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…Evil Plot? >D ZONA!


Ah-hem, ah-hem! May I have everyone’s attention please!

Drumroll! Music! Confetti! And lastly… Cinnamon rolls!

keroleen's love bracelet

TA-DAAAA! I have found Keroleen’s bracelet! So it really was that thing I bit that caused me my tooth. Now I remember. I saw this when I was eating that chocolate cake. Which was very deliscious by the way! I thought to myself, “First Keroleen likes Hiiragi, now she like… Kuromi-sama?!”

…I almost fainted. But I went to sleep instead… after drinking lots of water and brushing my teeth! >D

I cleaned it up nicely with Sebatian’s help, and now I can go deliver this to Keroleen! I’m sure she will be happy!

…I only wish Kuromi-sama would have the same happiness Keroleen does with Keroppi.

Anyway, zona! There seems to be a lot of new residents in Sanriotown! Probably because Hiiragi Keiichi is so popular, HMPH! Hello Kitty is here and she tried to make Keroleen feel better by giving her a bracelet.

hello kitty's gift to keroleen*sweatdrop* No offense to Hello Kitty, but, I don’t think it would have the same sentimental value as the one Keroppi gave her. Not to mention that it has you on it? These popular types are really annoying me.

Pochacco seems to have found himself here as well. I haven’t met him yet, but some people seem to think he’s a really nice guy… uhm… dog! Maybe I can go visit him after I deliver Keroleen’s bracelet.

…Hiiragi went after Kuromi-sama again, and he doesn’t seem to happy about it. I’m beginning to feel sorry for the guy, but I worry more for Kuromi-sama when he catches up to her. If he does want the truth, he might want to consider bothering someone about it… I think it might help, zona.

…of course I sent him alone to get her! >D What do you expect from a sweet, innocent tapir like me? *evil grins*


11 Responses to “…Evil Plot? >D ZONA!”

  1. kerokero:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Yey! Hurrah for Baku! Thank you very much! I’ll be making more sweets for you, but no more bracelets inside. ^_^


  2. Baku Says:

    HURRAH ZONA!!! I shall await your sweets!!! Woo-hooooo~~ >D

  3. kerokero:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Heehee! ^_^ *hop hop*

  4. Mocha Says:

    Hooray for Baku!! I’m so happy you found Keroleen’s bracelet! :)

  5. Cappuccino Says:

    YAY! Now I can finally go back to lounging and sleeping (Although, I really did a lot of this when I was supposed to be helping to look for the bracelet heehee!)

    Hooray for Baku!!! :D

  6. Cinnamon Says:

    YAY! I’m so happy for Keroleen! :)

    Yikes, so sorry to hear about your tooth, Baku! :(

  7. Baku Says:

    It’s ok - zona. >D My tooth will grow back eventually.

  8. Espresso Says:

    “No offense to Hello Kitty, but, I don’t think it would have the same sentimental value as the one Keroppi gave her. Not to mention that it has you on it?”

    Ahh… yes, yes. I must agree with you Baku. Popular types have a propensity to advertise themselves. I suppose this is second nature to them.

    Congratulations on finding the bracelet, Baku. Well done!

  9. nanao_chan:kuririnmail.com Says:

    Baku is a good Tapir! *pats Baku*

  10. lilybethflame:hellokitty.com Says:

    I’m happy for you Baku, but you still haven’t told me why you takled me. did I do something wrong?o_O?

  11. Kuromi-Chan Says:

    I think Baku tackles people he likes… It’s his way of hugging people. xD

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