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What in the World..?

Monday, March 31st, 2008

kuromi mood - hidden truths

Kanrinin’s Place… is different from what I can remember. It’s a lot darker that it use to be.

devil's trill 1

I went upstairs to look for Kanrinin-san. But I had no luck in finding her, or a clue as to where she went. I wonder what happened?

devil's trill 2

But… I seem to have stumbled upon something else. A huge amount of black notes were kept in her room. They somehow reacted to me when I went inside, and they’re rearranged themselves… into a musical score. And at the bottom, I read the words “Devil’s Trill” written in Meriland text.

devil's trill 3

I’m wondering… I think I should play this in order to satisfy the black notes. If I play the Devil’s Trill, then maybe the black notes will disappear. I’m afraid if I don’t satisfy them and make them disappear quickly, they might find their way to Hiiragi-shama

devil's trill 4

Hm… Maybe… I should…

…Evil Plot? >D ZONA!

Saturday, March 29th, 2008

Ah-hem, ah-hem! May I have everyone’s attention please!

Drumroll! Music! Confetti! And lastly… Cinnamon rolls!

keroleen's love bracelet

TA-DAAAA! I have found Keroleen’s bracelet! So it really was that thing I bit that caused me my tooth. Now I remember. I saw this when I was eating that chocolate cake. Which was very deliscious by the way! I thought to myself, “First Keroleen likes Hiiragi, now she like… Kuromi-sama?!”

…I almost fainted. But I went to sleep instead… after drinking lots of water and brushing my teeth! >D

I cleaned it up nicely with Sebatian’s help, and now I can go deliver this to Keroleen! I’m sure she will be happy!

…I only wish Kuromi-sama would have the same happiness Keroleen does with Keroppi.

Anyway, zona! There seems to be a lot of new residents in Sanriotown! Probably because Hiiragi Keiichi is so popular, HMPH! Hello Kitty is here and she tried to make Keroleen feel better by giving her a bracelet.

hello kitty's gift to keroleen*sweatdrop* No offense to Hello Kitty, but, I don’t think it would have the same sentimental value as the one Keroppi gave her. Not to mention that it has you on it? These popular types are really annoying me.

Pochacco seems to have found himself here as well. I haven’t met him yet, but some people seem to think he’s a really nice guy… uhm… dog! Maybe I can go visit him after I deliver Keroleen’s bracelet.

…Hiiragi went after Kuromi-sama again, and he doesn’t seem to happy about it. I’m beginning to feel sorry for the guy, but I worry more for Kuromi-sama when he catches up to her. If he does want the truth, he might want to consider bothering someone about it… I think it might help, zona.

…of course I sent him alone to get her! >D What do you expect from a sweet, innocent tapir like me? *evil grins*


Oh, the Drama!

Friday, March 28th, 2008

kuromi mood - can't take it anymore!

Ok, enough is enough. Baku and Hiiragi-shama are obviously plotting something, and I don’t like it. The tension is so thick in this mansion that I could cut it with the Melody Key! *cough*

hello kitty vs kuromi? not. Well, I suppose it’s a good thing, since I was able to catch up on some blogs… It seems that nameless cat found some weird looking poster of me and Hello Kitty. But wait, that isn’t me at all! I do not, in any way, even look the slightest bit like that! That just looks really weird… not cute at all! *cough*

And no, you nameless cat, that is not me in that tacky outfit. I may have a sense of rivalry with Hello Kitty ever since she stole my look, but I wouldn’t resort to such lowly, unlady-like tactics.

On another note, Sebastian was able to send out the Easter Eggs. Keroleen apparently baked me a slimy cake, but Baku ate it all before I got the chance to taste it. *cough* He was complaining about a toothache last night… something about biting something, I don’t know.

cinamoroll's cinnamon rolls and coffee Cinnamoroll also stopped by to ask how I was doing. He brought over some cinnamon rolls and coffee. They were very delicious. I left some in the refrigerator for Hiiragi-shama and Baku to enjoy later when they wake up…

Why is that you may ask? Well, like I said, I can’t really take the tension anymore. I’m leaving Hiiragi’s Mansion and going back to Kanrinin’s place. If there’s anything I hate, it’s unanswered questions. My memories and my health may not be the best at this moment, but I’m getting to the bottom of this. *cough*

…this is probably the last time I’ll be using Hiiragi-shama’s laptop. He hasn’t been updating his blog for a while now, probably because me and Baku were using it all this time. Guess he’s happy My Melo’s here now… I miss Hiiragi-shama already…


Thursday, March 27th, 2008


It seems that I’ve caused a bit of a problem… Fortunately, Kuromi-sama is still speaking to me; unfortunately, I can’t solve the problem. I don’t know why Kuromi-sama is acting the way she is right now, but I think it could be related to her illness. She’s so scared of the unknown that it’s keeping her from getting well. I can’t help Hiiragi either, because I don’t want to make Kuromi-sama even worse.

But! I know a few things that can make her feel better! My Melody (aka “MyMero”) has arrived in Sanriotown! Ok, so maybe that make me happier that it does Kuromi-sama, but still! She came to visit us!

flour-less chocolate cakeAlso, Keroleen baked Kuromi-sama a cake! It’s a flour-less, low calorie chocolate cake. Kuromi-sama said she doesn’t want is not feeling well enough to eat some, so I’m going to go eat it later! Thank you, Keroleen!

Finally! Drum Roll Please!!!

kuromi-sama is blog of the week on sanriotown!

Ta-dah!!! Sanriotown has made us her blog of the week and they mentioned Hiiragi’s blog too but who cares! You can read all about that in the Main Blog and the Blog All Stars!

…sorry I can’t help you any more, Hiiragi, but you need to look for answers else where. Either that, or you simply need to find more proof.


Confused and Delusional…

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

kuromi mood - in a lot of pain

I… I’m not sure what’s going on anymore. Yesterday, Baku and Hiiragi-shama were fighting, and… I wanted the two of them to stop fighting, so I said anything that came to mind.

It seems my fever got the best of me…

I’m not sure what to say… Kurumi Nui is a very good friend of mine and we are very close. I decided to let her spend White Day with Hiiragi-shama instead of me because I know how much she cares for Hiiragi-shama and Hiiragi-shama deserves to be happy.

Hiiragi-shama is not at fault. I got hurt because of my own carelessness. No one should blame him that I got hurt.

*sniff* I’m sorry I’m causing him so much trouble, and I’m sorry Baku feels that I abandoned him for Hiiragi-shama. Please stop fighting… I don’t want Da-chan to come back and posses Hiiragi-shama again…

Please stop fighting… Please?