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She Stole MY Look!

kuromi mood - shocked

I thought she was kidding… I really thought she was kidding! But she wasn’t kidding! Hello Kitty stole my look!!! Just look at the plush!


And it doesn’t end with a different sizes of plush! She’s got cell phone charms, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, stationaries, bags… ARGH!!! How dare, how dare, how dare!!!

I thought Hello Kitty was this respectable, always original, Mother of All Sanrio Characters!!! I mean, I’d understand if she were to cosplay the other characters in order to boost their popularity! But not me! I’m popular enough as it is!

There’s only one reason I could think of that would make Hello Kitty think about doing a stunt like this. I’m now probably more popular than Hello Kitty and she’s the one needing a popularity boost! Ohohoho~ That must be it! I mean think about it. What happened to her Hello Kitty Cafe in Hong Kong? It died! That’s what happened! Ohohohohoho~

imageHello Kitty, my dear, I do hope you get your popularity back! After all,  cosplaying does not suit you