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Happy Easter, Everyone!

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Looks like I was able to make it as an Easter Bunny after all! Sebastian made me a costume so that bandages don’t show in the photograph… (No tablet remember? So since I can’t draw, Jun decided to take a picture.) It feels a bit silly wearing a bunny costume when I’m a real bunny! But I don’t mind it… It kinda looks like Usamimi Kamen’s costume don’t you think?

kuromi the easter bunny

Usamimi… Kamen? Where did I hear that name before? I wonder why the thought even crossed my mind?

Anyway, Sebastian, Jun, the chefs, and the maids helped out, so the Easter eggs came out pretty nice! Some too cutesy for my taste, but that’s how they liked it. It’s funny how there happens to be so many different types of chocolates in Hiiragi-shama’s kitchen, so we really had a ball making chocolate eggs and real hard boiled eggs! Now everyone who sees this can get an easter egg! Sebastian said he will deliver some to the slimy frog, nameless cat, Zashi-pig, and even Badtzy Boy.

Oh, and Sebastian also said something about a new Sanriotown resident, Cinamoroll. It would make a nice welcoming present I think.

That… kinda makes me feel better…

I left a purple basket with chocolate eggs and one real hard boiled eggs in Hiiragi-shama’s bedroom table… I hope he comes back soon.

I think I’ll go back to bed now. My hands are beginning to hurt again. @_@ Too much painting and typing I think. Don’t tell Sebastian or Jun though, they might scold me again!

Blog Author’s Note: That’s an official design of Kuromi for Easter from Sanrio! I lol’d and changes the tail color to match Usamimi Kamen’s! xD I hope Sanrio doesn’t kill me!

Awakening from a Dream

Friday, March 21st, 2008

moonlight sonata - onegai my melody fanart hiiragi keiichi / usamimi kamen and kuromi

Hmm… Kuromi here. My head still hurts… but I thought I should let everyone know I’m ok. I still sore all over because of the burns I got… I can’t draw anything at the moment because I can’t hold a pen and my tablet is over at my house, so I’m going to use Kurohiko’s illustration regarding recent events. Curses that I was unconscious when Hiiragi-shama was carrying me!

Though honestly speaking… I don’t remember how I got these injuries. More specifically, I don’t remember enything that happened in the past several days. Which irritates me to no end after reading up on some of the old entries in several blogs. I don’t even remember White Day..!

hiiragi keiichi - the devil's trillSo, you can pretty much imagine my surprise and confusion waking up in Hiiragi-shama’s Mansion. Sebastian came in a few moments ago with a black laptop (Hiiragi-shama’s maybe? *hearts*) and some presents.

It seems I missed a lot of important things that’s been happening. Sebastian said that these presents were supposed to be given to me on White Day. Waaiii~~ *heart* Hiiragi-shama’s latest album! Doesn’t he look so handsome in the cover? Suteki!!! (Wonderful!!!) I’m listening to it right now while typing up this entry. It’s so nice…

But that wasn’t all. There’s also some white chocolates from Godiva. Oh, they are so lovely! I better eat only a few at a time… I don’t want to look like a marshmallow. Thank you so much, Hiiragi-shama!!!

hiiragi's white day present - white chocolates from godivaI read from Kerropi’s blog that Baku was planning on eating these himself. That purple tapir is really asking for some whacking! Though, I can’t do that right now. Typing is hard enough.

*stops to rest a bit and think*

I still don’t understand it though. Baku said I told him something after he found me. I don’t remember what he wrote about the events at all. I need to talk to him later and try to piece together what happened in the past few days… But it worries me too. I feel that if I do find out what happened, Hiiragi-shama might get angry. I’d rather not remember that have him mad at me.

*sigh* How depressing… It looks like I can’t give out easter eggs this year. I’m afraid people will be stuck with overly cute, pink easter eggs from My Melody with “onegai” written all over it. *shudders*

Sebastian said he will dress my wounds later. I wish Hiiragi-shama would do that though. XD For now, I think I should end this entry and get some more rest…

I wonder where Hiiragi-shama and Baku are? Maybe I’ll call them up later.

So Many Questions…

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

baku's entry - confused over everything

I’ll admit it. I’m worried about Kuromi-sama… Hiiragi went to get her over at Meriland because he thinks the doctors in Meriland can’t help her. Can’t say I blame the guy, But I haven’t heard from him in days now…

You can’t blame a Tapir for worrying, can you? I don’t like Hiiragi much so I don’t trust him fully yet.

a picture of kanrinin-san There’s a lot of things I don’t understand… Example, Kanrinin-san gave us that candle. I don’t think she would have a grudge against Kuromi-sama, so why would it go haywire and injure her? It must be an accident, I know it has to be!

But… When I found Kuromi-sama, she muttered something specifically: “That candle… was enchanted.”

But why? I don’t understand why a caretaker of a tiny dormitory would be angry with Kuromi-sama. I wanted answers, and when I looked for Karinin-san, she was no where to be found. *sigh*

Come to think of it… I don’t even remember Karinin-san’s name.

…zona. T_T This is too much for a Tapir… Maybe I need to hang out with Badtz Maru a bit to clear my head. I wonder if Mimmy and Keroleen baked any sweets today? I want something sweet. T_T I miss Kuromi-sama…



Saturday, March 15th, 2008


Kuromi-sama… Kuromi-sama is… She’s…

Waaaah! T___T Kuromi-sama broke the spell in time, but the huge candle we used had a mean kick…


So this is what she meant by “eternally burning”.

Kuromi-sama was able to stop the flames somehow… But she’s badly burned! I have get her to the castle!

…sorry Hiiragi, but your questions have to wait until much later.


Thank You, My Hiiragi-Sama!

Friday, March 14th, 2008

kurumi and hiiragi keiichi

Thank you for a wonderful evening Hiiragi-sama! Thank you for dinner, thank you for riding the Ferris Wheel with me, thank you for being with me…

Thank you for letting me kiss you on the cheek.

I wish it could last forever, but even Cinderella had to say good-bye to her prince charming…

Thank you… Hiiragi-sama…