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…Evil Plot? >D ZONA!


Ah-hem, ah-hem! May I have everyone’s attention please!

Drumroll! Music! Confetti! And lastly… Cinnamon rolls!

keroleen's love bracelet

TA-DAAAA! I have found Keroleen’s bracelet! So it really was that thing I bit that caused me my tooth. Now I remember. I saw this when I was eating that chocolate cake. Which was very deliscious by the way! I thought to myself, “First Keroleen likes Hiiragi, now she like… Kuromi-sama?!”

…I almost fainted. But I went to sleep instead… after drinking lots of water and brushing my teeth! >D

I cleaned it up nicely with Sebatian’s help, and now I can go deliver this to Keroleen! I’m sure she will be happy!

…I only wish Kuromi-sama would have the same happiness Keroleen does with Keroppi.

Anyway, zona! There seems to be a lot of new residents in Sanriotown! Probably because Hiiragi Keiichi is so popular, HMPH! Hello Kitty is here and she tried to make Keroleen feel better by giving her a bracelet.