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Hello Kitty Mini Bowling Set

December 13th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty Mini Bowling Set

Another one from Eikoh, but this time I have purchase info ^^

It’s called the Hello Kitty American Retro Bowling Set, probably in commemoration of the time when bowling became hugely popular in the United States.

To use it, you have to aim the little chute thingy to roll a tiny metal ball toward the nine pins. Sure you won’t get to excercise your swinging arm, but this looks like fun XD It has a mini gutter too~

And either of the two life-size pins you see come in the bundle. The pins are 30cm tall. The whole thing costs US$20, which I guess is fairly reasonable. ^^

You can check it out at the National Console Support online shop~

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Hello Kitty Action Retro Love Heart Swinging Clock

December 10th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty Action Retro Swinging Clock

I know, what a long name haha~ This is one of the sweetest things I’ve seen on the Sanrio shop. It would make an awesome gift, the person doesn’t even have to be a Kitty fan ^^

There’s apparently a whole series of “Action Retro Love” from Eikoh — a company that specializes in amusement games like gashapons, pluch toys, etc.

Umm it isn’t for sale so I’m afraid I can’t give you any purchase details today >_< It’s actually a prize in Japan… for what kind of game I forgot (sorry!) But I promise, next post will be something that can be purchased by international Hello Kitty fans ^^

Well, on a more personal note. I haven’t bought ay presents for Christmas yet! Waaah! I only have two (2) weeks left… What’s wrong with me?! >_< I don’t even know what to get them yet T_T

Hope you guys are doing better in the Christmas shopping area. Christmas rush, here I come~ @_@

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Hello Kitty at the Penang Lantern Festival

December 7th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel at the Penang Lantern Festival 2007

The Penang Iternational Lantern Festival is an annual event that starts September 15 all thru December 31. It’s currently being held in Juru Auto City, and entrance is at 15MYR (around US$4.5) for adults and 8MYR (around US$2) for kids. It has different themes each year, and the theme this year was…


Hello Kitty and Friends in Penang Safari! *o*

So as the name suggests, the whole gang was there, and this is just one of the many awesome pictures I found of them on the net:

Hello Kitty and Friends at the Penang Lantern Festival

Squeee! A long time for a lantern festival, and I bet it would’ve been awesome seeing the beautiful lanterns up close~ ^^

Anyway, I’m sure you all want to see the other pictures, so you can check them out through VKeong (Malaysian blog where I found these pics), or by searching “penang international lantern festival 2007″ in Google. ^^

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Hello Kitty Cosmetics Gift Set

December 3rd, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty Lipgloss Keychain

This was submitted by Patty Sedgwick, a Hello Kitty fan who answered the call and shared these Hello Kitty stuff. There are actually a lot of pics she shared, but this one got my attention most.

The strawberry lip gloss is in this plastic container, but I don’t really know how you get the lip gloss out, I hope you don’t have to destroy it! If so, I’d keep the gloss inside :P

It’s part of a Hello Kitty gift set, with a Hello Kitty handbag, sunglasses and a cosmetic set. I like the sunglasses too, I could’ve sworn I saw this on someone else’s blog, but I don’t remember whose :c

Hello Kitty Shades

Cute no? The lenses are actually Hello Kitty shaped. I hope the eyes and nose markings don’t mess with your vision. :P

The gift set comes with fake nails, lip balm and lip compact (pretty thorough on the lip care~ XD) and you can find it on Dillyanddaddy if you’re insterested! It currently goes for $18.99.

Oh and I like the shirt from the picture she sent too. Thanks for these, Patty! ^^

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Hello Kitty Message Straps

December 1st, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty is not mad…

Super cute! I don’t remember when I last saw this much attitude from a Hello Kitty item~ :P This is part of a series of Hello Kitty items with 4 different emotions and messages. It’s so cute coz you can actually use this one, say for instance you ARE mad, and want to let a certain someone know. Haha~

At the back of these straps, you can find a Japanese message which sorta gives the same effect as the English lines in front. The one behind this black heart reads “怒ってませんよ…” or “Okottemasen yo…”

Check out the other designs (equally adorable) and item info by clicking the link to the rest of the entry. Enjoy~ ^^

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Hello Kitty Inflatable Chair

November 28th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty Balloon Chair

Because I really want an inflatable chair >_<

I used to have this soft couch, it was soooo comfortable. There was a time when I was really into online games, and I’d fall asleep on that couch (which I used for my PC desk) while playing :P

But if I had this Hello Kitty chair.. I’d probably have a hard time getting up~ XD

I got this pic from PinkWorld’s Flickr, but I also found it on epinions.com. It was manufactured by Jakks but… i can’t find it on their site. Estimated price is $20 - $40 (pretty rough estimate) @_@;

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I just have to!

