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I’m The Babe!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

maid hunting

I know what you’re thinking…

“Why is the character on the banner not Kuromi?”

 Actually, she’s one of the maids of the Kuromi Cafe. She’s cosplaying as me, and she wanted to be on the banner so, I thought, why not? But she’s still not as cute as me.

kuromi maid cafe iconDon’t believe me? Here’s the original size of the picture I drew with the ears showing…

Believe me now?

Moving on, moving on…

My gal, Tingal decided to call me “The Babe“! Oh yes, I think it suits me very much don’t you? And will you look at that! She even put pictures of the Kuromi Maid Cafe in her blog!

kuromi pvc and plush

Apparently, the cafe not only serves coffee, but gives you the chance to buy some items of yours truly as well. Talk about quality service! They picked the cutest girls for the PVC collection, but no one can be as cute as me! Ohohoho~

kuromi rules Lots of people seem to be blogging about my cafe, even from way back when it first opened.

tingal link banner kuromi style Ohohoho~ Thanks for writing about me, Tingal! Oh and by the way, since Sanriotown now has blogarate, I’m automatically giving 5 stars to the articles of the Sanriotown Members who blog about me! That’s a lot of incentive now when you think about it… 5 stars and a link banner!

Am I not generous? Ohohohoho~

Oh, and I must thank you all for making me the top post on the first day that Sanriotown had Blogarate! Thank you, thank you! Cuteness rules! Ohohohoho~

Yum, Yum, Moon Cakes!

Monday, September 24th, 2007

happy to be cute

Oh happy, happy! Tomorrow is the Moon Cake Festival, and I’ve received a lot of moon cakes already! Mmm~ White lotus is my favorite!

That drawing of me as a Moon Goddess made me feel a bit generous and there are way too many moon cakes at home. I already gave some to Baku, Kuromi’s 5, and my beloved Hiiragi, but there are still a lot… So I figured, what the heck… I don’t want to get fat, might as well give some to the other characters since… well, I do feel a teensy bit bad for crashing their party.

Hey, I may be bad and evil, but I have an conscience too! It’s a waste to throw out good food! And I don’t want to get fat!

So anyway, I went to Zashi-pig’s house first. you see, I found out that he was the one who baked the strawberry shortcake (which was literally full of sugar), and his little friend, Tabby, who picked the pretty pink tulips. I actually dried 3 of the tulips, so that they can last forever on my cabinet, but that was because I thought they were from Hiiragi! But… they’re so pretty… and they’re still slightly pink even though they’re already dried up… I don’t have the heart to throw them away..!

Anyway, next was Keroppi’s place. I think he has the most, since he lives with his huge family. That should get them prepared for the festival tomorrow! Ohohohoho~

And then there’s Badtz Maru. That little boy should really stay out of the lady’s fights. Isn’t that a rule? Never meddle in a fight between two ladies? But well, nothing is going to ruin my good mood today, so I just left him one moon cake. (I wanted to leave just half, but if I were to eat the first half, that would be like an indirect kiss, so like, EW!!!)

And what’s with the link banner, Badtzy Boy? It so obviously an imitation of mine! I suppose you think mine looked so cute you had to imitate?

Finally, that little cat (or human, whatever) who’s name I always forget. Actually, I gave them a box, with the designs on the moon cakes as the face of Hello Kitty! Ohohoho~ I took one look of the moon cakes with Hello Kitty staring at me and though “this is be perfect for that copycat!”

Oh hey, I figured out why she still wears that jumper. Ohohohoho~ Tingal shed a bit of light on the topic:

HaHaHa. Dont blame her. She looks into the mirror and thinks that Hello Kitty is the one wearing that out of fashion jumper. - Tingal

I still laugh whenever I read that! Ohohohoho~ Thanks dear! You make my day so much more happier~

I hope those other un-famous Sanrio Characters thank me for my generosity! Ohohoho~ It’s so nice to feel loved!

*hearts and hearts*

She Stole MY Look!

Friday, September 21st, 2007

kuromi mood - shocked

I thought she was kidding… I really thought she was kidding! But she wasn’t kidding! Hello Kitty stole my look!!! Just look at the plush!


And it doesn’t end with a different sizes of plush! She’s got cell phone charms, ballpoint pens, mechanical pencils, stationaries, bags… ARGH!!! How dare, how dare, how dare!!!

I thought Hello Kitty was this respectable, always original, Mother of All Sanrio Characters!!! I mean, I’d understand if she were to cosplay the other characters in order to boost their popularity! But not me! I’m popular enough as it is!

