earlier, are “Psyknives”, knives made of psychic energy and very proficient in throw multiple knives at once. She is labeled as “The Wicked Puppet Master” because she shows no mercy towards her enemies and would destroy them maliciously. Even though she seems wicked, she has a strong sense of when things go too far and wouldn’t actually “kill” her victims. She also cares very deeply for Merlin, even if the dolls and gremlins aren’t (They DO NOT get along at all).

Her most favorite doll to use in combat is Brad, which looks like a child’s doll. He is more skilled in attacking and is deeply devoted to Merleeve. Her other dolls are Jennifer (Brad’s ”wife”), Billy (Who acts like Merlin and one of Brad’s “offspring”), Kristen (The female half who acts like Merleeve herself), Blaze (Her most intelligent doll with a hook on his left hand), Bruno (The strongest doll who is able to lift a full grown man), Jack (The backbone of the team who wields an ax), Terrence (A doll with a drill on his head),  Jigsaw (A doll that can summon different traps), and Annalise (A doll who can summon vengeful spirits unconsciously)

She also enjoys performing rituals that help guide her whenever times are tough and loves mint (A LOT). She has a crush on Lorenzo and became his girlfriend (Which did not set well with a certain Avenger Girl)

Newcomer Alert- Scout Sentret

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Here’s another new character coming soon to a story near you! Xp


Scout Sentret is the partner of Tribe X. Basically, he is the team’s counterpart to Emilio. He only recently joined the team, but he tries his best to please all.

Unlike other Sentrets, he is not timid at all. In fact, he’s the opposite! Very courageous and loves to take on challenges, even if it means risking his life. He still possesses sensitive hearing that help him detect danger.

He has a troubled past. He was born in a laboratory where he and the rest of his kind were experimented with horrific tests. He lost both of his parents to the experiments and is the sole survivor of the experiment that determines whether Pokemon can possess the ability to operate machinery. One day, the lab was under siege by Tribe X after they were called in for the rescue of the remaining Pokemon. He, of course, assisted in the escape and afterwards, Tribe X decided to take him home.

He is pretty close to them ever since…..especially Eve. You see, she was the one who answered the call for the raid. For that, he is protective of her….maybe too protective. Unlike with Gamma Jewel and Emilio, Eve actually likes Scout back, giving them the shipping name: ScEve.

He likes to invent weapons; guns are his speciality and the bigger the gun is, the better. He possesses two giant laser guns, which he calls his “twin guns”. People who encounter him are intimidated by his appearance. He’s fierce, but very cute. However, he hates being called “cute” and would shoot anyone who calls him that.

Scout and Emilio actually get along pretty well. Like him, he is pretty smooth with girls and they actually flock to him and is well respected by the boys as well. Overall, he makes friends his age relatively easily. However, Merleeve is said to be his greatest enemy because she “doesn’t treat guys right”, as with Merlin and her wicked character.

He also has a big sweet tooth. He loves anything sweet and pastries are his favorite.

Happy Holidays!

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Sorry I couldn’t post this sooner. Lotso parties to go to. Anyways, I got a 3DS XL for Christmas (I wanted to replace my old one since I had it since the 3DS ever came out….Like…3 years ago?)

I also got tons of money to buy my own games, though I’m not sure what to buy first. One of the games I got was the Pokémon edition of Art Academy (I DREW PICHU!! YAY!!)

Fantastic: Of moi?

Jolt: Or maybe me.

None of you two. Just an average Pichu. And I’m not using you as references.

Fantastic: Why not?

You guys look very different and if I use you two, they couldn’t tell if it was a Pichu or not.

Once I am done with the Art Academy, I’ll resume posting. Next year, my resolution is to be more involved in this site! ;p

Newcomer Alert- Yomi Lycan

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

Ok, so I can finally use paint again from my desktop, which means I can paint new characters that will be planning to debut in later stories.

Today, I will profile one of these characters: Yomi Lycan


Yomi Lycan is a 28 year old werewolf who is the leader of “The Ravagers”, an elite group of supernatural creatures that protect fellow creatures from humans that may try to harm them.

She is a friendly and kind lady who loves everyone of all kinds. She can also be absentminded and forgetful, which can cause problems to her allies, the Xavier Sisters. She also has a a secretary named David, another werewolf who Yomi revived after being fatally attacked by humans. Unlike other werewolves, like David, who received their lycantrophy from a curse, Yomi is born as a werewolf.

Being a werewolf, she becomes stronger on the night of the full moon, but she turns psychopathic and blood-thirsty, attacking anyone she sees. So, it is strongly advised to never visit her during the full moon.

She also loves honeydew melons, exploring, and the outdoors. She is on friendly terms with the Avenger Girls and G.E.M, but for some reason, she hates Metamorpha Kitty.

Brunch Time

by kuromi_lauren:hellokitty.com

You Are Waffles

You are a very popular person, and people seem to gravitate toward you. And you enjoy being the leader.

You’re the type to organize a last-minute brunch… and have everyone you invite show up. You know how to throw a little party.

You are impulsive and even a little over the top. You sometimes order too much at brunch, but that’s okay. You can share!

You have a huge appetite for excitement. You’re the type to inject some fun whenever things are getting too routine.

  What Brunch Dish Are You?

  Blogthings: 100’s of Fun, Free Quizzes!

Mmmmm….Waffles. I don’t go to brunches often. But when I do, I tend to overindulge. So, I guess this answer is pretty much true.

I’m recovering from my first week at work. I think I made a good decision to work at the café at my college. Fun, invigorating, but I need to build stamina.

Look forward to more of this blog very soon! Love ‘ya!

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