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Fan Video of Hiiragi-Shama~ <3

Monday, April 28th, 2008

Eeeeh~! So cute!!! Although I don’t think Hiiragi-shama would ever actually dance this… ever. xD I still find it adorable though~ Hmn… I wonder why Jun-kun isn’t there? I bet he’d enjoy dancing this too. :3

Leave a message on the video here. x3

Tokyo Tower… Daze!

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

jun, kuromi, and baku in zojoji temple and tokyo tower


Jun-kun, Baku, and I went to Tokyo Tower the other day. I had no idea there was a temple nearby. The Zojoji Temple behind Jun-kun was once the temple of the Tokugawa shoguns. Isn’t it awesome?!

I don’t think I had this much fun in a while… *hearts* A lot less drama now and more on having fun!

Though… that doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about Hiiragi-shama anymore… But I’m so happy! I even got to eat Takiyaki!!!

Ah, Jun-kun~ Sankyuu ne? We need to go out again some time soon~ I feel a lot better now… Sankyuu~~

Kuromi’s Blog Author notes: Photo credit to Great Travel with Virtual Vacations

Sometimes… The Truth Hurts.

Monday, April 7th, 2008

hiiragi keiichi and kurumi nui / kuromi - sometimes... the truth hurts. by kurohiko

“There are some things I wish to discuss with you,” Hiiragi began, “and I hope that you will be honest with me.”

I knew what was coming next, but still I asked him… “What is it you want to discuss?”

And my worst fears were realized when his next words came; “Kurumi Nui,” he said plainly.

I wanted to play dumb. I wanted to delay the pain. But there was no escaping it. I could hear his words as he stated the facts on how he suspected I could be Kurumi Nui, the girl who danced with him that night. I could hear them, but they meant nothing…

But I knew my time was up. I could no longer hide the truth. Doing so would only hurt him more. And so I led him to my room, to show him the girl he so longed to see once more. The truth was painful, but it had to be done. I did the magic that I was so familiar with by now and became Kurumi Nui before his eyes.

I couldn’t face him anymore after that. It didn’t feel right. I made him think I was someone else when I was human. Everything was spinning and I cried as hard as I could to ease the pain of my breaking heart. I apologized several times and when that was done, I apologized again… and again. Was he angry with me? Did he hate me? Would he not speak to me again?

After a long silence, I heard him turn for the door and say. “I need some time… to think.”

For some reason, I knew I would not see him again as soon as he left that door. I panicked, so I risked everything. I hurriedly stood up and caught hold of his shirt. We were both in pain, and I knew it was selfish, but this might be the last time I could be this close to him as a human. I had to say what was on my mind…

“Before I leave…”

This was the last moment I had. Say it.

“Will you let me… hug you?”

He didn’t say anything, but he didn’t leave either. I wasn’t sure how he would react if I actually did hug him. And so I decided to just be close to him. I moved closer to him and rested my head on his back. That was enough…

“Thank you.” That was all I could say at that moment. I wanted to say something more… But how could I? How could I hurt him more?

I explained what little knowledge I had of the spell I used to turn human. I smiled a fake smile and turned to break the spell and leave him alone. He deserved that much and more. Much, much more.


His voice alone made me freeze. What was he going to say? Maybe he’s angry? Or maybe he doesn’t want to see me again?

…or worse, he hates me?

“I don’t hate you.. Kuromi.”

I could not explain it even if I tried. Relief, happiness… love? The emotions came to quickly and I began crying again. If I didn’t hear the pain in his voice, I probably would have turned around and hugged him… for real.

But all I could really do was thank him and give him the time and space he asked for. I said my last goodbye and left…

His last words… haunt my dreams…

“Sayonara, Kuromi.”

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Kuromi’s Blog author says: I’m sorry I’m redundant. D: But the scene was so cute and perfect, I couldn’t help myself. ;~; Why are they so cute?!? *shakes Hiiragi* The actual thing took place here, for those who want more drama. T___T

The Truth Comes Out…

Friday, April 4th, 2008

kuromi mood - loved

I couldn’t avoid the truth… I had originally thought Hiiragi-shama would hate me forever since… I felt that I was deceiving him whenever I was Kurumi Nui.

kurumi nui and hiiragi keiichi Yes… That girl who was in my blog several times was actually… me. You see, I can transform into a human girl thanks to the melody Key. I had no intentions of transforming more than once though. All I wanted was to dance with Hiiragi-shama on that fateful Halloween night.

…yes, that was all I really wanted. But then, when I discovered Hiiragi may have been Usamimi Kamen, I couldn’t ask him directly and so changed once more. A third time was to save him from his fangirls, but that was thanks to My Melody’s magic.

Of course… the 4th time I became Kurumi Nui, everyone here in Sanriotown knows about…

But… I’m actually… happy. After I had told Hiiragi-shama I am Kurumi Nui, he was of course shocked, but… he said something that I’m so thankful for…

I don’t hate you.. Kuromi.

Even though I have to give him some time to himself and leave his side… I’m actually happy that he doesn’t hate me.

Shiyawase ne…

Back to my house for me… Hiiragi-shama, goodbye for now. If you need me, you know where to find me…

I… I still… I still love you. That will never change.

Sayonara, Hiiragi-shama… Okyotsukete kudasai…

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…Now I Can Sleep.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

baku's entry - ok with a side rant

Yatta -zona! >D

Kuromi-sama is making me say this but like the “Prince Charming” that he is, Hiiragi rescued my Kuromi-sama from the evil black notes! I’m a little concerned that My Melo is somewhat attempting to play the Devil’s Trill and that she thinks Kuromi risking herself to make the black notes disappear is silly, but since she doesn’t know how to play the violin, she should be fine zona!

…ok, I don’t think I can keep this to myself, but Hello Kitty is really bugging me. For one thing, I was the one who was ranting about the bracelet, not Kuromi-sama. Can’t cats read? And then she goes to say:

image See here, Kuromi-chan! I’ve given my love as your friend long ago–when I made a devil image of myself! It was so hard, too!

I’ve always been sweet and gentle. And showing some skin is not my thing.

Read the entire thing here.

I don’t know what she’s thinking, but please… read first before you flame? :/ It was me! The flying tapir who was ranting about the bracelet, ok?! Besides… You’re only imitating Kuromi-sama (who is way cuter than you) because people like her for her devilish ways that’s why you had a devil version of yourself made! Look here and see if what I’m saying is true or not, zona!

Now I feel much better. *nods nods* Blogging really is good for the soul. >D

…oh, Happy Birthday, Badtz Maru! Where’s the party at? >D