November 26th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

I’m doing the unexpected. I’m posting something that has NOTHING to do with Hello Kitty! Why? Because everyone else did it, I couldn’t resist! Bwahahaha~ :P

Basically I stole these from Raein, Iheartbadtz, Lilybethflame, Bong and Steffi. XD

You Are an Ice Cream Cake

Surprising, unique, and high maintenance.

You’re one of a kind, and you don’t want anyone to forget it.

You’re fun in small doses, but it’s easy for people to overdose on you!

What Kind of Cake Are You?

Honestly, this test made me realize that I love ice cream so much. I’m not kidding, it just hit me now. @_@ I like the description, “fun in small doses” …but when people overdose on me, is that a good thing or a bad thing? >_<

You are White Chocolate

You are White Chocolate

You are sweet, caring, and truly very innocent.

Whether your naive ways are a bit of act or not, people like to take care of you.

You are a quiet flirt, and your power is often underestimated!

What Kind of Chocolate Are You?

I so love chocolate. I didn’t really get a “unique” result, but white chocolate is good. So…yay~ *-* I like that last line, “your power is often underestimated” Hmmm. XD

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Hello Kitty at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

November 26th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com
Hello Kitty at the Macy’s Day Parade

Well, I only get to see the parade on TV, as I don’t live in the US :P But it always looks soooo great! Anyway, this year’s parade is really special for us since, as you can see, there was a huge Hello Kitty balloon!

The photo is from AP btw. Hello Kitty appeared as her superhero self Supercute. Here’s a short excerpt from the Foxnews article:

This year’s 11 giant helium balloons include three new ones: William Steig’s swamp-loving ogre, “Sesame Street’s” fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby and Hello Kitty Supercute, the cape- and tiara-wearing feline superhero.

Just a short history of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It apparently started in the 1920s, as many of Macy’s department store’s employees were first-generation immigrants. Because they were so happy to become American citizens, they wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving Day — the way they did it in Europe.

In 1929, the existing thanksgiving parade from a certain Bamberger’s store in New Jersey, was taken by Macy’s in New York. It was already similar to what we see today, and it was such a success that Macy’s announced it would be an annual event! Hurray~ :)

Anyways, you can find a cute little keychain of Supercute at the Sanrio shop. :)

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Kittybricks (Featuring “Soft Hard”)

November 21st, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

Here’s another Hello Kitty collectible set for all of you. This is the KittyBrick collection from McDonald’s.

The black and white Hello Kitty bricks at the top are actually designs taken from characters in Hong Kong pop culture. They’re called “Soft Hard”, and actually are representations of an alternative music group by the same name. Soft Hard is made up of actor and singer Jan Lam and Eric Kot. Actually I had to look them up so if I got anything wrong, please tell me~

These were given as prizes, if I’m not mistaken, for some contest. I so want the Soft Hard ones! Umm.. unfortunately since they were limited edition promo items, the supply isn’t that high. You can buy some of them off Happyhappytoytoy, or search on eBay. They go for around 9 USD each~

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Hello Kitty Digital Camera

November 19th, 2007 by kt_sanctuary:hellokitty.com

More Hello Kitty gadgets! Rawr~

Hello Kitty Exilim Digicam

This here is a Casio Exilim EX-7200 digital camera, and the best part is, it’s Hello Kitty! I could’ve sworn I posted about a Hello Kitty digicam before, but… apparently not. :P

As for specs, I looked for the model in the Casio site but it isn’t there hmm. Anyways according to the Sanrio site, it’s a 7.2 MP camera, 8MB internal memory with a slot for external SD memory (SD, SDHC) and 3x digital zoom. Not bad really~

This camera is part of Sanrio Japan’s Christmas collection, gift items for the Holidays. It’s been out since the end of September this year, and costs 47,250 Yen or about 427 USD.

I like the design and the shade of pink they used, it’s like a nice coral color.. Or something. ^^

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