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Hello Ki- No, Kuromi’s Black Wonder! >3

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

kuromi's castle with baku

kuromi caught hello kittyHeeee~

I finally caught Hello Kitty! Nyahihihihi~

..but then again, her fans saved her from me during the event. So not fair! Yamaguchi-san should also give me an iconic symbol like Hello Kitty’s bow, and yet…

..oh well, I had fun while it lasted. I’ve found 2 blogs talking about the event in Hong Kong with a lot of pictures! Too bad I can’t read Chinese though. You can visit them here and here, and some behind the scene stuff here.

devil kuromi mechandise from hello kitty black wonder

Did anyone from Sanriotown visit the event? Let me know so I can feature you in my blog! The event is from July 17 to August 3, 2008; I’ll see you there! >3


Thursday, July 10th, 2008

kurumi's angry by knuxiechan@LJIf this is what I think it is, then that would mean…

..I’m positive that I didn’t use any magic to change myself into a human. And yet I’m human?

If this is some sort of joke, I’m definitely not amused. Have you people ever heard of privacy? You know I don’t want to be human right now, especially not in front of Hiira-

..wait a minute.

MY MELO!!! Tell me you did not play the Devil’s Trill, or so help me..!