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Poly-verse: Jealousy

Friday, May 8th, 2009

onegai my melody - kurumi nui / kuromi by knuxie [Semi-Private Post; Filtered away from Hiiragi Keiichi and Hiiragi Jun;]

…Uta has arrived in the City. And she can’t remember anything that’s already happened. She doesn’t know that Hiiragi-sama and I were partners for a year, then me and Jun on the next year. It looks like she’s from the past, since she doesn’t seem to have a relationship with Kogure yet.

Which means she’s still crazy in love with Hiiragi-sama.

I’m jealous beyond reason. Or maybe angry beyond reason? I know Hiiragi-sama still loves her… She’s the first girl he’s ever cared about. And you can never be a replacement for someone’s first love.

Now the City has given him a chance to tell her how he really feels about her…

Is it bad that I’m jealous? It’s not that I don’t believe in Hiiragi-sama’s promise, but this situation he’s in… It’s a great opportunity for him to fix his broken heart… to finally heal the pain from the wounds I could not even touch.

Maybe it’s my fault that the City sent me home…Away from him…