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…I Can’t Believe This!

kuromi mood - she did it again

Remember some time ago that I was ranting about Hello Kitty stealing my look? I have lots of respect for her, really, in fact, she’s my idol of sorts but…

hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) penhello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) - hariganerockhello kitty cosplaying kuromi charm

hello kitty cosplaying kuromi plush toy hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi)

hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) - toothbrush travel set hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) stationary hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) mirror


…come on. Don’t I get a little credit here? Hmph… I’m much cuter than her!!! Argh… I need to rant, rant, RANT!!! I’m so annoyed! Grrr~! Sanrio people are so mean…

18 Responses to “…I Can’t Believe This!”

  1. myinternetdiary:mymelody.com Says:

    wow! i’ve heard alot about hello kitty since i arrived in sanrio this morning but WHO is ‘hello kitty’ she dosen’t seem like a very nice person though but her sis is cool and so are you-bye now!

  2. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    Oh boy… this is getting a little crazy here. Please calm down Kuromi, pretty bunnies don’t need wrinkles!

  3. angelchao4:hellokitty.com Says:


  4. angelchao4:hellokitty.com Says:

    […]Overreacted on a comment in Kuromi’s blog:[…]

  5. amethyst_lover:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Hello Kitty is cuter!

  6. tanya_dawn:hellokitty.com Says:

    Kuromi is the cutest!!!

  7. my_mero Says:

    you look like you’re eating kitty-chan with the hoodie. ^_^

  8. Leah Says:

    Ew… I hate Kuromi. Hideous! And… taking over places in stores where i used to get hello kitty stuff. Bring back the old characters instead of having THIS thing. I miss Spottie Dottie. Though, Hello Kitty rules over all.

  9. 0robo_strawberry:mymelody.com Says:

    no kuromi is just so cute and awsome! Well I kinda love them both but shes still awsome!

  10. My Melody Says:

    hello kitty and me are friends~!

  11. My Melody Says:

    very cute hello kitty stuff~!

  12. cutepichu:mymelody.com Says:

    kuromi….. are you jealous about hello kitty?

  13. jlneve:hellokitty.com Says:

    Kuromi is jealous… looks like it anyway. :P

    She needs to make her own line of products. I mean, she has some, but look at how many Hello Kitty has! Kuromi, you’d better get started!

  14. woofwoof_2008:hellokitty.com Says:

    haha! kill Hello Kitty! let Kuromi be the mascot! pink skulls and Gothic black are back in town! :3

  15. cutepichu:mymelody.com Says:

    also kirby (i draw a kirby version of you it’s my idea!!!) and -_- none can say woofwoof_2008@hellokitty and why did you pick hellokitty.com instead of mymelody.com or kuririnmail.com (and kuromi,your a sucker)

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