There’s only one reason I could think of that would make Hello Kitty think about doing a stunt like this. I’m now probably more popular than Hello Kitty and she’s the one needing a popularity boost! Ohohoho~ That must be it! I mean think about it. What happened to her Hello Kitty Cafe in Hong Kong? It died! That’s what happened! Ohohohohoho~

imageHello Kitty, my dear, I do hope you get your popularity back! After all,  cosplaying does not suit you at all! Unlike yours truly who loooks good in almost anything and everything! Even your signature red bow! Ohohoho~

Stay Cute!

Moon Cake Festival is Around the Corner!

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

proudly a work of art!

I love my fans, and I love my fan artists! The internet is such a great place to find people who adore you! Ohohoho~ And I found the perfect picture for this article!

kurohiko's happy moon cake festival" art piece! Anyway, do you guys know about the Moon Cake Festival? Most people call it the Mid-Autumn Festival… it’s a celebration of the legend of the Moon Goddess. There are many versions of that story, but my favorite is the part where the Goddess goes to the moon and turns into a rabbit that creates Moon Cakes! Ohohoho~

You can imagine why this is an important celebration of rabbits everywhere!

Don’t you just love this picture? I think I would definitely make the best Goddess of the Moon! I just love my pink and red goddess dress here! But why is Usamimi Kamen on the moon?! Hmph! It should be my Hiiragi! Maybe that’s why I’m so upset on this picture…

kuromi fan - kurohiko Anyway~ Thank you Kurohiko! Check out her website when you guys have time! Advance Happy moon Cake Festival!


I Just Want to Prove a Point

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007


I just remembered something when the mail came in today! Ohohoho~That little nameless nobody needs a bit of bashing! Only I can pull off being depressed and cute at the same time!

Moving on, for those of you who read her “10 reasons why Mimmy is better than Kuromi” post (Hah! You wish!!!), there are a few things I simply must point.

3. What is it with the jester hat? What is she trying to do? Make us laugh to death? Puh-leaze. Even making it black and putting a skull there doesn?t scare anyone. Especially if the skull is pink.

Oh wait, I get it. She?s going to give us a scare because of her horrendous outfit! Hello, fashion police? We?ve got a live one here.

2. Yellow is the new black. Her taste is so passť. She really needs to update on her wardrobe. Oh wait. She doesn?t really wear clothes. How sad.

Ohohoho~ You obviously do not read Fashion Magazines… Oh wait a minute, can you even read at all?

Anyway, to help me prove how fashionably cuter I am than that little miss want-to-be-somebody, here are pictures from my latest photo shoot!

lolita kuromiDon’t I look positively cute? No one pulls off the gothic lolita look better than me! Most people probably saw me in this outfit already, considering I have my own cafe!

In fact, the humans who take care of my cafe love this look so much that they have waitresses dressing up like me!

kuromi's beach wearLet’s not forget, one must look absolutely cute when going to the beach!

Gotta hand it to my Sanrio Fashionistas. This black two piece swimsuit simply screams cuteness! Such a beautiful attention grabber, not like I need to fuss too much to get the attention I deserve!

kuromi practicing karateWhen one works out in the gym to maintain such fabulous figure, one must have cute outfits fit for such invigorating activities!

I like doing Karate, and so my kimono is black to match my cute hood finished with a white bow for my belt! You might argue that white belts are used by beginners, but this cute bunny is definitely no beginner!

queen kuromiAnd when I take over Merryland, I shall not only have a beautiful tiara with sapphires and rubies, but I shall also have a black dress to complete the ultimate goth look!

And all of Merryland shall bow to me! Ohohoho~

cingerella kuromiAnd finally, I have my Cinderella dress that I wore last year on my birthday! Note my beautiful glass slippers! Aren’t they gorgeous?

Oh~ Such a memorable night! It was the first time that I got to dance with Hiiragi-sama~~ *hearts* *hearts* *hearts*!!! Hiiragi is such a cutie!

I think that’s it for this blog entry! Ohohoho~ But I shall post more pictures of my fashionably cute outfits soon!

And before you tell someone how “horrid” they dress, you should look yourself in the mirror, dearie! Just look at yourself! Still wearing that jumper that was fashionable way back in when? The 70’s?

And! You’re only copying Hello Kitty, aren’t you? How o-ri-gi-nal~!

And before I forget, one last thing little miss copycat

1. Since when have rabbits become scary? What?s she going to do, wave her fluffy rabbit tail at me?

Are you as blind as you are illiterate? My tail doesn’t even come close to looking like a fluffy rabbit’s tail! Ohohoho~ Go back to baking cookies, dear. Your “reasons” make no sense at all!

Until the next entry!