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Hiiragi~ Hiiragi~ Hiiragi~~

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

kuromi mood - daydreaming

First of all, I’m a bit mad.. well, angry because my cute laptop decided to die on me, eating up my entire post which should have been up by Friday!!! *grr~* Now I had to let my dear Hiiragi-shama wait…

But I’m in such a good mood that I decided to forget about it and type up what I can remember anyway.

So far, I’ve planned much for Hiiragi-shama’s welcome to Sanriotown. One of my tasks was to go to My Melody’s place and ask for some roses. Yes, I asked nicely because I didn’t want to get her suspicious. Of course, I didn’t tell her they were for Hiiragi-shama, heck, I don’t think she even knows he’s here! *jackpot* *jackpot*!

kuromi's chocolate brownie Next, the chocolate brownie! I’m so happy it came out so perfectly! Of course, nothing but perfection is worthy of my dear Hiiragi-shama! I mixed dark and milk chocolate to make it extra smooth and creamy! I bet it would be perfect when Hiiragi-shama has his wine.

Yes, I wrote something on the chocolate… But I’m not really sure what he’ll think about it… I didn’t make it that noticeable either, because I know he’s still in a bad mood about last valentines

special wrapping In order to avoid that, I wrapped it up nicely in a cute bag with my own special design! A part of me is secretly hoping that he doesn’t read the letter… because I’d be happy if he just accepts my gift…

Then again, another part of me wishes he’d just see me…

A-a-anyway!!! That nameless cat should really mind her own business! I mean… she almost slipped to Hiiragi-shama about… about… that!!! What would he think if he found out? He might even call me a liar because of it!

…actually, he would have a point there but, noooo!!! He shouldn’t find out, he mustn’t! Because… because…

Argh~! Now I’m not making any sense! I think I should go and deliver the freshly baked brownie and red roses to my Hiiragi-shama

Ah yes, Baku also celebrated his birthday last 29th. Didn’t really have the time to post about it of greet him because I’m talking to the creators of Hello Kitty Online with my grand appearance in the game. I mean, I must be there, right? I should! Less it would give the world a great injustice! Ohohohohoho~ Better yet! Rename the game completely to Kuromi Online!!! Catchier, yes?

Hm… I wonder if that’s the “trouble” Hiiragi-shama was talking about?

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Hiiragi-Sama is on Sanriotown!!!

Friday, February 29th, 2008

kuromi mood - accidentally in love!

Oh yes, yes, yes… I know you all missed me and such, but I have been quite busy lately… Can you blame me? I’m a star after all… And I’ll rise above Hello Kitty if it’s the last thing I do!

But enough of that chit-chat… I’m happy for other reasons!

My Hiiragi-sama is on Sanriotown!!! Aieee~~! I think I can happily melt in a puddle of fangirl goo!

You may all welcome him if you so want, but remember this: He. Is. Mine! No ifs, ands, or buts about it..! He even added the link banner I made him in his blog! Ohohohoho~~

I think I shall happily go to meet him now… Maybe with a box of freshly made brownies… Baku should help me deliver them later on.

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Oh my Hiiragi Keiichi!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

kuromi mood - i'm in love!

imageAlright, alright, so technically, I’m already in love, but I tend to fall in love all over again, especially with a picture like this of my Hiiragi!

Ah, my love… You were so much better when you were playing your violin for me, than when you were sentenced to help My Melody as Usamimi Kamen! Your evil side is so much more gorgeous! But I still love you no matter what anyway!

How I wish I could stay in my human form, Kurumi, forever so that I can be with you until the end of time…

Ah, before I forget, this image is from Omiyage Brothers Web. What absolute beautiful fanart of my love!