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Aaaahh~~ Good Grief!

Monday, December 31st, 2007

Omg, omg, omg!

It’s almost the new year already so I’ll leave a very quick update. Thank goodness for mobile blogging!

  1. There was no plane for me to get to Paris on time, so I had to use my trusty flying tapir, Baku, to get me to Paris!
  2. The idiot forgot to bring his water bottle and got himself dehydrated, thus leading us to a crash landing on an open field.
  3. We’re alright because Baku landed on “something soft” which I accidentally stepped on.
  4. I heard there’s a festival later at 12mn at the Hello Kitty Christmas Tree (Why is ther no Kuromi Christmas Tree?!??!), and I can’t leave… uh… the thing Baku landed on by himself… ITself!
  5. I’ll have to bring that thing with me, by scooping it up, putting it in a jar, and onto my backpack.

That’s it for now. Argh, for goodness sake Baku, hurry up before I leave this icky looking gray thing in the snow too long!!!

Kuromi’s Date Book

Tuesday, December 11th, 2007

kuromi mood - another year is coming

kuromi date book 2008Like I said before, my vacation with Hiiragi-sama allowed me to pick up a ton of items featuring me! So I shall show you one such item now…

This is my new organizer for the year 2008! Isn’t it cute? Hiiragi-sama bought it for me in a Sanrio shop in Japan! My Melody is on the other side of the book, but I’m still cuter anyway!

Below is a scanned sample of the inside. A nice and purple way to celebrate the new year? Don’t I look absolutely cute in a kimono? The image is a bit small, but there are tiny skull prints on my kimono! Cherry blossoms are so me!

Different months have different designs, so it’s really worth it! You’ll definitely want to spend all year round with me, so if you can still find some in your Sanrio stores, make sure you buy one! Ohohohoho~

kuromi and my melody date book - january 2008

Oh yeah, I heard that the mouse got lost in Paris and that Zashi-pig can’t find him. Seems everyone is in Paris now so…

I’m not trying to be nice! I just want them to stop whining like babies! And since I know Paris like the back of my hand, I shall go and lend them my vast knowledge.

Time to go call the agency and book some tickets. 

Guess Who’s Back from Japan?!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

kuromi mood - guess who's back?!


Did you all miss me? I bet you did!

After my little “party failure” post, my dear Hiiragi-sama showed up at the door step with everyone! Ohohoho~ They actually did make it to my party after all!

And the reason why I was away all this time? Was because Hiiragi-sama invited me to go to Japan with him! We left that same day, and I came back about a little more than a week ago. I haven’t been updating because I was so tired!!! Really, when Hiiragi-sama said he was going there on business, I had no idea he would spend so much time with me!

Of course… I’m in such a good mood right now. Hiiragi-sama bought me a lot of stuff, and I need to unpack and take pictures of them soon! But here’s one I’d like to share:

mia cafe pvc - kuromi version Tadaa~!

It’s a Mia Cafe PVC, Kuromi version! Ohohohoho~ Isn’t she pretty? Not as pretty as yours truly of course!

These are one of the many many Kuromi things I bought while I was on Japan. I also bought a pink Wacom tablet so that I can update a lot easier!

Ohohohoho~ Hiiragi-sama was quite generous~! He taught me quite a lot about the tablet… My only problem is, I don’t know how to plug it in my computer! Waaaah~!!! But Hiiragi-sama promised to come by tomorrow, so we shall soon see…

But for now, I think I shall finish my unpacking and find Baku so that he can help me carry some stuff…