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Making Sense of it All…

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

kurumi nui / kuromi mood - contemplating

I seem to have gotten… quite a reaction from my previous post without even realizing it. It would probably turn into an endless battle of who’s cuter than who, but ah… I don’t feel like getting into that right now.

Kyorosuke-kun seemed to be interested in seeing what my human form looks like. So I decided to change today… ^_^

Whenever I’m human, I can’t help but think how Hiiragi-sama is. I haven’t seen him for so long now… *sigh* Maybe he left?

Mn~ yare-yare~! I’m quite happy to have found some fanart today..! Have a look:

kurumi / kuromi fanart

So cute, ne? I really like it because it’s black and white. And all those laces are so pretty..! I wonder who drew this..?

I think I’ll go find some cute Kuromi products for my next post, ne? ^^

…I Can’t Believe This!

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

kuromi mood - she did it again

Remember some time ago that I was ranting about Hello Kitty stealing my look? I have lots of respect for her, really, in fact, she’s my idol of sorts but…

hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) penhello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) - hariganerockhello kitty cosplaying kuromi charm

hello kitty cosplaying kuromi plush toy hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi)

hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) - toothbrush travel set hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) stationary hello kitty koburinbo (cosplaying kuromi) mirror


…come on. Don’t I get a little credit here? Hmph… I’m much cuter than her!!! Argh… I need to rant, rant, RANT!!! I’m so annoyed! Grrr~! Sanrio people are so mean…