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Kuromi’s Friends from "Onegai My Melody"


Hiiragi Jun, the younger brother of Hiiragi Keiichi, is a happy-go-lucky character with a bit of a problem. Most people would say that the youngest always has his way, but this is not the case for Jun. His brother always outshines him in anything they do, and therefore, his brother gets all the attention. This makes Jun very jealous and envious, although he still displays a care-free and happy personality to everyone he meets.

When they were kids, his brother easily surpassed him in their violin lessons. In parties, Hiiragi was always the center of attention amongst girls, leaving Jun angry and bitter. This led him to take whatever attention he gets, not noticing that the girl he liked was actually… a boy.

Even when it comes to playing the guitar, Hiiragi surpasses Jun with ease. In one episode, Hiiragi notices that Jun’s guitar was off key. And he noticed this while he was in the car, and he happened to pass by while Jun was playing for Yumeno Uta, the girl they both liked.

These are some of the reasons why Jun feels a sense of rivalry with his brother. He wants to be better than his brother at something… anything!

Little did he know that playing his guitar for a little talking bunny would literally turn his life upside-down.

At first, he had no idea playing the guitar for Kuromi was providing her with dark power. Not that he would really care, all he wanted to do was play his guitar. He only had the Dark Guitar Pick in the beginning, but after Hiiragi unceremoniously destroyed his guitar, Kuromi provided him with the Dark Guitar. The Dark Guitar gave similar effects as Hiiragi’s Dark Violin in amplifying Kuromi’s power, eventually consuming Jun. Da-chan possessed Jun the same way he once possessed Hiiragi, but thankfully, Jun was saved by his brother. This freed Jun from Da-chan (and Kuromi), and Hiiragi was freed from his contract to be Usamimi Kamen.

In the end, Jun returned to America and Hiiragi went to France to continue his studies. Both brothers were unsuccessful in getting Yumeno Uta, but the ordeal they shared made them closer than before. That doesn’t mean Hiiragi won’t throw tables at Jun occasionally anymore though!