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Busy Kuromi’s Been… Busy. 83;;;

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

How is everyone doing? ^o^ I’ve been away for quite a while now… Life’s been keeping me very busy, I didn’t even get to attend that slimy frog’s party. @o@

kuromi, temari, and lambo fanart from onegai my melody, naruto, and reborn!Thank you for all the nice emails. :3 It really makes me feel a lot better. For today, I want to let everyone know that I’m ok now.

See the pretty fanart? This was sent to me by a fan through email. (She told me not to mention her name.) She didn’t draw this, she just found it on the internet, and found it to be very cute, and I have to agree! Hm… That’s probably Temari from Naruto… The little guy I’m fighting with is apparently Lambo from Reborn! Why I’m fighting with him I have no idea.

On another note… How come the new layouts from Sanriotown are of Cinnamoroll, Purin, and CoroCoroKuririn? ;x; Still no Kuromi!!! This is just cruel…