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Busy Kuromi’s Been… Busy. 83;;;

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

How is everyone doing? ^o^ I’ve been away for quite a while now… Life’s been keeping me very busy, I didn’t even get to attend that slimy frog’s party. @o@

kuromi, temari, and lambo fanart from onegai my melody, naruto, and reborn!Thank you for all the nice emails. :3 It really makes me feel a lot better. For today, I want to let everyone know that I’m ok now.

See the pretty fanart? This was sent to me by a fan through email. (She told me not to mention her name.) She didn’t draw this, she just found it on the internet, and found it to be very cute, and I have to agree! Hm… That’s probably Temari from Naruto… The little guy I’m fighting with is apparently Lambo from Reborn! Why I’m fighting with him I have no idea.

On another note… How come the new layouts from Sanriotown are of Cinnamoroll, Purin, and CoroCoroKuririn? ;x; Still no Kuromi!!! This is just cruel…

Moon Cake Festival is Around the Corner!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

proudly a work of art!

I love my fans, and I love my fan artists! The internet is such a great place to find people who adore you! Ohohoho~ And I found the perfect picture for this article!

kurohiko's happy moon cake festival" art piece! Anyway, do you guys know about the Moon Cake Festival? Most people call it the Mid-Autumn Festival… it’s a celebration of the legend of the Moon Goddess. There are many versions of that story, but my favorite is the part where the Goddess goes to the moon and turns into a rabbit that creates Moon Cakes! Ohohoho~

You can imagine why this is an important celebration of rabbits everywhere!

Don’t you just love this picture? I think I would definitely make the best Goddess of the Moon! I just love my pink and red goddess dress here! But why is Usamimi Kamen on the moon?! Hmph! It should be my Hiiragi! Maybe that’s why I’m so upset on this picture…

kuromi fan - kurohiko Anyway~ Thank you Kurohiko! Check out her website when you guys have time! Advance Happy moon Cake Festival!